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Economist: Let Chinese Men Share Wives

His idea goes viral, gets pushback

(Newser) - Thanks to its one-child policy and a cultural preference for boys, males outnumber females in China by about 117 boys born for every 100 girls—and by 2020, the nation is predicted to have about 30 million bachelors (referred to as "guanggun," or "bare branches"). What...

China's Infamous One-Child Policy to Change

And a controversial detention policy will end

(Newser) - "Loosen," "ease" and "relax": Those are the verbs being used to describe what's happening to China's one-child policy. According to the official Xinhua news agency, as long as one parent in a couple is an only child, that couple will now be allowed to...

802 Busted in Chinese Child Trafficking Rings

Chinese police rescue 181 children

(Newser) - Chinese police arrested 802 people on suspicion of child trafficking and rescued 181 children in a major operation spanning 15 provinces, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security said today. The recent operation broke up two trafficking rings and led to the arrests of the ring leaders. The national operation was...

Pro-Life Groups Hope Chen Gets on Bandwagon

But he's focused on China's 'lawlessness', not US politics

(Newser) - Chen Guangcheng's story threatens to make him into a political football now that he is in the US, the Washington Post finds. The blind dissident was jailed after exposing forced sterilizations and abortions under China's one-child policy, and though his views on abortion are unclear, anti-abortion groups are...

Biden: I Didn't Go to China to 'Explain a Damn Thing'

Point of Asia trip was not to soothe financial fears, he explains

(Newser) - Joe Biden's nine-day Asia trip ended on an, ahem, colorful note. After explaining on Monday that he "fully understands" China's much criticized one-child policy, he ended the tour today by giving what the Los Angeles Times calls a "pep talk" to US troops in Japan ... where...

Biden to China: 'I Fully Understand' 1-Child Policy

Critics: Policy pushes abortions, sterilizations

(Newser) - Joe Biden was mere hours away from wrapping up a gaffe-free four-day visit to China when he said he fully understood China's one-child policy. The vice president, discussing the US debt during a Q&A session at a university in Chengdu, said: "You have no safety net. Your...

With Home Prices Up, China Losing Its Desire for Sons

High property values make boys expensive, daughters attractive

(Newser) - As property prices climb, China's long-running preference for male children is eroding—and its reputation as a land of unwanted girls, aborted and given up for adoption in the face of the country's "one-child" policy, is being undone. A recent World Bank report shows that the gender imbalance toward...

Forced Abortions Continue in Parts of China

Regional officials reportedly disregard official national policy

(Newser) - China's one-child policy, long a staple of its public policy for urban, ethnic Han Chinese, officially exists on the national level as a series of monetary incentives for those who hold to it and monetary punishments for those who run afoul. Numerous interviews and investigations, however, consistently uncover the policy...

China Faces 'Dangerous' Bride Shortage

One-child policy blamed for bachelor surplus

(Newser) - Some 24 million Chinese men of marrying age will be unable to find a bride by the end of this decade because of the country's one-child policy, according to a Chinese government report. The policy has resulted in a surge in sex-selective abortions since the '80s, especially in rural areas,...

Chinese Weddings Fuel Real Estate Boom

Newlyweds help boost property prices by 80%

(Newser) - The biggest wedding boom in history is helping power China's economic growth and may push its housing market into dangerously overinflated territory. Children of China's baby boomers are coming of age in the tens of millions, and as coddled only-children who did not inherit their parents' thrift, are throwing lavish...

China Rethinking One-Child Policy

China Rethinking One-Child Policy

(Newser) - Visit Shanghai these days and you're likely to come across an unusual sight: More families having second children. The city—a key cog in China's economic boom—is aging fast thanks to the nation's 30-year-old one-child policy, writes Mark MacKinnon in the Toronto Globe and Mail. As a result, Shanghai...

1-Dog Rule Gnaws on Chinese

 1-Dog Rule Gnaws on Chinese 

1-Dog Rule Gnaws on Chinese

Owners refuse to give up pooches, despite crackdown

(Newser) - Guangzhou residents have gotten used to the one-child rule, but they’re drawing a line in the sand when it comes to their city’s new one-dog policy, ABC News reports. Most are ignoring or evading the month-old rule. “I’ll definitely not give up on my dogs, because...

China Sends 'Internet Addicts' to Boot Camp

(Newser) - Chinese families are unplugging Internet-addicted loved ones and shipping them off to boot camps, Radio Free Netherlands reports. The Internet Rehabilitation Centre of the People’s Liberation Army, which houses some 50 patients, is one of thousands of online addiction clinics around the country. "They don't only have psychological...

Runaway Brides Scam Desperate Chinese Bachelors

Surplus of men inspires fraudsters to make off with rural families' 'bride prices'

(Newser) - China's one-child policy may have birthed a rising number of pretty and fleet-footed criminals, the Wall Street Journal reports. The traditional preference for boys has caused a surplus of tens of millions of men of marriageable age, mostly in rural areas, and some villages are being scammed by women who...

Chinese Adoption: Anguish Along With Joy
 Chinese Adoption: 
 Anguish Along With Joy 

Chinese Adoption: Anguish Along With Joy

One woman's reflections on life with her adopted daughter

(Newser) - A proud but troubled mother of an adopted Chinese girl is wondering how to cope. Diane Clehane grieves for the woman who was forced to give up little Madeline under China's "one child" policy, she writes in Vanity Fair. She also wonders how to explain it to Madeline without...

China to Reverse Sterilization for Quake Parents

Couples who abided by one-child policy can get free surgery

(Newser) - China will send medical teams to areas hit by last month’s earthquake to reverse sterilization procedures for couples who want to have another child, Xinhua reports. The Sichuan family planning agency is providing free surgery and counseling to couples who were once sterilized in accordance with the nation's one-child...

China Races to Clear Quake-Dammed Rivers

Rainy season threatens to compound damage

(Newser) - China is struggling to clear rivers and lakes dammed with earthquake debris before the impending rainy season worsens flooding, the AP reports. In Beichuan county, 1,800 soldiers arrived today, each bearing 22 pounds of explosives to blast obstructions impeding access to a nearby lake, and helicopters are airlifting heavy...

Quake Grief Compounded for Single-Child Chinese Families

Loss of child is devastating for those who followed one-child policy

(Newser) - Thousands of parents in China's earthquake-hit Sichuan province are grieving for their children today and for most, the misery is particularly heart-wrenching because they have lost their only child, reports the New York Times. China's one-child policy was strictly enforced in the poor and populous province, and the quake took...

China Hangs Onto 1-Child Policy
China Hangs Onto 1-Child Policy

China Hangs Onto 1-Child Policy

Country fears growth boom if rule is rescinded

(Newser) - China will keep up its one-child policy over the next decade as nearly 200 million citizens reach child-bearing age, CNN reports. "Given such a large population base, there would be major fluctuations in population growth if we abandoned the one-child rule now," said the country's family planning minister,...

China May Drop 1-Baby Law
China May Drop 1-Baby Law

China May Drop 1-Baby Law

Officials want more girls, but fear triggering baby boom

(Newser) - China, faced with an aging population and too few women, may end its controversial one- child-per-family policy. The law that allowed urban couples only one child and rural families two is credited with preventing 400 million births over three decades. But cultural preferences for males has also created a troubling...

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