On This Day: May 25

10 years of headlines that grabbed us.
May 25, 2018
Photo of Female Worker Bound in Duct Tape Horrifies Scotland
She said her co-workers made fun of her for having a miscarriage, hurled sexist and racist language at her and others, and then, the final...  Keep reading >>
May 25, 2017
Farmer Faces $2.8M Fine for Plowing Field
California farmer John Duarte could be facing a $2.8 million fine—and may be ordered to pay millions more in wetlands mitigation—for an...  Keep reading >>
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May 25, 2016
State Dept. IG: Clinton's Email Broke the Rules
The FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email use continues, but a report from the State Department's independent watchdog has arrived. The 83-page...  Keep reading >>
May 25, 2015
Man Takes Cat Canoeing, Man Ends Up Dying
Taking a cat canoeing: dumb idea? For an Illinois man, it ended up being worse than that. Antioch officials say William Anderson, 46, along with...  Keep reading >>
May 25, 2014
How 'the Gates of Hell' Emerged in a Soviet Desert
A fiery pit has been burning in the middle of a Turkmenistan desert for more than four decades, and little has been done to get...  Keep reading >>
May 25, 2013
Detroit Officials Take $22K Taxpayer-Funded Hawaii Trip
Detroit is $15 billion in debt, but that hasn't stopped some officials from visiting a resort in Hawaii on the public dime. Four city...  Keep reading >>
May 25, 2012
This Man Makes More Than You Would in 3.5K Years
You might want to wait to read this until you're somewhere it's OK to scream: It would take the average American worker 3...  Keep reading >>
May 25, 2011
Obamas Hit By Dueling Royal 'Blunders'
President Obama just can’t catch a break in London. After screwing up the date in the Westminster Abbey guest book yesterday, Politico reports that...  Keep reading >>
May 25, 2010
Columbia Valedictorian Admits Plagiarizing Comic
Another day, another commencement gaffe. Columbia's valedictorian has apologized for lifting part of his speech—a jokey riff on attending a class called Physics for...  Keep reading >>
May 25, 2009
Diver Dies of Bends Filming for Natl. Geographic
An underwater photographer has died of the bends while filming for National Geographic, reports the Telegraph . Carl Spencer, 37, was part of team exploring the...  Keep reading >>
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