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Death of Girl Who Refused Chemo Under Investigation

The 11-year-old, a member of the First Nations tribe in Canada, died of a stroke

(Newser) - Makayla Sault made headlines last year when, after undergoing 12 weeks of chemotherapy to treat her acute lymphoblastic leukemia, she stopped treatment in May, opting instead for "traditional" medicine. The 11-year-old member of the First Nations tribe in Canada died of an apparent stroke Sunday, which her family says... More »

Supreme Court Rules for Indian Girl's Adopted Parents

Lower court had returned Veronica to Cherokee dad

(Newser) - The Supreme Court sided with a South Carolina couple today in a contentious adoption battle. Matt and Melanie Capobianco cared for baby Veronica since birth, until a family court ordered her returned to her biological father, Dusten Brown, at the end of 2011 when she had just turned 2; the... More »

Native American Teen Fined $1K for Graduation Feather

Chelsey Ramer won't get diploma until she pays

(Newser) - Chelsey Ramer, a member of the Poarch Creek Band of Indians, wanted to wear an important symbol of her Native American heritage when she graduated from her Alabama high school last month: an eagle feather. But the principal of Escambia Academy denied her request; soon after the school distributed a... More »

Congress to Redskins: Change Your Name

10 representatives send letter to owner, others

(Newser) - Ten members of Congress are urging the Washington Redskins to change their name because it is offensive to many Native Americans. The representatives have sent letters to Redskins owner Dan Snyder, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Redskins sponsor FedEx, and the other 31 NFL franchises, they said yesterday. The letter to... More »

Hopi Tribe Can't Stop Mask Auction

Sale brings in more than $1.2M

(Newser) - A Paris auction house auctioned off a set of ancient masks considered sacred by the Hopi Native American tribe today, after a French court refused the tribe's petition to halt the sale. The Hopi had argued that the 70 colorful wood and leather masks in the collection were stolen... More »

Victoria's Secret: Sorry About the Headdress

Karlie Kloss' outfit offended many

(Newser) - Victoria's Secret has apologized for putting a Native American-style headdress on a model for its annual fashion show , after the outfit was criticized as a display of ignorance toward tribal culture and history. The company responded to the complaints over the weekend by saying it was sorry to have... More »

I Told Harvard, UPenn I Was Native American: Warren

First acknowledgement that she told Ivy League employers

(Newser) - For the first time since the controversy broke , Elizabeth Warren acknowledged last night that she did tell Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania she was Native American. Previously, Warren had only copped to identifying herself as a minority in a legal directory. A campaign official says she did not... More »

For Native American Women, Sex Assault Is 'the Norm'

Rate of rape much higher than the rest of the country

(Newser) - The official number is bad enough: One in three American Indian women have experienced rape or attempted rape, a rate more than twice the national average. But it gets worse: One survey finds that in some rural villages, the rate of sexual violence is as much as 12 times the... More »

Vatican Will Canonize First Native American Saint

It credits boy's recovery to miracle by Kateri Tekakwitha

(Newser) - A young boy's recovery from flesh-eating bacteria will help a 17th-century woman become the first Native American saint in the Catholic Church, reports USA Today . The Vatican has called the recovery of Washington state's Jake Finkbonner from near death in 2006 a miracle that can be credited to... More »

Urban Outfitters' 'Vulgar' Navajo Collection Attacked

'Navajo panties' disrespect Native American culture, complains consumer

(Newser) - Urban Outfitters might have thought it was getting all back to the land with its "Navajo" collection of kitschy clothing and accessories. But a Native American woman is angry about the campaign, which she says disrespects her heritage. Sasha Houston Brown, 24, of Minneapolis, has fired off a letter... More »

Berenstain Bears Try to Save Ancient Language

In animated TV first, they're speaking Lakota

(Newser) - For a typical family worried about messy rooms and money management, the Berenstain bears are killer linguists. The children's books featuring Mama, Papa, Brother, and Sister Bear Berenstain have been translated into more than 20 languages for kids around the world. Now the Berenstains are even speaking Lakota, an... More »

Cherokees: Oops, the Other Guy Won Election

Councilman Bill John Baker's victory was just too unlikely...

(Newser) - Lo and behold, Cherokee Nation officials have reversed unofficial election results, saying the tribe's longtime leader was re-elected in Saturday's voting. Unofficial results had shown longtime councilman Bill John Baker defeating Principal Chief Chad Smith by 11 votes yesterday. But Smith actually did win his fourth term as... More »

Cherokees Elect New Chief —By 11 Votes

Race to lead Oklahoma tribe was contentious

(Newser) - In a close election that ran overnight, the Cherokee Nation elected a new principal chief today, with final results posted on the tribe's website showing longtime councilman Bill John Baker defeating three-term incumbent Chad Smith by 11 votes. More than 15,000 votes were cast, and the margin between... More »

'Marrying Out' Thins Native Americans' Ranks

Population loss could lead to loss of federal benefits

(Newser) - More often than not, white people in the US marry other white people and black people marry other black people—but Census data show that more than half of all Native Americans marry non-Native Americans, and that could create problems for tribes down the line. The Eastern Shoshone of Wyoming,... More »

Cherokee Chief, Activist Wilma Mankiller Dies

First female chief was 64, had battled cancer

(Newser) - Former Cherokee Nation Chief Wilma Mankiller, one of the nation's most visible American Indian leaders and one of few women to lead a major tribe, died yesterday after suffering from cancer and other health problems. She was 64. Mankiller, whose first taste of federal policy toward Indians came when her... More »

Heidi, Spencer Take on Native American Names

Pratt, Montag trying to get in touch with spirituality

(Newser) - If you never want to hear the names Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt again, you’re in luck. The reality show couple will now be known by their “true Native American names,” “the name our creator has given us,” so as to get “more in... More »

Jack Nicholson Wouldn't Mind Being Eaten by Vultures

Actor, 72, mulls Native American 'sky burial'

(Newser) - At 72, Jack Nicholson has been thinking about death, or, more particularly, burial arrangements. One option he finds appealing, he tells German TV, is a Native American practice that would leave his body to the vultures. “I liked the nature of the Indians who haul their bodies up into... More »

Less Racist Names for That Washington Team

Just in case the Redskins have had a change of heart

(Newser) - The Redskins may have dodged the latest legal challenge to its (allegedly) racist team name, but with more on the way, bloggers are tossing out alternatives owner Dan Snyder should consider. The Week collects the best:
  • Washington Nationals: Sharing a nickname with a baseball team didn’t hurt the New
... More »

Mexican Gangs Move Into US Indian Land

Drug cartels take advantage of overworked cops

(Newser) - Mexican drug gangs have been rapidly expanding their marijuana-growing operations in the US in recent years, especially on Indian reservations. The gangs take advantage of underfunded tribal police departments, large tracts of unused land, and overlapping jurisdictions to set up grows on reservations from California to South Dakota, authorities say.... More »

States, Employers Un-Discover Columbus Day

It's dropping off the calendar as a holiday in many states

(Newser) - Columbus Day is rapidly sailing off the calendar all over the US. Some 22 states no longer give their workers the day off and many employers have begun "holiday swapping," requiring workers to come in on Columbus Day in return for an extra day off at Christmas or... More »

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