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Chat Rooms Return—in 3-D

New companies try to bring real-time socializing back to web

(Newser) - A group of Silicon Valley startups is looking to bring the "social" back into social-networking and other popular websites, the New York Times reports. Vivaty is developing 3-D virtual chat rooms users can embed in web pages—including social-networking profiles—and will begin Facebook testing this week. And Meebo’... More »

Meebo Joins Facebook as Platform

Instant messenger site allows outside developers to create new applications

(Newser) - Meebo, an instant-messenger startup, is following in the footsteps of Facebook by allowing certain hand-selected developers to create new widgets for its pages. Unlike Facebook, however, it plans to lure developers by offering them half the revenue gained from the features they create and will sell the ads itself, instead... More »

Four Square Gets Serious in Silicon Valley

Playground game is the latest sport adopted by 'rejuveniles'

(Newser) - The latest craze to take root in Silicon Valley doesn’t involve codes or algorithms, just squares. That is, four squares, taped onto a carpet, or painted onto asphalt, for the classic elementary school game of four square. The game requires four players to hit a rubber ball back and... More »

3 Stories