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Advisers Know How to Prep Trump for Next Debate

They just don't know if he'll agree to do it: 'NYT' report

(Newser) - Donald Trump was pretty pleased with his performance against Hillary Clinton at Monday's debate, even though scientific polls —not the easily manipulated online polls that Trump is citing —show most Americans pick Clinton as the clear victor. Even some of his own campaign advisers don't feel... More »

How Ted Cruz Is Prepping for Thursday's Debate: Zombies

And some Bible readings

(Newser) - Donald Trump may be preparing for Thursday night's GOP debate by scarfing cheeseburgers , but Ted Cruz has his own preparation strategies, he tells Politico in a look at how well the candidate is doing during the debates. While the site notes that the Texas senator's "brain trust... More »

An American First? It's a Spanish-Only Debate

Congressional candidates face off in Colorado

(Newser) - This is one of the more tangible signs of the growing importance of the Hispanic vote in American politics: Two congressional candidates in Colorado will have a Spanish-only debate tonight, believed to be the nation's first, reports NBC News . No translators will be allowed as Republican incumbent Mike Coffman... More »

Debate Drinking Games Inspire ... Debate

Is drinking during the presidential debates harmless fun or dangerous behavior?

(Newser) - If you're hungover from last night's debate, pop a couple Asprin before reading this story. Debate drinking games are all the rage, and NPR takes a lighthearted look at the, erm, debate over the trend. There are myriad websites (like this and this ) where you can find... More »

What Not to Do While Your Rival's Talking

Listen closely, minimize note-taking, and avoid tics: experts

(Newser) - To prep for debates, candidates have to work on more than just talking: They must perfect their listening, too. With split screens constantly in use, President Obama and Mitt Romney may want to give some serious thought to the AP's list of do's—and especially don'ts:
  • Don'
... More »

So, Who Told the Truth?

Fact-checkers pore over last night's debate

(Newser) - Facts and numbers were flying in last night's debate, and President Obama and Mitt Romney agreed on so few of them that "the two men seemed to be inhabiting two parallel universes," Politico observes. Thankfully, a swarm of fact-checkers have been poring over the candidates' statements to... More »

A 'Disaster' for Obama?

Andrew Sullivan thinks so, and Bill Kristol raves about Romney

(Newser) - Here are three quick analyses of tonight's debate that should send Mitt Romney to bed with a smile on his face.
  • "Look: you know how much I love the guy," Andrew Sullivan writes of President Obama at the Daily Beast . "And I can see the logic
... More »

Advice for Romney Ahead of First Debate

Pundits weigh in before next week's big show

(Newser) - The first presidential debate is Wednesday night, and there's no shortage of advice out there for Mitt Romney. Examples today:
  • Talk about RomneyCare: Embrace it, finally, writes Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal . Romney got it done in Massachusetts without tearing the state apart—contrast that with the
... More »

Tennessee Bill Encourages Critiques of Evolution

It protects teachers who debate the issue in classrooms

(Newser) - A bill in Tennessee's legislature would protect teachers who encourage debate in the classroom about evolution—a measure that opponents say is just a guise to teach creationism or intelligent design, reports the Tennessean . Top science groups and the ACLU have come out against the bill, which the state... More »

Romney Camp Dumps New Debate Coach

Brett O'Donnell was getting too much credit: Politico

(Newser) - Today's lesson in the stroking of political egos: Team Romney has dropped newly added debate coach Brett O'Donnell, the man widely credited with engineering Romney's more aggressive (and successful) approach in the last debate, reports Politico . The problem? O'Donnell had been getting too much credit for... More »

We Need More Debates— and Loud Ones

Let the crowds make noise: David Weigel

(Newser) - The Republicans debate again tonight , and there's plenty of carping about how there's too many of these things. Not from David Weigel at Slate . He wants more, more, more. If they weren't debating, the candidates would be in choreographed campaign mode, which reveals little. "The ideal... More »

The Winner of the GOP Debates Is ...

Republicans so busy sniping, they help Obama shine: Barnes

(Newser) - The GOP presidential debates have distracted Americans so badly with their primetime drama that Republicans have created an unlikely winner: President Obama, sighs Fred Barnes in The Weekly Standard . "The GOP candidates have reduced themselves to supplicants whose weak points are probed by media questioners," Barnes writes. "... More »

Gingrich Wants 7 Long Debates With Obama

If nominee, he promises to follow the president until he accepts

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich stole the show last night at an important GOP dinner in Iowa, reports Politico . Two notables were missing, however: Mitt Romney and Herman Cain, the state's current front-runners. Still, Gingrich clearly roused the audience more than the rest of the field, including Rick Perry, and one proposal... More »

Whitman to Brown: You're Behind Housekeeper Story

Gubernatorial candidates let it fly in televised debate

(Newser) - Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown took the gloves off yesterday and went mano a mano over illegal immigration in a televised, Spanish language debate. Brown blasted Whitman for having employed an illegal maid, Nicandra Diaz Santillan . Whitman, in turn, accused him of being behind her sudden surfacing: "You... More »

Clinton, Bush to Debate

Radio City Music hall will host February event

(Newser) - Bill Clinton and George W. Bush will debate at Radio City Music Hall early next year. The two former presidents will square off as part of MSG Entertainment’s "Minds That Move the World" series. Topics will include the economy, foreign policy, and the current administration. Tickets start at... More »

McCain Didn't Manage to Inflict Major Damage

Comeback unlikely for grumpy-seeming Republican

(Newser) - The debate last night was all about whether John McCain could pull off a game-changer; while some pundits saw his best debate performance yet, most agreed that he didn't score.
  • Time’s Mark Halperin liked what he saw at first, as McCain "showed off the best of himself—dedicated,
... More »

Schieffer Vows to Get Straight Answers in Debate

Says he will get tough with both candidates

(Newser) - CBS veteran broadcaster Bob Schieffer has vowed to stand firm when he moderates the final presidential debate tonight, and will press the candidates to answer questions put to them, Politico reports. Jim Lehrer, Gwen Ifill and Tom Brokaw have come under fire for being too easy on candidates in previous... More »

These Hot-Button Issues Need Pressing in Last Debate

Abortion, Supreme Court among issues ignored in McCain-Obama encounters thus far

(Newser) - There's just one debate to go, and a surprising number of "hot buttons have gone unpressed," writes John J. Pitney, Jr. in the National Review. A search of the previous debates' transcripts turned up plenty of topics that demand a visit:
  • Abortion: “So far, nobody has even
... More »

Water Glasses? Hofstra Sweats the Debate Details

University bends over backwards for debate

(Newser) - Hofstra University, the host of Wednesday's final presidential debate, is busy nailing down endless details for the big event, reports Newsday. “Whatever (the campaigns) want, we do,” says university president Stuart Rabinowitz. Such as:
  • They supplied each camp with replicas of the water glasses. “So they know
... More »

Town Hall Gives Mac Preferred Platform

Campaign sees tomorrow's encounter as chance to reroute opinion

(Newser) - Tomorrow’s debate will be the one town-hall-style encounter John McCain gets with Barack Obama, and analysts believe it will be crucial to keeping the presidential race from slipping away, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Republican has a reputation for excelling in the town-hall format, which brings out his... More »

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