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Trump Officially Nixes Obama's Internet Privacy Rules

President signs repeal, clearing way for ISPs to gather consumer data without permission

(Newser) - In a move the ACLU has decried as putting "profits over privacy," President Trump on Monday signed a repeal of former President Obama's internet privacy rules, removing obstacles for internet service providers who wish to cull web browsing histories or other information from consumers, the AP and... More »

Guy Battling Comcast Gets to Keep His Dream House

Broadband saga has unexpected happy ending

(Newser) - A Washington state man who was misled about his dream home's Internet connection finally has a broadband connection—but he had to jump through a lot of hoops to get it. Seth Morabito, who checked with Comcast before buying the Kitsap County, Wash., home only to be told after... More »

Guy Selling His House Over Comcast 'Incompetence'

Washington state man couldn't get an Internet hookup

(Newser) - A Washington state man is throwing in the towel after months of frustration trying to get broadband. In fact, he's planning to sell his new house—likely at a loss—and blames Comcast and CenturyLink for misleading him about getting his home online, Consumerist reports. The man, identified by... More »

Only 'Radical' Fixes Can Save Our Crappy Internet

Gizmodo's Adam Clark Estes sees hope in startup ISPs, city-run networks

(Newser) - America's Internet isn't just slow, it's "slow and expensive," writes Adam Clark Estes at Gizmodo . In a post that unpacks how the Internet operates—from its physical infrastructure, to the financial deals that direct traffic, to the technically antiquated "last mile" that brings service... More »

Cable Giants Try to Limit Cities' Internet Service

US Telecom targets Chattanooga, TN, and Wilson, NC

(Newser) - Municipalities, take note: A group representing cable giants like Time Warner and Comcast is pressing US officials to stop two cities from expanding high-speed Internet services, the Guardian reports. Those cities—Chattanooga, TN, and Wilson, NC—are already providing unusually fast 1GB-per-second service to residents. Chattanooga's broadband helped trigger... More »

CES' Hot New Gadget Is Your Car

New vehicles sprout 4G; Google announces Open Automotive Alliance

(Newser) - The big news from the Consumer Electronics Show—where the expected theme is "the connected car"—is a plan to make your new vehicle a little more like your smartphone. General Motors and Audi tell the Wall Street Journal they have plans to give their vehicles built-in 4G... More »

US Internet Speed Is a Joke

Susan Crawford finds lack of a fiber-optic upgrade plan 'embarrassing'

(Newser) - The real threat to US Internet isn't foreign intervention —it's that it currently sucks. Cable companies have kept access limited, expensive, and relatively slow by global standards, complains Susan Crawford at Wired . Roughly a third of Americans don't have broadband access, and for about 19 million... More »

FCC Wants to Tax Broadband

Tech companies line up to lobby for and against

(Newser) - The FCC is considering imposing a tax on all broadband Internet services to help pay for expanded access to, well, broadband services. The move has gotten lots of attention from tech companies, but little from anyone else, the Hill reports. "If members of Congress understood that the FCC is... More »

Dish Working on Nationwide Broadband: Report

Satellite technology has improved 'by an order of magnitude'

(Newser) - Dish Network is revamping its Internet offerings, with plans to unveil a nationwide high-speed broadband service late next month, sources tell Bloomberg . The service will be developed with sister company EchoStar, which wouldn't comment on the deal, but would say that recent satellite technology advances had made such a... More »

Facebook Sinks Millions Into Underwater Internet Cable

With US market saturated, Facebook looks to Asia for growth

(Newser) - Call it Bandwidth of Dreams. Banking that if they build it, users will come, Facebook is investing in a 6,214-mile-long fiber-optic cable running from Malaysia to South Korea and Japan, reports the BBC . The $450 million Asia Pacific Gateway cable is designed to reduce the countries' reliance on Singapore... More »

Government to Auction Off Public Airwaves

Payroll tax compromise could lead to faster wireless speeds

(Newser) - Congress is expected to approve a bill that would sell off public airwaves currently used for television to wireless Internet companies, speeding up broadband for mobile devices across the country, while at the same time creating a long-sought-after national communications network for emergency services. What is this revolutionary communications bill?... More »

Top 1% of Mobile Addicts Use Half the Bandwidth

And the gap is growing, new report finds

(Newser) - The most voracious mobile users are hogging the majority of the world's mobile broadband traffic—and the gap between them and non-power users is growing, according to a new report. Arieso, an English company that advises mobile operators, believes that the top 10% of mobile users generate 90% of... More »

General: White House Pressed Me to Alter Testimony

...On a matter involving Democrat donor

(Newser) - Air Force Gen. William Shelton dropped an uncomfortable bombshell in his Congressional testimony yesterday, accusing the Obama administration of asking him to soften his remarks about a company that happens to be owned by a Democratic donor’s investment fund. The company, LightSquared, is trying to build a nationwide wireless... More »

AT&T Customers, Say Adios to No-Limits Broadband

AT&T says monthly cap will affect only 2% of users

(Newser) - AT&T is ending its unlimited broadband policy. Beginning May 2, the company will place a monthly cap on its subscribers, reports Engadget . If DSL subscribers go over the 150GB limit, or U-Verse subscribers top 250GB, then they will be charged an extra $10 for each additional 50GB (after two... More »

FCC Poised to Pass Net Neutrality Rules

'Fake' neutrality plan doesn't go far enough, critics say

(Newser) - New rules aimed at prohibiting broadband providers from becoming gatekeepers of Internet traffic now have just enough votes to pass the Federal Communications Commission today. The new "net neutrality" rules would prohibit phone and cable companies from abusing their control over broadband connections to discriminate against rival content or... More »

FCC Chair Pushes to Regulate ISPs

Proposal might amount to net neutrality order

(Newser) - FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is making yet another valiant stab at introducing net neutrality or something like it today. In a speech today, Genachowski will propose a new regulatory framework that would forbid Internet broadband providers from blocking lawful content, the New York Times reports. The rules would also allow... More »

Finland Makes Broadband a Human Right

All Finns are now guaranteed a connection

(Newser) - Sure, here in the US we have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But the Finnish government is tossing in the right to speedy Internet access, reports the AFP . Today Finland became the first country in the world to guarantee the availability of a broadband connection for every citizen.... More »

World Cup Swamps the Internet

News sites see record demand

(Newser) - World Cup fever is gripping the globe, and the internet can barely handle it. Today saw the greatest demand ever for news sites, according to Akamai’s bandwidth monitoring. Akamai, the world’s largest computer network operator, has received 11 million visitor requests every minute today, a 233% jump above... More »

The Internet Actually Makes People Happier

Research links web use to well-being, especially in women

(Newser) - Turns out the hours you spend online might be helping, not hurting , you. Research from Britain's Chartered Institute of IT finds a link between internet use and well-being. "Put simply, people with IT access are more satisfied with life," one researcher tells Time . "IT has an enabling... More »

Court Smacks Down FCC in Net Neutrality Case

Agency had no standing to regulate Comcast, 3-judge panel rules

(Newser) - A federal court today said the FCC does not have the power to force Internet service providers to treat all traffic equally. The ruling, in a closely watched case concerning Comcast's ban on BitTorrent, is a blow to the Obama administration’s crusade for net neutrality. But the FCC failed... More »

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