Allen West Slams Muslim-Friendly FBI Manual Edits
Says purging of references puts us on road to 'cultural suicide'
By Matt Cantor, Newser User
Posted Apr 23, 2012 12:13 PM CDT
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(Newser) – The FBI's purging of Islamaphobic references from its training manual puts us on the road to "cultural suicide," according to Florida Rep. Allen West. "We have to understand when tolerance becomes a one-way street, it will lead to cultural suicide," he said on Fox News, adding that "we should not allow the Muslim Brotherhood-associated groups to be influencing our national security strategy." It's not just the training manual that worries the congressman, Politico reports: The report on the Fort Hood shooting mentions neither Muslim extremism nor an alleged link to Anwar al-Awlaki, he noted.

West argued that if we "want to be less offensive to [the enemy], then we’re going to put ourselves in a bad situation"—though it sounds like he already thinks we're there: In the interview, he called our security situation "so vanilla." West, meanwhile, is still taking heat over his claim that Congress is full of Communists. The comment prompted the NAACP to drop him as keynote speaker at a fundraiser in Florida that took place over the weekend, TCPalm reports.

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Apr 24, 2012 5:33 AM CDT
'When tolerance becomes a one way street...'? What is this guy talikng about? Tolerance means accepting muslims as good decent people who practice a religion not that different from Christianity....but of course we CAN'T have THAT! I guess 'tolerance' is only for christians.
Apr 24, 2012 5:24 AM CDT
Riiiight, just like we should still be teaching police to profile all black people as drug dealers or burglars. You are basically a complete moron who is bragging about your inability to think clearly and for yourself if you actually believe the crap that this moron says. It's one of those things I can't believe the Annoying and Intriguing scale on this site are tied right now. There are seriously that many people who actually think that all Muslims are the enemy? For real? How ignorant can you possibly be? Good old NationalSovereignty with his typical ignorant nonsense says the NAACP is the new KKK? Are you serious? How are you even able to use a computer? Oh, I forgot Microsoft and Apple went out of their way to make computers easy enough for completely inept, out of touch morons like you to spread your ignorance and hatred around the internet. I miss the old days with DOS, where you actually had to know how to read in order to use a computer. It's pure insanity and this Alan West guy has said some of the most hateful, ignorant, race baiting shit I have ever heard from another human being. I am disgusted to be an American and I weep for the future. It's morons like this who just jump to conclusions and speak in total generalities that are destroying this country. Do you need me to google all the horrific shit, massive atrocities that white Christians have perpetrated against humanity? Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. But you assholes have twisted and distorted it into some bastardized form because of some horrible, terrible people who claimed to be members of that religion. Well, guess what, Christians have done the exact same thing, but you say "Oh those weren't real Christians" THATS EXACTLY THE ARGUMENT! THOSE MUSLIMS WHO BLEW UP THE TWIN TOWERS WERE NOT TRUE MUSLIMS! And your ignorance and hate and misinformation and intolerance is just exacerbating the god damn problem people! JESUS CHRIST WOULD BE DISGUSTED BY YOUR THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS YOU WORTHLESS SACKS OF ROTTING, NEVER-USED BRAIN MATTER.
Apr 23, 2012 10:10 PM CDT
The NAACP is the new KKK