Crandall Canyon Mine

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Report: Utah Mine Collapse Was Avoidable

Company, feds faulted for ignoring 'red flags' about tenuous section

(Newser) - Mining officials concealed information that could have prevented the deaths of nine miners in Utah last year, says a congressional report out today. The August disaster followed the collapse of a nearby section of the mine, which indicated that the terrain was unsafe—but officials at the Crandall Mine didn’... More »

Probe Blames Feds for Utah Mine Horror

Labor Dept. cites negligence by mine safety agency

(Newser) - A federal probe into a Utah mine disaster that killed nine people has accused the federal agency overseeing mine safety of negligence. The finding by the Labor Department's Office of Inspector General does not rule out the possibility that the owner of the site used undue influence on the Mine... More »

Families, Critics Question Safety of Utah Mine

Mourner assails company owner at rescue worker's funeral

(Newser) - A friend of a missing miner insulted the mining company CEO at a funeral yesterday as critics around the country pointed fingers. They say a safety organization has gone too easy on Bob Murray, letting him engage in dangerous “retreat mining” even though his mines are prone to “... More »

Families Lash Owners for Abandoning Trapped Miners

Little hope left for six men

(Newser) - Angry relatives of six men missing for two weeks in a Utah mine collapse have accused owners and federal officials of quitting on the rescue effort and leaving the miners for dead. Officials conceded yesterday that the miners may never be found in the mountain, still quivering from seismic activity,... More »

4 Stories