What Will They Say After the Caucuses?

Why wait until tonight? Get the spin for each and every result here
By Jonas Oransky,  Newser Staff
Posted Jan 3, 2008 4:13 PM CST

(Newser) – No matter what result the Iowa caucuses bring tonight, the campaigns will have plenty of spin up their sleeves. NBC’s Chuck Todd previews the politico talk:

  • John Edwards: No one needs this one more. A victory will be a vindication of populism and domestic issues. A loss may well be un-spinnable.
  • Hillary Clinton: If she wins, even barely, we’re back to the inevitability storyline. A three-way tie could be OK, if managed perfectly. Third would be a “near-disaster."

  • Barack Obama: He must win here to get the nomination. Revolutions need victories, and this bandwagon needs to get going. Spinning a loss will fall flat.
  • Mike Huckabee: A win will be a massive upset, but it’s got to be big to avoid the spin that he merely wooed evangelicals. If he loses, he disappears on the spot.
  • Mitt Romney: Victory would have new meaning because of Huckabee’s surge. A loss could be played off, blamed on Christian conservatives. But McCain would have a field day.
  • John McCain: If he can pull 15%, bring on the front-runner spin.