Mitt Romney Mocks Obama's New Slogan
Forward ... over a cliff, ha, ha!
By Kate Seamons, Newser Staff
Posted May 3, 2012 6:34 AM CDT
Mitt Romney speaks during a campaign event in Chantilly, Virginia, on May 2, 2012.   (Getty Images)

(Newser) – President Obama got his Mitt Romney zinger in on Saturday night, and the GOP candidate returned the favor last night, reports ABC News. At a $2,500-and-up-a-head fundraiser at a Ritz-Carlton just outside DC, Romney tweaked Obama's new slogan, "Forward," saying "it's like, forward, what, over the cliff?" That was after he spent a moment trying to remember it—possibly coming up with his own campaign slogan in the meantime. "His new slogan is: Progress. No, forward. Forward! That’s it!" he said. "Progress would be better. I might use that one myself, actually."

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May 4, 2012 9:12 AM CDT
I thought his slogan was (say No to the Dope) or (No hope No change) or (Sorry i failed>i will try to do better) or ( Its all about! me! me! me! ) or ( Losers can be winners with your vote! ) or ( say yes! to 4 more years! of nothing! ) or ( Darn! let me try again to bring America down even more! ) or ( Forward off the cliff! ) or ( forward down the bridge to no where! ) Or ( Forward with Obama is not an option! )
May 4, 2012 3:02 AM CDT
ROMNEY LIE CENTRAL. Here is Romney lying about his own first name: Here is Romney lying about defense spending and falsely claiming Obama has made "huge" cuts in the defense budget: Here is Romney's staff gloating about his TV ad lying about Obama and the economy: Here is Romney's outrageous lie that Obama has increased the national debt more than all other presidents combined: Here is Romney's lie about his plans to give huge tax cuts to people like himself: Here is Romney's infuriating lie about President Obama's so-called "Apology Tour": Here is Romney's lie about his father and Martin Luther King: Here is Romney's astonishing, brazen lie that President Obama is responsible for ALL the job losses in the recession: Here is Romney caught lying by Rachel Maddow about his "Obama made the recession worse" remarks: Here is Romney lying about the activities of his SuperPac in Iowa: Here is Romney's shockingly brazen lie that President Obama's objective is "equal outcomes" for all people: Here's Romney in full, lying sociopath mode after his win in New Hampshire: Here is Romney lying about his record on gay rights: Here is Romney lying about the President's healthcare law: Here is Romney's lie about the President's so-called policy of "appeasement": Here is how Romney's lies fit into a general pattern of sociopathy: Here is Romney lying right to David Corn's face about something Romney said that Corn heard PERSONALLY: Here is Romney lying about President Obama's trade policies: Here is Romney lying about the "savings" that would come from repealing the healthcare law: Here is a CONSERVATIVE commentator talking about the tissue of pathetic lies that is Mitt Romney's stump speech: Here is Romney AGAIN lying about Obama's defense policy: Here is Romney lying about his "regular guy" status, including his AMAZING lie that he has feared getting a "pink slip" notice himself: Here is Romney claiming that anyone who questions his business tactics is "attacking the free enterprise system": Here is Jon Stewart nailing Romney's lies and deceptions about the tax code: Here is Romney's lie about President Obama having "raised" the corporate tax rate: Here is Romney claiming he pays a 50%(!!) tax rate: Here is Romney's lie about President Obama and rocket attacks against Israel: Here are Romney's lies about his "job creator" record: Here is Romney's BLATANT lie that Gingrich "outspent him" in South Carolina: Here is Romney's lie about President Obama's record on regulations, a lie of ASTONISHING magnitude: Here is Romney lying about social programs that aid the poor: Here is Romney lying about his "blind trust": Here is Romney attempting to take credit for an auto bailout he OPPOSED: Here is Romney lying about his intentions for Social Security and Medicare: Here's Romney lying about the birth control ruling: Here's an item about the vicious, lying, right-wing hitman that Romney has hired to spread lies about Willard's opponents: Here's Romney CONTINUING to tell the lie that "Obama made the recession worse": Here's Romney calling himself "moderate" and "progressive" in 2002: Here's Romney lying about his position on climate change: Here's Romney lying about his "Mexican" background and his jobs record: Here's Romney lying about Medicare: Here's Romney trying to rewrite the history of the auto bailout AGAIN: Here's Romney lying about defense policy in general and the Navy in particular: Here is Romney's lying claim that he has never changed his position on immigration: Here is Romney's incredibly vicious lie that President Obama has "fought against religion": Here is Romney lying about sanctions on Iran: Here is Romney's fictional account of his time as governor of Massachusetts: Here are Romney's INCREDIBLE lies about his record on abortion rights: Here's Romney lying about his own "memories": Here's Romney caught lying, on videotape: Here's Romney's lie about President Obama being a "crony capitalist": Here's Romney lying about Obama and Iran--AGAIN: Here's Romney's utterly dishonest taxation and budgetary proposals: Here's Romney lying about Obama and Medicare AGAIN: Here's Romney lying about the minimum wage: Here's Romney's absurd lie that President Obama "wants" higher gas prices: Here's Romney's Etch-a-Sketch moment: Here's Rachel Maddow's epic takedown of Romney the Liar: Here's Romney the Liar trying to be evasive about his tax and budget plans: Here's Romney's attempt to bury his contribution to an anti-gay hate group: Here's Team Obama holding Romney accountable for his lies: Here's Romney being nailed for his incessant flip-flops: Here's Romney lying about Medicare AGAIN: Here's Romney being caught lying on tape (again): Here's Romney being skewered by SNL: Here's Romney's lie about Obama and Harvard: Here's Romney lying about unemployment among women: Here is Romney being ridiculed in a very catchy song: Here is Romney lying about Obama's record on guns: Here's Romney on video, spewing one lie after another: Here's an account of just how many lies Willard can pack into a single speech: Here's a trio of Willard lies, one about Obama, one about his family, and one about his own freaking life: Here's Romney lying (AGAIN!) about the healthcare law, an item based on Jed Lewison's reporting on DKos: Here's Romney being caught in a series of lies about foreign policy: and here's Willard's INCREDIBLE lie that Bush had nothing to do with the economic meltdown: Thanks to
May 3, 2012 5:03 PM CDT
Never have we had a President more deserving of ridicule. Obama, the clown and fool, has been nothing but an embarrassment for our nation at every level. His destruction of America is completely unmatched.