Islet cell transplantation

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Cancer Drugs Show Promise in Autoimmune Disorders

Meds prevent donor organ rejection in mice

(Newser) - A new kind of cancer drug may be useful in treating autoimmune disorders and preventing transplant patients' bodies from rejecting donor tissue, new research reveals. The drugs seem to promote T-cells, which help regulate the body's immune system, Reuters reports. In mice, the drugs reversed inflammatory bowel syndrome and stopped... More »

New Procedure Gives Hope to Diabetics

UK treatment ends insulin dependency for type 1 sufferers

(Newser) - Car crashes, comas, sudden stabbings, divorces – all are being indirectly diminished as Britain spearheads a new procedure to help sufferers of type 1 diabetes. Victims of the growing disorder are often subject to fits and blackouts as they scramble for insulin, but a new operation is offering hope: already... More »

2 Stories