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Biden Aide to Journo: Sorry We Put You in the Closet

Blogosphere erupts over reporter's hour-long wait

(Newser) - A rep for Joe Biden has apologized to a reporter for his lengthy stay in a storage closet on Wednesday, where he waited to cover a fundraiser, reports Fox News . “This was the unfortunate mistake of an inexperienced staffer and the vice president's office has made sure it will... More »

Blame (or Thank?) Blogs for Brett Favre Scandal

Mainstream media would never have reported on this, writes Howard Kurtz

(Newser) - “I didn’t get into journalism to write about Brett Favre’s private parts,” harrumphs Howard Kurtz today in his last Washington Post column, and most mainstream reporters would agree. “But our ability to spike such tawdry tales ended many seasons ago.” Now blogs can drive... More »

Advice on How to Live Cheaply, Simply Is Thriving

Books, blogs popular in recession

(Newser) - What with the recession, worldwide poverty, and impending environmental doom, it’s no wonder that bookshelves and the blogosphere are crammed with tales of voluntary privation and experiments in skimp. Last month there was On a Dollar a Day, about a couple's attempt to live on that amount—in San ... More »

The 10 Best Wall Street Blogs

More than ever, experienced insiders are scooping news organizations

(Newser) - Many high finance blogs just “stink,” David Weidner writes, but discerning “Wall Street junkies” can depend on a few that engage top talent and often scoop major news organizations. He runs down 10 of the best news and analysis sites in the Wall Street Journal , “skipping... More »

Md. Dem Mikulski Set to Follow Bayh Out Senate Door

Blogger claims health issues mean retirement

(Newser) - Claiming “an impeccable source,” blogger Rich Vail reports tonight that Democrat Barbara Mikulski will follow Evan Bayh’s lead and not seek re-election to her Maryland Senate seat this fall. Vail, a Tea Party supporter behind blog The Vail Spot , says the 73-year-old Mikulski has been slow to... More »

Latest Palin Controversy Is Lefty Hokum

Bloggers rip her bracelet, but it's not what they think

(Newser) - A column on Sarah Palin’s black bracelet has the lefty blogosphere in a full-flamed fury—but it’s a misguided “hit piece,” William Jacobson tut-tuts. Though the bracelet is sometimes used to memorialize a relative or comrade killed in military action (as veteran Eric Robinson writes in... More »

Righty Bloggers Bully Bear-Maker Into Submission

Build-A-Bear offends with cartoon about warming at North Pole

(Newser) - The politics of climate change has claimed another victim: a video series on the web site of toy outfit Build-A-Bear, in which cartoon animal characters described how global warming threatened Santa and his people at the North Pole. After conservative bloggers called for a boycott, the company is taking the... More »

Nate Silver Battles Bill Killers

Left-wing blogdom 'fracturing' over health care reform

(Newser) - Nate Silver launched into possibly the dorkiest blog feud ever last night, getting into a lengthy, heated policy debate with liberal bloggers who want to kill the Senate’s health care bill. Silver argues that Democrats will never have a better chance to pass reform, and that it would “... More »

Fox Crushes Unflattering YouTube Channel

Liberal bloggers' Hannity, Beck clips yanked

(Newser) - A YouTube channel that specialized in capturing Fox commentators' most outrageous moments has been shut down after copyright complaints from the channel. News1News was the favorite choice of plenty of left-leaning blogs and news sources seeking to poke fun at Fox, notes Gawker , which has been left with plenty of... More »

Bigger Jerk Than Phillips? Deadspin's AJ Daulerio

Throws whatever ties site had to journalism out window in vendetta vs. ESPN

(Newser) - In the shadows of the Steve Phillips controversy is the reaction at Deadspin, where editor AJ Daulerio, having missed out on the scoop, appears to emptied his in-box in airing years’ worth of anonymous tips about ESPN’s seamy side. That, in turn, got its own reaction from the sports... More »

Reporter: Obama Dismissed Gay Marchers as 'Fringe'

White House takes comedians more seriously, Harwood says

(Newser) - Barack Obama isn’t exactly quaking in his boots over the gay rights protesters that marched on Washington yesterday. The administration views the advocates as “part of the Internet left fringe,” CNBC correspondent John Harwood said on NBC last night. “One adviser told me, ‘those bloggers... More »

The Onion's Favorite Procrastination Sites

(Newser) - When the editors and writers at the Onion AV Club aren’t working—which appears to be often—they have their own “favorite time-wasting” websites to frequent. A sampling:
  • CNN: "They’ve got some news there that you can read and junk," Nathan Rabin writes. "As
... More »

'Hedonometer' Gauges US Mood Via Blogs, Tweets

(Newser) - If you think blogs are useless, think again: Scientists have developed a “hedonometer,” or happiness gauge, that analyzes personal online statements to pinpoint the overall contentment of the US population on a given day, the Discovery Channel reports. The program looks at sentences beginning with “I feel”... More »

Blogosphere Reinventing Journalism, Not Bleeding It

(Newser) - The blogosphere might not be the future of news sprung fully formed from the corpse of old media, Michael Massing writes in the New York Review of Books, but neither is it “parasite” feeding on newspapers. “The practice of journalism, far from being leeched by the Web, is... More »

Obama Asks Bloggers to Pressure Hill on Health Care

Leaves open reconciliation option

(Newser) - Barack Obama unleashed the hounds last night, asking progressive bloggers to pressure Congress on health care reform. “There is a default position of inertia here in Washington,” he said on an invitation-only conference call. Lawmakers need to feel the same urgency and desperation ordinary Americans feel, he said,... More »

Web Beats TV to Jackson Fatigue

(Newser) - Television is still churning out Michael Jackson-related content, but Web surfers quickly lost interest after his death, Jeff Jarvis writes for BuzzMachine. “We had consuming interest in Jackson when the news came out but that quickly faded,” Jarvis writes, citing Blogpulse and Google Trends data on Jackson traffic.... More »

For Latest on Iran Unrest, Check Online First

(Newser) - Traditional media are having a tough time covering the Iranian election fallout, but fear not: Web 2.0 is up to the task. The Washington Post runs down the best destinations for those hoping to stay on top of the situation:
  • Current, unedited photos containing "a level
... More »

It's a World Wide Web, But Bloggers Keep It Narrow

Linkability is key, blogger writes

(Newser) - While the blogosphere is generally considered a free-for-all medium where any topic or opinion is fair game, it’s actually governed by narrow rules, Jeremy Beer writes on Front Porch Republic. “It is uncommon for someone to write a piece about something that is not immediately pertinent to the... More »

New Software Judges Blog Credibility

(Newser) - Software that would automatically rate the credibility of blogs on a scale from highly credible to “little credible” is in the works in Austria, Ars Technica reports. The program analyzes the distribution of words in successive blog posts and also compares topics against stories covered in the mainstream media... More »

Death of Newspapers Won't Kill the News

(Newser) - Before newspapers held sway over politicians and maintained monopolies under federal anti-trust exemptions, they were a service people were willing to pay for, Michael Kinsley writes in the Washington Post. Even if “technology is on the verge of removing some traditionally vital organs of the body politic,” they... More »

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