Canada Considers Universal Coverage for Drug Costs
Government urged to adopt 'pharmacare' plan
By andre r. gignac,  Newser User
Posted Sep 17, 2010 4:14 PM CDT
Promoted on Newser Sep 17, 2010 10:17 PM CDT

(User Submitted) – Americans who think that Canadian universal health care is a socialist conspiracy will surely cringe at the news: Canada could soon adopt universal pharmacare—publicly funded drug coverage for all its citizens. More and more national organizations are applying pressure on the government, the latest being the Canadian Health Coalition, which has sent a letter to the prime minister "urging him to stop stalling and start working with territorial and provincial governments to bring in (such a program)."

The letter follows the release of a report, The Economic Case for Universal Pharmacare, which underlines that pharmacare would not only offer coverage to all Canadians, but could also save up to $10.7 billion annually. The idea has been endorsed by doctors, researchers, and economists. Read the full article here, or see an opposing editorial here.