On This Day: October 19

10 years of headlines that grabbed us.
October 19, 2018
A Dear Abby Answer on Names Sparks Outrage
The "Dear Abby" advice column has been appearing in newspapers since 1956—and after a recent response to a question about "foreign names...  Keep reading >>
October 19, 2017
George W. Bush Doesn't Seem to Be a Fan of Trumpism
Another prominent Republican is coming out against Trumpism without actually mentioning President Trump by name. In a speech at a Bush Institute event in New...  Keep reading >>
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October 19, 2016
Undercover Video: Dems Stoked Violence at Trump Rallies
A Democratic operative is out of a job and another is "stepping back" from the Hillary Clinton campaign, thanks to a series of undercover...  Keep reading >>
October 19, 2015
Amid Screams of 'Red Light!' Texting Driver Kills 2: Cops
As far as alleged texting-while-driving stories go, this one is particularly rough: A 54-year-old Minnesota man and his 10-year-old daughter were killed when a pickup...  Keep reading >>
October 19, 2014
CIA Analyst: Next Great Depression 'About to Strike'
A CIA analyst known for his dire economic predictions is speaking up again, warning that the next Great Depression may be right around the corner...  Keep reading >>
October 19, 2013
SF Hospital Body in Stairwell Story Just Got More Horrifying
It was pretty shocking when the body of a patient who had been missing for two weeks at San Francisco General Hospital was found in...  Keep reading >>
October 19, 2012
Rogue Bizman Dumps 100 Tons of Iron Into Sea in 'Experiment'
A California businessman dumped 100 tons of iron sulphate dust into the Pacific Ocean as part of a rogue "experiment" that has infuriated scientists...  Keep reading >>
October 19, 2011
Audience Loudly Cheers Cain's 'Blame the Jobless'
It's becoming common in this wave of GOP debates that audience members are also newsmakers: At last night's debate, the crowd cheered lustily...  Keep reading >>
October 19, 2010
O'Donnell: Constitution Separates Church, State?
Christine O'Donnell apparently doesn't subscribe to the view that the Constitution guarantees the separation of church and state, CBS News reports. "Where in the...  Keep reading >>
October 19, 2009
Words Men Must Not Say
Grown men should not say “mommy.” Or, for that matter, “tummy” or “belly button.” These things should be self-evident, but...  Keep reading >>
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