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I'm 53. I have a high functioning form of Asperger's. I had an excellent education, and have an even better shrink. I remember everything, but it comes with the emotions I felt when I learned it. I write novels: a lonely and unbelievably difficult job. Newser is my hobby. The only place I go on the internet. I was married for 22 years to a depressive bipolar. Didn't know that then. Don't do that. My older son is brilliant--he got the lightest part of both of us, and is married and is a theoretical physicist and is just an all-around great guy. My younger son through no fault of his own got the worst of both me and my husband. He, too, was very smart, but he could never not feel everything and committed suicide when he was twenty. He left a note--kind of him since only a quarter bother to leave a note--he signed it sincerely and this was a kid I spoke to every day and he was my world. I know he was insane, but that sincerely--hurt. I just use this place to yak and you don't have to question my meds--on them. My sanity--none. Or my acerbic comments that are triggered by my eidetic memory. I can recall everything, but it comes with the emotion that triggers the synapses. It's not fun because I'm caustic when I want to be nice and nice when I want to be mean. I use a lot of profanity for emphasis because it's the way my characters speak and I'm used to it. I sell books as a man. I am a loon. Just ignore me. But, no matter my comment you can be sure that it was factually correct at the time the memory was laid down. Today--who knows? I'm asking for some slack. Hate what I write, but don't question my sanity. I have a diagnosis number so that my insurance pays for how my brain is ill. I know that I'm nuts--so, start from there.
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