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Storm Sighting Stuns Drivers: A Stranded Camel

Yes, it really was a camel

(Newser) - The surprisingly powerful winter storm that swept across Pennsylvania brought some surprising sights with it, including a camel stranded along a snowy roadway, the AP reports. Motorists traveling about 40 miles north of Philadelphia started tweeting about the camel and posted video on social media. An organization called Jewish Philly... More »

7 Injured by Startled Pittsburgh Circus Camel

2 kids, 1 adult were riding it at the time

(Newser) - Seven people, most of them children, were injured when a startled camel started bucking during a Pittsburgh circus. Two children and an adult were riding the camel during an intermission Sunday at the Shrine Circus at PPG Paints Arena when it became startled, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports. The newspaper says... More »

Camels Busted for Botox in Pageant Scandal

At least 12 kicked out of Saudi festival

(Newser) - Saudi Arabia is holding its annual monthlong camel festival—and cheaters are not welcome. With around $60 million up for grabs in races and show competitions, unscrupulous owners have been drugging animals and even giving them Botox injections in an attempt to win camel beauty pageants, the National reports. At... More »

Man's Head Reportedly Severed by His Camel

So reports the 'Times of India'

(Newser) - A killer walrus , a savage beaver attack , and now death by camel? If a report in the Times of India is to be believed, yes. On Thursday, India's Rajasthan state dealt with record heat —hitting a high of 123.8 degrees Fahrenheit—and all day on Saturday, a... More »

'Exotic Animal' Found Amid Centuries-Old Trash

A full camel skeleton is unearthed in Austria

(Newser) - The study on the Austrian find calls it a "sunken ship of the desert" and an "exotic animal." What exactly was found in a cellar containing centuries-old trash during excavations for a planned shopping center in Tulln: the full skeleton of a 17th-century camel. That a complete... More »

Camel Tramples, Kills 2 ... in Texas

Owner of camel farm had long raised the animals

(Newser) - A "large, aggressive camel" on a farm in Texas trampled the farm's owner and another person to death Saturday, Fox News reports. Officers in Wichita Falls say the bodies of owner Peggye McNair, 72, as well as Mark Mere, 53, were found near a male camel with blood... More »

Angry Camel Bites, Kicks American to Death

Animal may have been enraged by lack of Coca-Cola

(Newser) - A Chicago-area man who founded a wildlife sanctuary in Mexico ended up being kicked, bitten, and squashed to death by one of the animals he tried to save. An enraged camel kicked and bit Richard Mileski "practically to death, and when he was almost dead, he sat on him,... More »

Camel Bones Challenge the Bible's Timeline

Study: It was written much later than the events it describes

(Newser) - A set of bones—and not human ones, at that—is "challenging the Bible's historicity," say two Tel-Aviv University researchers. Dr. Erez Ben-Yosef and Dr. Lidar Sapir-Hen have carbon-dated the oldest known domesticated camel bones found in the southern Levant, where Israel sits, and what they discovered... More »

Camels Likely Came From ... Canada's Arctic

Big specimen found in what was once forest

(Newser) - Modern camels roaming the deserts of Africa and Asia likely owe their existence to ancestors that lived in what is now Canada's High Arctic, reports the National Post . Researchers at the Canadian Museum of Nature found relatively well-preserved bone fragments in the tundra of Ellesmere Island, where the camel... More »

Sacha Baron Cohen One-Upped by ... Camel

Cannes publicity stunt goes a little differently than planned

(Newser) - Sacha Baron Cohen was at Cannes today to promote his new film The Dictator, but he got upstaged—by a camel. The actor, dressed in character as Admiral General Aladeen, lost his balance after climbing on the animal and nearly fell off, according to the Hollywood Reporter . Fortunately, he was... More »

Camel Eats It for Madison Daily Show Stunt

Hapless beast proves Egypt is nothing like Wisconsin

(Newser) - Pity the poor camel who knows, just like Jon Stewart , that Egypt is nothing like Madison, Wis. The beast slipped, making awful sounds, on the snow and ice of a Madison street as he was being tended to by workers for the Daily Show. But don't worry, the camel is... More »

Oregon Firefighters Save Stuck Camel

1,200-pound beast rescued from sinkhole

(Newser) - Firefighters in rural Oregon have saved plenty of animals, including their share of stuck cats—but a trapped camel was a unique experience. The animal's owners called in Clackamas County firefighters after the pet camel, which weighs more than 1,200 pounds, became stuck up to its neck in a... More »

Aussies Will Kill 6K Thirsty Camels Besieging Town

Officials to shoot 6K thirsty, marauding camels

(Newser) - A town in the Australian outback is “under siege by 6,000 marauding, wild camels,” says a local official: Record-breaking drought drove the thirsty creatures to trample fences, smash water tanks, and terrorize locals, the AP reports. To stop the rampage, the government plans next week to herd... More »

Aussie Aerial Shoot Could Cull 1M Camels

(Newser) - Australian officials are debating how to cull more than 1 million camels currently munching across the outback and irritating Aboriginals, the Independent reports. Some experts support an aerial shoot to save the desert ecosystem, but say it must be thorough; killing 80,000 would only match their birth rate. Estimated... More »

NC Woman Struggles to Get Camel Dairy Over the Hump

(Newser) - Millie Hinkle loves camel milk, and thinks the rest of America should, too. “It’s taken over my life,” she says. That’s why she’s drained her savings, cut down her day-job hours and devoted herself to opening the US’ first camel dairy, the Wall Street Journal... More »

This Camel Climbed Mount Washington

(Newser) - A camel named Josh has joined the ranks of backwards-walkers and wheelbarrow-pushers to become the first of his kind to summit New Hampshire’s Mount Washington, the Union Leader reports. Josh and his support team of two handlers, two horses, and a dog took 6 hours to reach the 6,... More »

Saudi Fast Food Joint Serves Baby Camel Burgers

(Newser) - The camel is many things to Saudi Arabians: companion, war machine, racing beast, and even a delicacy served in fancy restaurants. But it’s never been good old fashioned junk food… until now. A fast food restaurant in Saudi Arabia is selling baby camel burgers, Reuters reports, and the Saudis... More »

Dubai Sheik Pays $2.7M for Camel

May have been a record; then Abu Dhabi sheik shelled out $7M for pair

(Newser) - A Dubai prince broke the bank yesterday at an Abu Dhabi event billed as the world's top camel festival, spending $2.7 million on a prize-winning female. That was a record—until an Abu Dhabi sheik outdid him, shelling out $7 million for a pair of racing camels, RIA Novosti... More »

Camel Kills Owner in Apparent Mating Attempt

60-year-old woman had love for exotic animals

(Newser) - A pet camel killed its Australian owner—purportedly after trying to mate with her. The camel, 10 months old but already weighing in at about 330 pounds, knocked the 60-year-old woman to the ground and lay on top of her. “I’d say it’s probably been playing, or... More »

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