On This Day: July 3

10 years of headlines that grabbed us.
July 3, 2019
Report: Dubai Ruler's Wife Flees Country, Seeks Divorce
The most high-profile of the ruler of Dubai's six wives has fled the emirate for Britain—and sources tell the BBC that she fears...  Keep reading >>
July 3, 2018
Statue of Liberty Goof Costs the USPS $3.5M
The United States Postal Service's money woes just got $3.5 million worse, and the Statue of Liberty is to blame. A judge ruled...  Keep reading >>
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July 3, 2017
Chris Christie Spotted on Beach He Closed to Public
With state-run parks and beaches in New Jersey closed over the holiday because of a government shutdown ordered by Gov. Chris Christie, there was nobody...  Keep reading >>
July 3, 2016
Denver Parents Find Hooters Girls at Cub Scout Day Camp
Parents who went to pick up their Cub Scouts from a day camp in Denver were likely excited to hear about their sons' experience, but...  Keep reading >>
July 3, 2015
Boy Beaten Almost to Death for Taking Piece of Cake
A young boy in Hagerstown, Md., was beaten almost to death for taking—or, as family members put it, "stealing"—a piece of...  Keep reading >>
July 3, 2014
NJ Cheerleader Shot Execution-Style on Street
Cheyanne Bond wanted to be a nurse, but the money her family had saved for the 17-year-old's college tuition is now being spent on...  Keep reading >>
July 3, 2013
Parents Who Prayed as Daughter Died Guilty of Homicide
A Wisconsin couple is headed either to jail or the US Supreme Court after a state court upheld their homicide convictions in the faith-healing death...  Keep reading >>
July 3, 2012
Romney's Finances Look Really Suspicious
Mitt Romney's tax returns —and the bevy of offshore tax havens they point to—have already provided lots of fodder for critics, but...  Keep reading >>
July 3, 2011
Bachmann to Obama: I'll Find You a Job
In between taking potshots at ObamaCare and the economy, Michele Bachmann had some words of comfort for President Obama yesterday: Not to worry, because after...  Keep reading >>
July 3, 2010
Glenn Beck University Is Now Enrolling
Three words sure to strike fear, or maybe just ridicule, in the hearts of his enemies: Glenn Beck University. The Fox News host announces its...  Keep reading >>
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