Sorry, Guys: Female IQ Is Now Higher
IQ expert James Flynn says gals have lead for the first time
By Neal Colgrass, Newser Staff
Posted Jul 15, 2012 2:40 PM CDT
A recent study of IQ tests shows that women have taken the lead for the first time.   (Shutterstock)

(Newser) – Women always thought they were smarter, and now IQ tests are backing them up. James Flynn, an IQ expert, collated results from tests around the world and said women have taken the lead for the first time, the Telegraph reports. "This is a consequence of modernity," said Flynn. "The complexity of the modern world is making our brains adapt and raising our IQ." But why the female boost? "Because they were disadvantaged in the past."

Flynn looked at IQ tests from the US, Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Argentina, and Estonia, and found that the male/female IQ gap was insignificant in westernized countries, the Daily Mail reports. But in Argentina, Estonia, and New Zealand, women scored marginally higher. The so-called "Flynn Effect," named after him in the 1980s, showed that modern life had boosted the IQ of many people around the world.

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Jul 20, 2012 11:11 PM CDT
Reading the comments here, DAMN, somebody has a inferiority complex. Not me though.
Jul 17, 2012 1:55 AM CDT
This article is a complete misrepresentation of truth. Males actually average between 3 to 6 IQ points higher than females on average. However, males have a standard deviation of 16 to the Gaussian distribution of their intelligence, whilst women have a standard deviation of 12. Because of this, there are more really stupid men than women, but the average male is smarter than the average female, and with an average "G" 3 points higher with a standard deviation of 16, there are some 30 times more men with IQs of 130+ and 500 times more severely gifted at IQ 160+. About 1 in 10,000 males has IQ 160 or higher, but only 1 in 5 MILLION women score such an IQ on a male scale. The reason why women have "overtaken" men on IQ tests is very simple: IQ tests over the past 40 years have been changed so that women would do better on them. Less and less questions of deductive logic, spatial reasoning and verbal analogies, which men excel at, and more and more questions of rote learning, vocabulary and verbal facility, at which women excel. The problem is that deductive logic, spatial reasoning and verbal analogies have a much higher "G" loading than the aforementioned abilities, and are a much better predictor of both scholastic and professional success. I can prove this by asking a simple question: Which is more likely, that a PhD in math will be able to earn a PhD in literature, or a PhD in literature will be able to earn a PhD in math? Obviously, it is far more likely that the PhD in math will be capable of earning a PhD in literature than the other way around. Why? Because mathematics has a higher "G" loading than literature. To put it bluntly, it demands more from the brain's information-processing capabilities. To put it even more bluntly, it is simply "harder". And questions of deductive logic, spatial reasoning and verbal analogies are a stronger predictor of success in mathematics AND EVEN GETTING A DEGREE IN LITERATURE than questions of vocabulary and rote learning. As a general rule, those with post-graduate degrees in physics and math are really smart guys. Really, really smart. Doctors and engineers are not as smart, but still pretty smart. Professionals are only marginally smarter than the average person, and those with degrees in the humanities are the least smart of all.
Jul 17, 2012 1:54 AM CDT
Biologically it is proven that male have a larger brain size on average than female, by about 11-15% on average, and have 6 times the amount of gray matter than female which is the brain matter which is most relevant to the brain's creativity and ability to solve problems in a short amount of time. They also have a far more develop left are of the brain, again the side of the brain that have to do with spatial intelligence and deductive reasoning. We are more knowledgeable today than to trust the mouthpiece of a few feminist paid fame seeking hacks, as we have enough empirical data and common sense today to know which research have been done conclusively and which have been done with a personal agenda or political correctness in mind. I would like to see more conclusive and scientific researches published on this website that clearly shows men advantages in certain intelligence over women, and not from some sociologist hack seeking his brief moment of fame but from plenty of scientific studies that have been done over the years. It cannot be avoided that if human is to progress forward, we must now open ourselves to genetic studies and honest research about the differences between a male's brain and a female's brain structure and the differences is vast. If the world is being run by women today and for the past millennium, we would all still be living in the dark ages. There will be no internet, no electricity, no televisions, no computers, no telephones, no cars, no airplanes, nothing. Fact of the matter is as the world advances through the modern cyber age, innovation is still and will be still completely driven by men and, female journalist or magazine editors, activists or sociologists, do not count as innovators mind you. The ability to drive innovations and inventions is the true measure of intelligence, data that are truly visible and measurable, not selective Chery pickings of very few female accomplishments and then holding them up high as prove that women are equal when thousands of men have done it before and better than them. That's like saying a 300 pound women can out wrestle a 100 pound man as prove that women are stronger than men. Woman will no longer get away with such bollocks by exploiting the political correctness in our society and abusing their disadvantaged sex status.