Ron Paul's Ill Ex-Campaign Manager Died Uninsured
Ron Paul hailed his 'sacrifices for liberty'
By Mary Papenfuss, Newser Staff
Posted Sep 14, 2011 3:32 AM CDT
Kent Snyder died shortly after Ron Paul dropped out of the race in 2008.   (YouTube)

(Newser) – To the Tea Party, freedom may be just another word for dying without health insurance. But for Ron Paul, Wolf Blitzer's debate question about whether a man without insurance should be allowed to die (to which audience members shouted "Yeah!) hit pretty close to home. Paul's former campaign chairman, Kent Snyder, died of pneumonia in 2008 at the age of 49 without health insurance. His $400,000 health care bill was passed on after Snyder's death to his mom, who couldn't afford to pay it, so pals raised money on the web, reports Political Carnival.

Snyder's sister said he had a pre-existing medical condition, which made his health insurance premiums unaffordable. Snyder died two weeks after Paul dropped his bid for the presidency in 2008. Paul hailed Snyder for convincing him to run, and praised his "sacrifices" for the "cause of liberty."

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Sep 27, 2011 7:44 PM CDT
The real story that isn't told by the mainstream media: Kent Snyder was uninsurable due to a terminal illness, yet he still received the best possible care, which unfortunately could not save him. While uninsured patients are charged 2.5 times what insured patients are charged, in practice they are only expected to pay a quarter of what the insured pay. In other words, Kent's arbitrarily inflated $400,000 hospital bill could be taken care of for about $40,000, and as far as I know that's exactly what happened: about $50,000 was voluntarily raised by Ron Paul's supporters and paid to the hospital; the hospital was satisfied and did not try to collect the balance from Kent's estate. It was a voluntary and charitable solution in a broken system. Snyder knew he was not going to last much longer in this world. That's why he quit his job and went to work for Dr. Paul. He wanted to make a difference in the short time he had left. He gave it his all and SHAME on the mainstream media for making a mockery of this man's life and his passion for liberty! Kent Snyder is an inspiration to us all... and his spirit will not be forgotten. The true reality is that government intervention in healthcare has counter-intuitively driven up the costs of medical attention and the cost of medical insurance. Compare the costs of medical treatments not covered by health insurance, such as laser eye surgery, and you will see that the costs have consistently gone down over time. The free market dictates that companies cannot charge the maximum amount for care. Contrast these prices to the dramatically increasing prices of treatments covered by insurance and government mandate. Though the intention is good in involving the government in healthcare, the results are disastrous. All too often, people do not distinguish intention vs results. The government, via subsidization and regulation, has created growing medical industries of uncharitable bureaucracy. These corporate special interests have disturbingly embedded themselves in with the government bureaucrats in an incestuous marriage, in which we have the wolves tending to the sheep. The corporate special interests lobby for regulations that allow for government-enabled and even government-mandated monopolies. The first director of the American Cancer Society, Clarence Cook Little, resigned in 1954 to become the Scientific Director of the Tobacco Industry Research Council. That move was chillingly convenient for the tobacco industry. “Cut, Poison, Burn” is the video that details just how corrupt one of the most government-trusted agencies in America, the American Cancer Society, has become. They have facilitated monopolization of cancer treatment and stifled innovation. Google it. Let’s remember how Reagan so inspiringly stated, "Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem."
Sep 20, 2011 10:02 AM CDT
If the Republicans were honest about it they would tell Americans that the only people that will have paid-for Health Insurance after they take-over the government will be the elected politicians and the corporate executives:
Sep 18, 2011 8:22 PM CDT
This is the guy who urged Ron Paul to take himself seriously enough that he could be a candidate. Paul credits him for doing just that, otherwise Paul would still be a unknown Congressman & his son, Rand Paul, probably would not be a Senator. BTW, This guy was gay, had AIDS & died of PCP.