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Tennessee Bill Would Outlaw Shariah Law

Muslims would get 15 years in prison

(Newser) - Two Tennessee lawmakers have introduced a bill that would make following the Islamic code of ethics known as Shariah law a felony punishable by 15 years in prison. The bill exempts the peaceful practice of Islam, according to the Tennessean , but it labels following Shariah “treasonous,” claiming that...

Somali Women Whipped for Wearing Bras

Underwear 'fraudulently advertises assets' to suitors

(Newser) - Muslim Shabaab religious enforcers in battered Somalia are finding time to whip Muslim women for wearing bras. They're being punished because the underwear accentuates breasts and in some cases gives a "fraudulent" impression to possible suitors, reports the Independent . "Al Shabaab now orders us to shake our breasts,...

Beyoncé Scraps Malaysia Show

Singer postpones date after criticism by conservative Muslim group

(Newser) - After controversy over her racy outfits and dance routines, Beyoncé won’t perform in Kuala Lumpur this weekend. The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, a hardline Muslim group, had protested the Oct. 25 date on her “I Am” tour, but promoters deny the postponement had anything to do with those objections....

Taliban Are Filmed Killing Pakistani Lovers

Film captured on cell phone in mountain village

(Newser) - Taliban enforcers in Pakistan have been filmed in a chilling video shooting down two lovers charged with committing adultery, reports the BBC. The man and woman are seen talking to members of the Taliban, and then move away as they appear to sense the danger they're in. Both are shot...

Zardari Slapped With Fatwa for Flirting With Palin

Pakistani feminists also angry at president for 'shameful' behavior

(Newser) - Asif Ali Zardari’s overly-friendly interaction with Sarah Palin earned Pakistan’s president a fatwa from a conservative mosque for salacious behavior, not to mention the scorn of feminists who accuse him of objectifying the US vice-presidential candidate, the Christian Science Monitor reports. At the UN last week, Zardari told...

Religious Tensions Follow India Bombings

Sufis feel threatened by rising rival factions

(Newser) - A sign on a mosque door in India warns outsiders—that is, members of conservative Muslim sects—to keep out. “These are dangerous times,” one mosque member told the Washington Post. “We cannot trust anybody.” Such is the climate in India, where moderate Muslims feel besieged...

Unmarried, Frustrated, and Turning to Islam

More in Middle East heal economic pains with religious fervor

(Newser) - Facing a feeble job market, many Middle Eastern youths can't afford pricey marriages—and end up single, frustrated, and devoted to Islam, the New York Times reports. Several countries are trying to stem the religious tide by funding weddings, but thousands are left unmarried and isolated. “People don’t...

7 Stories
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