Delaware Goes After Left-Lane Slowpokes
Considers bill to fine dawdlers
By Evann Gastaldo, Newser Staff
Posted Apr 19, 2012 1:26 PM CDT
Updated Apr 19, 2012 1:53 PM CDT
Apparently, some people in Delaware aren't too good at reading these.   (Shutterstock)

(Newser) – The signs say "Slower traffic keep right," but apparently the slowpokes in Delaware aren't listening. The state is looking to crack down on lane hogs who insist on driving at a crawl in the left lane, with the Delaware Legislature considering a bill that would fine such dawdlers as much as $230. The bill would make the left lane for passing or turning only on any road with at least two lanes in each direction, the News Journal reports.

The Delaware Police Chiefs Council and AAA Mid-Atlantic have both endorsed the bill, and the council chair says that though it may be somewhat difficult to enforce, the law "could have a huge impact just by being on the books." Delaware already requires slower drivers to keep to the right, and officials there and in other states are increasing enforcement in an effort to reduce road rage. Says a AAA defensive driving teacher, "If people are passing you on the right, then you're in the wrong lane."

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Apr 20, 2012 8:59 PM CDT
I don't care what the speed limit is, if you are in the left lane .... PASS. And, as soon as it is safe to do so...... GET THE FUCK OVER No bullshit. GET THE FUCK OVER
Apr 20, 2012 5:30 PM CDT
Aw, hell ... Phantasmagorical Phlorida has'em beat on that. We tried to pass a law that, if you are in the left lane doing the speed limit and some asshole runs up benind you trying to go 90 ... YOU have to move over or ... wait for it ... waaaiiiiiit fooooor iiiit ... YOU get a ticket!!! In other words, YOU must ABET the breaking of the law by clearing the way for the other guy to break it!!! Listen ... road rage? FUCK road rage ... if I'm doing the legal MAXIMUM SPEED ALLOWABLE on the road I don't owe you SHIT and if that pisses you off .... DEAL WITH IT ... and leave me aLONE. Now ... it is POSsible ... living here in the land Ponce WOULD have named "El Bizarro" if he had known how it was going to turn out ... that we actually DID pass that ...
Apr 19, 2012 11:27 PM CDT
Hi friends.I was "out" for awhile. I had password problems. Anyway... the article said the new law may be hard to enforce. Well the reason for that is because it sounds like it is not specific enough. On a roadway with more than one lane going the same direction,post the rightmost lane as "slower traffic keep right". The other lane(s) post them as whatever the speed limit is down to 5 m.p.h. slower. So if the posted speed limit is 65 then the lowest one can go in the middle or left lane is 60 m.p.h. Some roadways have an upper and lower limit. If people are found to be going to slow in the rightmost lane, then a lower limit must be passed also. So make the lower limit about 15 m.p.h. slower than the highest limit in the rightmost lane. In Montana they used to have a no speed limit. However there was an addendum to the law called "safe and prudent" Just because the limit is limitless and you are haulin' tail down the road at 90 and the highways are like a glazed donut,or there is 1-3 feet of slush/snow,and Johhny/Johhni Law sees you and catches you,you are going to get a ticket.Montana's limit is now basically 75 on interstates and 70 on u.s highways and state and county roads. There is also a nighttime and truck speed limit. 'bout ten to fifteen m.p.h slower. And still I think there is the "safe and prudent" aspect of the law. Again basically there is a limit, however one may not drive beyond the conditions that are present at the time. So first ,signage, then public service announcements and then stepped up patrols until the folks basically get it right. B.T.W. Buckle up! Thanks