Next for McDonald's: Vegetarian-Only Restaurant
But you'll have to go to Amritsar, India, to dine there
By Kate Seamons, Newser Staff
Posted Sep 4, 2012 10:56 AM CDT
Updated Sep 8, 2012 7:13 AM CDT
Vegetarian patties only, please.   (?istolethetv)

(Newser) – In what some Big Mac lovers could see as a sign of the apocalypse, McDonald's plans to open a vegetarian-only restaurant next year ... and then another one. The Big Mac-free spots won't be taking over the US, however: The first is planned for Amritsar in northern India, where it'll be located near the Golden Temple; the AFP explains that people are barred from eating meat at the shrine. Next up: one in Katra, near another religious spot (the Vaishno Devi cave shrine) that sees hundreds of thousands of Hindu pilgrims annually.

When it comes to a meat-free outpost, the burger chain is already halfway there, literally, in India. The menu is 50% vegetarian, with chicken but no beef or pork offerings in accordance with Hindu and Muslim custom. Its No. 1 seller is already meat-free: the potato-based McAloo Tikki burger makes up 25% of all sales. The goal is to crack open a market that's teeming with people (1.2 billion) but light on McDonald's restaurants (271, out of 33,000 worldwide).

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Sep 9, 2012 1:33 AM CDT
Hafiz, you left my mouth watering wanting for more. I shall try to address the points made by you and perhaps add my own take. I believe that Jesus was asked if what a man eats would make him unclean and he replied that what makes him unclean is what comes out of his mouth rather that what goes in it. But you certainly are on the right track. Thou shall not kill....God doesn't say what. Just today someone came to my home and had to get past a soldier ant colony (the larger ants)...the ants are exactly on my entry could step on them. The lady said, "You have ants". I said please be careful and not step on them. We should'nt kill I told her...God didn't say therefore it could mean every living thing. I don't kill snakes anymore...they were here first and have a purpose...they clean up the ecology (rats) etc. We rule the earth and could kill anything we want. This is where respect for living things comes in. God tells us what animals we can eat. Hindu, Muslim and Jewish peoples obey God's law. Swine is unclean for you. It does not chew it's cud. I wish America would obey. I wish the Israel government would obey their prophet's teaching..."Love they neighbor". There are so many contradictions as you point out. I don't have the courage to call God hypocritical..although my favorite physicist, Albert Einstein said that while he believes in Jesus, for a story like his could not be a myth...he had trouble why God wouldn't intervene in certain children dying of hunger. Yes, many races made up the whole...I recall when a tribe of Black Jews was discovered..they were brought in. I also recall entering a Black American's home with the picture of Jesus on the wall depicting Jesus as Black. Maybe He was. Yes the mouthpieces abound in our country USA preaching and holding the Bible high up with one arm. They could very well be interpreted as holding dear to the book itself and not to it's contents. Unfortunately ignorance abounds everywhere. Don't the Muslim radicals kill or suicide bomb someone who has burned the Quran? They seem to hold the Quran book itself as an Idol. Look at the most beautiful verse I have ever read. "The Throne Verse" in the Quran. It is the most beautiful profound statement of our creator that I have ever read. It puts things into their proper perspective. The Christian "Our Father" prayer is very, very meaningful. It could never be the The Throne Verse that can be found in Medina. The Quran teaches there is only one God and Muhammad is His prophet. Allah hr akbar. God is Great. Yes. The Christians also believe there is only one God also. But hate, jealousy and contradictions will always be there. It's about whose real estate is it, and who has the right to live there..The arguement seems to search who is right, not about seeing the right. Who are God's chosen and who are the insignificant gentiles. If only Confucius was the leader of Israel. Harmony. Peace. Love. Trade. Great economy. Confucius. Brilliant!.. yes he was born some 500 years BC. Can't argue with you about who wrote the Bible..of course Jesus had died some two or three hundred years before the Bible was placed. The Bible contains the books that the authors want us to see. Where are the lost gospels. Lost gospel of Peter is an eye opener. So is the gospel of Judas. I would like to read the gospel of Mary... Contradictions...Mathew says that Jesus said it was better Judas not be born. In other gospels Jesus calls Judas friend. Jesus was not betrayed. It was God's plan. Judas was very aware of what he was doing...of all the diciples, he is the only one who felt so bad for simply pointing Jesus out. Although Jesus had asked him to. He hung himself. The others were denying Jesus and running for their meager lives yet pointing their finger on Judas. About the laughing: Isn't it amazing how words can be scrambled to say anything the writer wants. A significant that we should never overlook is the why of the year 2012. Jesus.
Sep 8, 2012 2:38 PM CDT
Just cause it's veggie don't truly mean it is good. The FDA ( I think ) Allows a company to declare per serving that a product has ZERO trans fat if it actually has less than half a gram. For pete sake the human body shouldn't have more than 2 grams of that a day. That means a company like micky d's could use just enough hydrogenated oil to only have .49 grams of trans fat. Yes that is possible with veggie dishes. I will suspend disbelief until I get to check out what this veggie crap they are gonna make is made out of.
Sep 8, 2012 12:55 PM CDT
A vegetarian restaurant? McDonald's intends to built restaurants with carrots and lettuce?