On This Day: April 22

10 years of headlines that grabbed us.

April 22, 2018
Mitt Romney Fails to Get Utah Senate Nomination
Mitt Romney did anything but cruise to the Republican nomination for Orrin Hatch's Utah Senate seat on Saturday in what CNN calls "a...  Keep reading >>
April 22, 2017
Obama Has Apparently Run Out of Vacation Days
The thing about vacations is they always have to end—even for former presidents. The New York Times reports that after spending weeks in French...  Keep reading >>
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April 22, 2016
8 Dead in 'Execution Style' Shootings in Ohio
Eight people are dead after "execution-style" shootings in rural southern Ohio on Friday, reports WBNS . According to WCPO , the victims in the rampage in...  Keep reading >>
April 22, 2015
Teacher Sues School Over 'Gunman' Who 'Killed' Her
Teacher Linda McLean says she hasn't been able to work since the terrifying Friday two years ago when a man wearing goggles burst into...  Keep reading >>
April 22, 2014
Supreme Court Upholds Affirmative Action Ban
The Supreme Court today upheld Michigan's ban on affirmative action in public college admissions and state hiring, in a decisive 6-2 decision. Ruth Bader...  Keep reading >>
April 22, 2013
Tsarnaev Awake, Answering Questions in Writing
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has regained consciousness and has been giving investigators written answers to questions, law enforcement sources tell ABC , though it's unclear if he'...  Keep reading >>
April 22, 2012
New Neighbors Hold Black Man, Family at Gunpoint
The Kalonji family got a nasty surprise when it tried to change the locks on its newly-purchased Georgia home last week: Their new neighbors threatened...  Keep reading >>
April 22, 2011
New Yorkers Taking $5K Cab Ride to Los Angeles
Two New York City residents hailed a cab at LaGuardia last weekend and asked the driver to go 3,000 miles west. He complied, and...  Keep reading >>
April 22, 2010
Canoeist: Whale Drowned My Pal
A breaching whale flipped a canoe off the Massachusetts coast, drowning one of the two paddlers, the surviving boater told police. The men were surprised...  Keep reading >>
April 22, 2009
'Bloodthirsty' New Guinea Tribesman Sues New Yorker
A Papua New Guinea tribesman portrayed as a bloodthirsty, revenge-driven killer in a New Yorker article is seeking payback from the magazine, Forbes reports. A...  Keep reading >>
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