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One Dead From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at Iowa Church

The church was being heated by a gas-powered unit in an unvented basement

(Newser) - Authorities say one person died and 14 more were hospitalized after breathing carbon monoxide at their church in Iowa, where a gasoline-powered generator was running in the unvented basement to provide heat and lighting. The AP reports that medics and police officers found several people with headaches and breathing difficulties... More »

Sub Owner Offers New Story as to How Journalist Died

Peter Madsen says carbon monoxide killed Kim Wall

(Newser) - Peter Madsen's recounting of journalist Kim Wall's August death has changed yet again, from that he last saw her alive , to that it was an accident involving a hatch cover , to the latest: that she succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning within his submarine while he was on deck.... More »

4 Die in Post-Irma Generator Accidents

Parts of Florida could be without power for weeks

(Newser) - Millions of people in Florida are still without power after Hurricane Irma, and the outage has led to more than one deadly incident. Police say three people in Orlando died from carbon monoxide poisoning Tuesday after running a generator inside their home. Another four family members were hospitalized in serious... More »

Deaths of Couple, Their Cats Baffle Cops, Worry Neighbors

The Morashes died of carbon monoxide poisoning—but from what?

(Newser) - Roger Hanna Morash, 35, and Valerie Morash, 32, were found dead in their Berkeley apartment on Jan. 23 alongside their two cats, and authorities still aren't sure exactly what happened—which is a big concern for the tenants of the other three units in the building where the couple... More »

6 Kids Found Unresponsive on Hotel Pool Deck, 1 Dead

Carbon monoxide leak is to blame

(Newser) - Authorities say a carbon monoxide leak at a southwestern Michigan hotel has killed a child and sickened about a dozen other people, including other children and several police officers, the AP reports. WNDU-TV and WSBT-TV report that officials at Lakeland Hospital in Niles confirmed the child's death Saturday. No... More »

Families 'Speechless' as Pilot's Dad Floats New Crash Theory

Says son was incapacitated by carbon monoxide leak

(Newser) - German prosecutors concluded co-pilot Andreas Lubitz was suicidal when he locked the captain out of the cockpit and flew a Germanwings plane into the French Alps in 2015, killing all 150 people on board. But on the second anniversary of the crash, Lubitz's father is floating a new theory.... More »

Police Know What Killed 6 Teens in Garden Shed

It was carbon monoxide poisoning: cops

(Newser) - Six teenagers found dead Sunday in Bavaria died from carbon monoxide poisoning, authorities have confirmed. The teens, all aged 18 or 19, had been using a gasoline-powered generator inside a garden shed where they were holding a small birthday party on Saturday. The AP reports the generator wasn't approved... More »

Entire Family 'Wiped Out,' Likely by Carbon Monoxide

A generator had been running following a power outage

(Newser) - Authorities suspect carbon monoxide poisoning from a generator running indoors killed a family of six in their home in Fenton Township, Mich. The two adults and four children were found dead Sunday, NBC News reports. "Seeing an entire family wiped out is a very, very sad thing," Genesee... More »

145 Sickened by Gas Leak at Texas School

Officials blame leaky boiler

(Newser) - At least 145 students and staff members at a Southeast Texas middle school received hospital treatment after an apparent carbon monoxide leak on Thursday, authorities say. Beaumont emergency personnel say the children and adults from Marshall Middle School were being treated Thursday for injuries not believed to be life-threatening, the... More »

Family: NYC Man Died in Car Buried by Plow

Carbon monoxide likely killed Angel Ginel in Brooklyn

(Newser) - The winter storm that rocked the East Coast over the weekend has claimed another victim: a 44-year-old dad. Angel Ginel was found dead inside his snowed-in Lexus on a Brooklyn street on Monday, reports PIX11 . Family members say Ginel went out on Sunday to earn some extra cash shoveling snow.... More »

Carbon Monoxide Kills Mom, Baby in Snowed-In Car

They were watching the boy's father shovel out the car

(Newser) - A tragic and cautionary tale out of Passaic, NJ, as much of the East Coast wakes Monday to cars that are still snowed in: A 23-year-old mother and her 1-year-old son are dead of carbon monoxide poisoning after they sat in a warming car while the woman's boyfriend worked... More »

Keyless Car Ignitions: Convenient but Deadly?

Critics say popular feature makes it too easy to accidentally leave the engine running

(Newser) - An increasingly common feature that many car manufacturers tout as convenient is actually a very dangerous "defect," according to critics. NBC News —citing stats from a safety group—reports keyless ignitions have caused at least 19 deaths and more than two-dozen "close calls" since 2009. A... More »

Town Hit by Sleeping Illness Gets Answer, No Resolution

A nearby uranium mine may be the culprit, but how?

(Newser) - The mysterious sleeping sickness that has befallen dozens of villagers in a remote region of Kazakhstan continues to befuddle scientists. Following reports of victims passing out in schools, at home, and even on a motorcycle, and sometimes failing to snap out of it for days at a time, scientists descended... More »

4 Dead in Home; Carbon Monoxide Leak Suspected

This time it's in Queens

(Newser) - For the second time this week, a carbon monoxide leak is being blamed for multiple deaths inside a home. This time, it happened in Queens, when a son checked up on his elderly parents to discover that they and two others in the home were dead, reports the New York ... More »

Utility: Dad Who Died With 7 Kids Had Stolen Meter

He wasn't cut off for not paying bills, power company says

(Newser) - The utility that cut off power to a Maryland home days before Rodney Todd and his seven children were found dead says it didn't cut him off for not paying bills—because it never sent him any. Delmarva Power says it shut off power to the rented home in... More »

Family: Dad, 7 Kids Died After Power Cut Off

They were poisoned by carbon monoxide from generator: relatives

(Newser) - A father and his seven children were found dead inside their Maryland home yesterday, likely poisoned by carbon monoxide from a generator running after the home's electricity was turned off, relatives say. The man's supervisor in food service at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore visited the Princess... More »

Mystery 'Sleeping' Illness Strikes Tiny Town

Village in Kazakhstan struck by 'sleeping sickness'

(Newser) - Activities like cooking, running, and driving a car have gotten a whole lot riskier for villagers in northern Kazakhstan—because they might fall asleep at any moment and stay that way for days, the Smithsonian reports. So far 152 residents in tiny Kalachi have fallen ill with the mystery sickness,... More »

Carbon Monoxide Leak at Grandma's Kills 3 Teens

Malfunctioning furnace to blame: investigators

(Newser) - Four cousins were found unresponsive at their grandmother's home in Troy, Ohio, on Friday afternoon after a carbon monoxide leak, and three of them have now died. Sisters Dionanna Bishop, 14, and Dejah (also spelled Dejay) Bishop, 13, died after being taken to the hospital Friday; Jakia Jones, 13,... More »

'Something Chemical' May Have Killed Utah Family

Authorities say it could take more than a month for answers

(Newser) - There are still more questions than answers in the case of the family that died mysteriously Saturday in their home in Springville, Utah. "There was no blunt force trauma, no stab wounds, no gunshot wounds," a local police lieutenant tells KSL . "Nobody went in the house and... More »

Woman Dies While Napping in Car Between Jobs

Maria Fernandes apparently overwhelmed by carbon monoxide, gas fumes

(Newser) - Maria Fernandes pulled into a Wawa parking lot Monday morning to take a nap between jobs—the 32-year-old Newark, NJ, woman had four of them—but she left her car running as she slept. Eight hours later, she was found dead in the car, apparently overwhelmed by carbon monoxide and... More »

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