Mediterranean Sea

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End of the 'Jungle': Migrant Camp Coming Down in France

Thousands of refugees near Calais being bused out to temporary centers

(Newser) - A camp that has come to symbolize Europe's struggle to handle an ever-growing wave of migrants is being emptied and dismantled near Calais, France. Nicknamed the "Jungle," the camp has been home to somewhere between 7,000 and 10,000 people, and a mass evacuation got started... More »

Pings 'Likely' From EgyptAir Black Box

Search efforts will ramp up in coming days

(Newser) - A French ship combing the Mediterranean for evidence of EgyptAir Flight 804 has detected what investigators believe are signals from one of the plane's black boxes. Search equipment "has detected signals from the seabed of the search area, which likely belong to one of the data boxes,"... More »

Drowned Baby a Crushing Symbol of Migrant Crisis

Was one of 3 infants pulled from Mediterranean on Friday

(Newser) - The figure bobbing in the water looked "like a doll, arms outstretched." But what German humanitarian organization Sea-Watch pulled from the Mediterranean Sea on Friday was not a doll. "I took hold of the forearm of the baby and pulled the light body protectively into my arms... More »

How Did 243 People Vanish Without a Trace Last Year?

It's unclear whether the refugees even made it on board the boat

(Newser) - When a rickety fishing boat smuggling more than 500 passengers across the Mediterranean capsized on Oct. 3, 2015 , the world took notice. More than 350 people, many refugees from Eritrea, drowned, and European leaders promised action, reports the New York Times . But when 243 passengers, again largely refugees from Eritrea,... More »

Divers Run Into Mysterious, Giant, Jellylike 'Thing'

One expert says it could be a giant mass of tens of thousands of squid eggs

(Newser) - When Lutfu Tanriover went on a deep-sea dive off the coast of Turkey in early July, he wasn't prepared for what he and his fellow divers encountered 72 feet below the surface: a gelatinous, see-through blob the size of a car that he nicknamed "The Thing," the... More »

Ancient Mystery Monolith Found Off Sicily's Coast

It dates back 10K years, was submerged in flood

(Newser) - Archaeologists have made quite the find off the coast of Sicily: a monolith that dates back about 10,000 years. It's broken in two now and on its side, but the block would have stood nearly 40 feet tall in its heyday, before a massive flood submerged it (along... More »

As Refugee Crisis Expands, Europe Plans National Quotas

Some 1.8K migrants have died this year in journey across Mediterranean

(Newser) - The Mediterranean region has been grappling with a huge influx of migrants traveling from the Libyan coast to Europe, and the effects have been devastating : So far, some 60,000 people have attempted the crossing this year, per the UN, and more than 1,800 have died, the BBC reports.... More »

400 Feared Lost in 'Most Dangerous Stretch of Water'

Thousands more migrants were saved over the weekend

(Newser) - As many as 400 Libyan migrants are feared dead after the boat they were in capsized in the Mediterranean Sea this weekend, the BBC reports. Italian search and rescue teams have saved roughly 145 people and recovered nine bodies from the accident so far, but survivors claim as many as... More »

DNA Analysis Fills in Piece of Dolphins' History

It suggests they moved into the Mediterranean roughly 18K years ago

(Newser) - Bottlenose dolphins may be an iconic draw to the Mediterranean, but they're not exactly indigenous. So say researches out of the University of Lincoln in the UK, who report in the journal Evolutionary Biology that the water-dwelling mammals didn't arrive until the end of the last Ice Age... More »

US Navy Saves 282 in Mediterranean

Boat belonging to apparent migrants was sinking

(Newser) - The US Navy rescued 282 people in the Mediterranean Sea following a call yesterday from the Italian military. Those rescued were apparently migrants from Africa; one of their six boats had begun to sink. The USS Bataan sent a pair of helicopters to the scene, and swimmers rescued those in... More »

Thanks, Humanity: Ocean Floor Is a Garbage Dump

Study of 32 ocean sites finds not one free of human litter

(Newser) - In the depths of European oceans, you'll find coral, sand—and old Heineken cans. Yup, human litter can be found even in the most far-reaching places on the planet, according to one of the biggest scientific surveys ever done of the seafloor. Using video and trawling surveys between 1999... More »

New Roman Shipwrecks Bust Ancient Sailing Theory

Roman finds are deepest in Mediterranean

(Newser) - Greece has tracked down the deepest ancient shipwrecks ever found in the Mediterranean, and they're challenging what we thought we knew about the Romans. While experts previously believed that ancient ships held to the coastlines for safety—instead of venturing into the open sea—the two wrecks disprove that... More »

Earth's Oldest Living Thing Is...

Giant seagrass, called 'Posidonia oceanic,' likely at least 100K years old

(Newser) - The 43,000-year-old Tasmanian plant once identified as the planet's oldest living thing turns out to be a relative youngin'. At up to 200,000 years old, patches of giant seagrass in the Mediterranean have taken the top slot. Australian scientists sequenced the DNA of the Posidonia oceanic to... More »

Saudi Prince Faces Revived Rape Case

Spanish court reopens alleged attack on 20-year-old model

(Newser) - A Spanish court has reopened a rape case against Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al-Saud of Saudi Arabia, a man Forbes recently dubbed the richest man in the Arab world. Prince Alaweed allegedly drugged and raped a 20-year-old model aboard a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean in August 2008,... More »

Italy Ends Search for US Balloonists

'No hope' of finding Americans alive: officials

(Newser) - Italian police canceled the search for two balloonists who went missing six days ago while flying over the Mediterranean, the Telegraph reports, with authorities saying there was "no hope" of finding them alive. The pair, who are American citizens, disappeared while flying through a patch of thunderstorms during a... More »

'Extinct' Whale Surfaces Again

Lost gray whale spotted off Spanish coast

(Newser) - Gray whales became extinct in the Atlantic centuries ago, so experts believe the one that was spotted off Spain's Mediterranean coast recently is either incredible evidence of a recolonization, or incredibly lost. The whale is likely the same one seen off the coast of Israel last month, but experts have... More »

Oxygen-Free Creatures Found Deep in Mediterranean

Species can live and reproduce in Ocean's dead zones

(Newser) - Scientists have discovered the first known creatures that can survive and reproduce without oxygen. The three new species from the Loricifera group were found deep in the "dead," or oxygen-free, zone of the Mediterranean Sea. One of the minuscule animals—approximately a millimeter long—looks like a jellyfish... More »

Ethiopian Jet Carrying 90 Crashes off Lebanon

Boeing 737 goes down in Mediterranean Sea; 34 bodies recovered

(Newser) - An Ethiopian Airlines plane with 90 people aboard crashed off the coast of Lebanon shortly after takeoff early today. Searching rescue crews recovered 34 bodies from the Mediterranean Sea, and no survivors were expected to be found. The cause was not immediately known, but authorities speculated the crash of the... More »

Israel Captures Alleged Iranian Arms Ship

Smuggled weapons were headed for Hezbollah, Israel says

(Newser) - Israel has seized a cargo ship it says was being used to smuggle hundreds of tons of weapons from Iran to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Though the ship has been sequestered, Israel tells the BBC it does not believe the crew was aware of the operation, and that the weapons were... More »

Raging Wildfires Force Greeks to Flee

Bracing for worsening conditions, officials struggle to tame blazes

(Newser) - Dozens of wildfires are raging across Greece today, forcing villagers to flee and threatening to scorch ancient landmarks, the BBC reports. Fanned by gale-force winds, the flames are also creeping up on the nation's capital, where one suburb has already received evacuation orders, the AP reports. "The coming night... More »

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