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Kiwis to Matt Lauer: You Can Keep the Ranch ... for Now

New Zealand couldn't find enough evidence to bar Lauer from lease under 'good character' test

(Newser) - He may have lost his job and his reputation —but Matt Lauer gets to keep his Kiwi ranch, at least for the moment. The New York Times reports that the ex-Today show co-host, who's accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women, can retain the lease on the Hunter... More »

Mom, Sister Charged After Body Found With Sheep Heads

Jacob Millison killed after family dispute, police say

(Newser) - When 29-year-old Jacob Millison vanished in Colorado nearly three years ago, friends knew exactly where to look. "Literally days before he went missing he told us if anything ever happened to him, it was his family," one friend tells CBS Denver . They're now celebrating the arrests of... More »

Matt Lauer: 'There Is Enough Truth in These Stories'

Fired NBC anchor issues statement apologizing as new complaints come out

(Newser) - Matt Lauer has broken his silence over the sexual misconduct scandal engulfing him. "There are no words to express my sorrow and regret for the pain I have caused others by words and actions," he says in a statement, per CNBC . "To the people I have hurt,... More »

Now Playing Everywhere: These Mountains

Kualoa Ranch is a Hollywood favorite

(Newser) - Kualoa Ranch is one of those places that few have visited but many have seen—currently a 100-foot-tall beast is rampaging through it as Kong: Skull Island pays across the big screen, notes Radio Times . A privately owned nature reserve on Hawaii's island of Oahu about 25 miles outside... More »

For Sale: Ranch Bigger Than LA, NYC Combined

All yours, for $725M in Texas

(Newser) - It has the slightly strange designation of being the biggest ranch in the US with a continuous fence, but the qualifiers end there: The Waggoner Estate in Texas is huge—at 800 square miles, it's bigger than Los Angeles and New York City combined, reports Bloomberg . And it's... More »

NM Governor Stands by Allegations at Youth Ranch

Martinez says teens being held there were in danger of physical abuse

(Newser) - Evidence found at a New Mexico youth ranch for troubled kids corroborates allegations by current and former students of abuse, the governor says. The comments by Gov. Susana Martinez came as she defended the state's handling of an investigation into the Tierra Blanca High Country Youth Program near Hillsboro... More »

$6.5M Ranch Comes With ... Herd of Elk

13-bedroom lodge is on 3,800 acres in Utah

(Newser) - A 13-bedroom lodge and 3,800-acre ranch in Utah is on the market for $6.5 million, and the sale offers a unique amenity: a herd of 50 elk. They contribute to the allure of the ranch as an upscale getaway for hunters, but the animals were not enough to... More »

Cattle Rustling Makes a Texas- Size Comeback

Thievery soars in Wild West as recession-hit cowboys go bad

(Newser) - A crime of the Old West is becoming a serious problem in 21st-century Texas, the Los Angeles Times reports. Cases of cattle rustling have more than tripled over the last couple of years, a trend investigators blame on the recession and on city-dwelling ranch owners who don't take the time... More »

Colo. Ranchers Battle Army Land Grab

Coloradans balk at plans to expand training base onto vast tract of rangeland

(Newser) - Ranchers in southeast Colorado have fought the US Army to a standstill over plans to expand a training site onto their land, the Wall Street Journal reports. An Army analysis found that the grasslands were ideal for combat training, and recommended the military acquire 7 million acres, but the ranchers... More »

Mini-Cows Help Ranchers Buck Rising Costs

Smaller cattle cheaper to raise but still deliver good meat

(Newser) - Facing higher feed costs, ranchers aren’t having a cow—they’re merely downsizing them, the Los Angeles Times reports. Mini-cows have become the latest trend on farms around the country, because many eat less and are easier to handle, but produce 50% to 75% the rib-eyes and fillets of... More »

Horse Tail Thieves Rile Colo. Ranchers

Who's stealing horses' fly swatters—and why?

(Newser) - Angry horse owners are bridling at bizarre new attacks on their four-hoofed friends, reports the Los Angeles Times: tail theft. One Colorado rancher woke up recently to find someone had chopped off the long flaxen tails of all of his Belgian draft horses. "It makes me so mad,"... More »

Jackson Parts With Neverland

Deed turned over to firm owned in part by Vegas real estate firm

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's Neverland dream is over, E! Online reports. The star has handed the deed for his now run-down 2,500-acre California ranch to a company owned partly by himself and partly by the real estate firm that owns the Las Vegas Hilton—sparking rumors that a ranch comeback... More »

Investment Firm Bails Out Neverland

Eccentric Pop King gets to keep fantasy land estate

(Newser) - An investment company has bailed out Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch and a foreclosure auction of the 2,500-acre California property—which once featured roaming wild animals and amusement park rides—has been canceled, reports the Los Angeles Times. The financially troubled pop star bought the Los Olivos ranch in... More »

Thug Attack Kills 10 on Mexican Ranch

Organized crime cited; 2nd shooting in 2 days to target rancher

(Newser) - Sixty gunmen opened fire on a Mexican ranch yesterday, killing 10 and injuring six more, AFP reports. The shooting came a day after another in the same state killed at least seven. Both attacks were on the head of a local cattlemens' organization; both carried signs of organized crime in... More »

Bison on Comeback Trail

Once nearly extinct, species now approaching 500K

(Newser) - Once facing extinction in North America, bison are well on their way to a stunning comeback, LiveScience reports. After commercial hunting and habitat loss reduced their population to less than 1,100, the estimated bison population is approaching 500,000—thanks in large part to conservation efforts started more than... More »

Jackson's Neverland Foreclosed

2,800-acre ranch is set for sale in March

(Newser) - Creditors have foreclosed on Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, which will be auctioned March 19 if the King of Pop doesn't pony up $24.5 million by that date, Fox News reports. If the sale goes through, Jackson would lose everything in the California house, including furniture and relics of... More »

Mini-Cattle Are New Cash Cow

Downsized breeds are new industry craze

(Newser) - Americans may still like their burgers supersized, but the latest rage in the cattle industry is mini-cows. With smaller ranches on the rise, growers are looking for animals that suit a limited acreage. They're often kept as pets or sustainable lawn-mowers that make the rounds at state fairs, but they... More »

9 Best Places to Spoil Yourself

Forget that city stress—these getaway spas will have you relaxing in no time

(Newser) - The nine most delicious getaway spa experiences, from the readers of Condé Nast Traveler.
  1. Mayflower Inn & Spa, Washington, Conn.
  2. Lake Austin Spa Resort, Austin, Texas
  3. Cal-A-Vie: Vista, Calif.
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