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Tourist Sneaks Cat Into Iceland, and Iceland Kills the Cat

Swiss woman also gets billed for disinfecting her camper

(Newser) - Iceland's beauty attracts more than a million travelers from around the world every year, and a tourist just learned the hard way that the country doesn't mess around when it comes to protecting its turf. A Swiss woman in her 60s entered the country in her camper by... More »

This Might Be the Most Unusual Little Island on the Planet

Pheasant Island is the subject of a centuries-old custody arrangement

(Newser) - There's a tiny island on the border between France and Spain where it is possible to go to sleep in one country, not move an inch, and wake up in the other. Well, it would be possible if it were legal to visit the island, but alas, at less... More »

Owner of Private SF Island Cuts Sale Price 77%

Red Rock Island is cool, but what can you do with it?

(Newser) - Want to make San Francisco Bay's only privately owned island your own? Easy, if you've got $5 million and don't mind a big dome-like rock with trees and grass and not much else, Yahoo reports. Owned by an attorney living in Thailand, Red Rock Island went on... More »

Billionaire Has Wild Solution to Migrant Crisis

Naguib Sawiris thinks plan to buy an island is 'feasible'

(Newser) - The world received a rude awakening this week regarding Europe's migrant crisis; now an Egyptian billionaire hopes to help out in a big way: He wants to buy an island to be filled with hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees. "Greece or Italy sell me an island,... More »

'Ring of Fire' Volcano Births New Island

But it's likely to have a short life span

(Newser) - Mother Earth has given birth to new land. An island has formed in the Pacific Ring of Fire, where a volcano has been erupting since Dec. 20. Tonga's Ministry of Lands, Survey, and Natural Resources tells the Weather Network the volcano is erupting from two vents. One is spewing... More »

'Most Haunted Place on Earth' Is for Sale

Italian island of Poveglia said to have hosted brutal lobotomies

(Newser) - The island of Poveglia is, according to the Independent , "arguably the most haunted place on Earth"—and now it can be yours. The Italian government is auctioning off a lease to the unpopulated 17-acre island near Venice where, following the 1922 opening of a mental hospital, a doctor... More »

'Snoopy' Emerges From Japan's New Island

Island created by volcano expands, takes shape of Charlie Brown's pal

(Newser) - From the volcanic ash of Japan's newest island , the shape of a beloved cartoon figure is rising. When volcanic activity birthed a new island off the coast of Nishinoshima island in November, Japan waited to name it lest it disappear. But to the contrary, the island, since named Niijima... More »

New Island Isn't Disappearing— It's Growing

And it gets a name: Niijima

(Newser) - An island that sprouted out of the Pacific thanks to an undersea volcanic eruption some 600 miles south of Tokyo last month might just be here to stay. Scientists initially guessed the new island would soon sink below the surface— Pakistan's newest island is doing just that—but satellite... More »

NASA Snaps Stunning Image of Quake-Born Island

Death toll at more than 500

(Newser) - Now you can get a better look at the island that emerged from the sea following last week's earthquake in Pakistan. NASA offers satellite images of the coastline before and after Zalzala Jazeera ("Earthquake Island") appeared, as well as a stunning overhead shot of the new land,... More »

Island Born by Quake Releasing Mystery Gas

Could be methane, could be something else

(Newser) - Tuesday's earthquake in Pakistan gave rise to an island roughly half a mile off the coast; yesterday, locals set off to explore it, and what they describe is an oval-shaped mass no more than 300 feet long—which is emitting some kind of flammable gas. Journalist Bahram Baloch tells... More »

Brand-New Island Emerges Off Germany

34-acre land mass grew over 10 years

(Newser) - There's a new piece of Germany. Over the course of just 10 years, a 34-acre island has developed 16 miles off the country's coast, in the North Sea, the Telegraph reports. Some 50 different plant species already live on the island of Norderoogsand; sea birds are moving in,... More »

Solved: Case of the Missing Island

'Sandy Island' error blamed on 19th-century chart

(Newser) - There was some consternation last month when researchers sailed out to a Pacific island only to find that it wasn't there . Now, a New Zealand researcher says he can explain how the nonexistent Sandy Island got onto many maps. It all comes down to a whaling ship that passed... More »

Whoops: Much-Mapped Island Doesn't Actually Exist

Scientists head to Sandy Island, find nothing

(Newser) - Planning an island vacation? A word to the wise: Don't visit Sandy Island, supposedly off Australia's northeast coast. It's simply not there. Scientists at the University of Sydney journeyed to the spot where the island is supposed to be according to many maps (including Google's). Between... More »

'Literary' Island Faces Bombing of Rat Poison

Italy plans to exterminate rats on Montecristo

(Newser) - Any buried treasure on the island of Montecristo will soon be covered in rat poison. Facing a massive rat infestation, Italian authorities plan to drop 26 tons of poison on the 4-square-mile island that inspired Alexandre Dumas' famous novel The Count of Monte Cristo, the Telegraph reports. Black rats may... More »

Underwater Lava May Create New Canary Island

The mass keeps growing and growing ...

(Newser) - An underwater volcano near the Canary Islands has been gushing lava for three weeks and might just form a brand-new island. The erupting magma has reached 330 feet above the sea floor, and it needs to reach up another 490 feet to break the surface of the Atlantic, reports Der ... More »

Going Rate for an NYC Island: $160K

Rat Island doesn't really have rats, says new owner

(Newser) - It's 2.5 acres of rock that's mostly submerged at times, has no electricity or power, was best known for housing typhoid victims (or so goes the legend), and bears the ungainly moniker of Rat Island—and for $160,000, it could have been your little island just... More »

What It's Like to Have Your Own Private Island

Apparently, it's quite a bit of work

(Newser) - The latest Rich Person Trend: Buying your own private island in the Exuma Cays, a little-known cluster of 365 small and mostly uninhabited islands in the Bahamas. Tyler Perry, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill are among the newer buyers, joining older purchasers including Johnny Depp and David Copperfield. But what... More »

My Shrinking Island Serves as Climate Warning

Strip of livable land is all that's left for Nauru islanders: President

(Newser) - To witness the devastation of climate change in real time, Westerners need only look to the island nation of Nauru, its president writes in the New York Times . The country is smaller than Manhattan—and after phosphate mining and deforestation, there remains “only a thin strip of coastline for... More »

Scientists Spot 657 New Islands

Study identifies hundreds of new barrier islands worldwide

(Newser) - Scientists poring over satellite images and topographical charts have discovered a flood of new islands. A study has identified 657 new barrier islands around the world, bringing the total number of islands in the world to 2,149, LiveScience reports. Such islands tend to occur in chains, forming a series... More »

Bankrupt Greece Selling Islands

Sell-off looms as Greece struggles with debt

(Newser) - What's a country with no money and thousands of islands to do? Greece is trying to pay off some of its massive debt by selling or offering long-term leases on some of its 6,000 islands, only 227 of which are inhabited, the Guardian reports. The country, which received a... More »

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