On This Day: May 28

10 years of headlines that grabbed us.
May 28, 2022
92 Tons of Popular Topping Recalled
Better check those bacon bits before you sprinkle them on your salad.  Keep reading >>
May 28, 2021
Trump Fires Back at Paul Ryan After a Critical Speech
Two familiar names within the GOP are criticizing one another in regard to the future of the Republican Party—former President Trump and former House Speaker Paul Ryan.  Keep reading >>
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May 28, 2020
Trump's Order Could Upend 26 Key Words
"This will be a Big Day for Social Media and FAIRNESS!" President Trump tweeted Thursday morning.  Keep reading >>
May 28, 2019
In Japan, Trump Responds to Horrific Attack There
The final morning of President Trump's visit to Japan was overshadowed by a horrific attack on schoolchildren near Tokyo.  Keep reading >>
May 28, 2018
Valedictorian Banned From Giving Graduation Speech
When you're banned from giving a high-school graduation speech, what do you do?  Keep reading >>
May 28, 2017
France's Macron: Trump Handshake 'Wasn't Innocent'
French President Emmanuel Macron says his now famous white-knuckle handshake showdown with US counterpart Donald Trump was "a moment of truth"—designed to show that he's no pushover, reports the AP.  Keep reading >>
May 28, 2016
Cops: NBA Player Killed While Breaking Into Apartment
A 23-year-old NBA player is dead after apparently breaking into a Dallas apartment early Saturday, the Des Moines Register reports.  Keep reading >>
May 28, 2015
Woman Who Had Sex on Beach Learns Her Fate
Earlier this month, Jose Caballero and Elissa Alvarez were found guilty of lewd and lascivious exhibition for having sex on Florida's Bradenton Beach—and they faced a pretty stiff maximum sentence for their tangle in the sand: 15 years behind bars.  Keep reading >>
May 28, 2014
Snowden: I Was a Spy, Had a Fake Name
Edward Snowden wants the world to know he was more than the "low-level systems administrator" US authorities have described him as—he was a trained spy and technical expert.  Keep reading >>
May 28, 2013
Man Shoots Adult Daughters With Kids in House
An 8-year-old girl dialed 911 at 4:39am yesterday to report a shooting, and the story gets worse from there.  Keep reading >>
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