Cops Need to Stop Killing Dogs
It's more common than you think, and it's time for training: A. Barton Hinkle
By Evann Gastaldo, Newser Staff
Posted Jul 11, 2013 1:08 PM CDT

(Newser) – Police officers shoot and kill dogs—usually dogs that don't pose a threat—much more often than you might think. The stories are heartbreaking: the family dog shot in a fenced yard after officers entered without notice. The dog shot after it had already been subdued and was being held with a catch-pole. The 13-year-old dog shot even though it was confined to the bathroom. The 12-pound miniature dachshund shot after it growled at an officer. These officers are said to be "following policy," but "that's precisely the problem," writes A. Barton Hinkle in Reason.

"Police officers receive extensive training about the use of force when it is applied against humans. But how many departments provide training on dealing with pets? Very few," Hinkle writes. And these aren't infrequent, isolated incidents. In Milwaukee alone, officers killed about one dog every eight days over the course of nine years. A Justice Department paper reports that "the majority of [police] shooting incidents involve animals," and the dogs involved are rarely dangerous—or, even if they are, the bites are so minor they cause no injury at all or no medical care. It's time for officers to "receive training in safe and non-lethal methods of animal control—and in dog behavior." Click for Hinkle's full column.

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Jul 30, 2014 2:55 PM CDT
Shooting Dashshunds ! As a retired Verizon install-repairman I have been introduced to thousands of dogs IN their homes. If I were a cowardly simpleton, as shown in this story, no ones phone service would have been completed. Do these " BRAVE " men go home at night to tell their kids about the "vicious" miniature poodle they had to shoot for FEAR of their lives. What a surprise. Just look at the video clips of police slamming elderly women to the ground because they didn't respond fast enough for the OFFICER.. Many should leave the job before they go to jail.
Jeff May
Mar 25, 2014 9:19 PM CDT
It's simple law enforcement isn't required to take dog training and it's available and on them. Law enforcement fully aware they aren't trained in situation and engage. Then explain what the dog did like they were trained in dogs. Law enforcement not trained in dogs can explain what dog did to officer trained in dogs. Like my vote for dogs page on FB and give dogs a voice. Law enforcement can't explain anything a dog does without training. That Rottweiler max seen his family in defenceless position and being attacked and warned attackers to back off and never attacking and only warning. Then law enforcement engaging deadliest breed and with fear of dog shot alot to dog two feet away protecting themselves and endangering everyone sworn to protect. When dog training for law enforcement should be voted and decided by the people and not on them. It's sad when law enforcement who are trained to protect don't understand dog's who protect there family and property without training and breed that way. Identify law enforcement who have fear and issued weapon and let the people decide if they want law enforcement trained in dogs. They work for us and is it really hard to learn about dogs or expensive and could be required before applying and cost nothing. Work at dangerous breed rescues.
Jul 14, 2013 7:32 PM CDT
So wait a minute, did any of you watch AND listen to the entire video? Lets talk about accountability for our actions. In the video you can hear the people around the person with the video recorder say, something to the effect of "look he's gonna start some shit with the cops or look he's talking shit to the cops." They are talking about the guy with the dog!! So lets review, there is a suspect barricaded in a house close by. So we already have an area clearly surrounded by cops, which common sense tells any rational person, that the cops attitudes and aggression level is going to be escalated. So that same common sense tells us, just as it did the folks ACROSS the street videoing, to move away from the cop cars AND not to show an aggressive posture when your that close so as not to gain the attention of the cops. The cops have enough to worry about in this situation. Again common sense tells us that. The people videoing understood that. They say the dog owners actions as wrong, if not, dangerous!! And they laughed about it! Thought it was entertaining!! That's what should make everyone angry!! YES the dog did exactly what a dog should do and yes it makes me angry that the dog was shot!! But not angry with the cops!! Angry that the dog owner put that amazing creature in harms way!! Angry those people across the street videoing didn't help their fellow man,"the dog owner," By trying to talk some sense into him to move away and calm down!! The truth is, the dog owner new exactly what he was doing!! His selfish actions got that innocent dog killed!!