Man Who Died in Cliff Fall Was Told Not to Marry Wife
Groomsman says he, others talked to Cody Lee Johnson
By Kate Seamons, Newser Staff
Posted Sep 12, 2013 1:00 AM CDT
Updated Sep 12, 2013 8:00 AM CDT
The couple.   (News Super World)

(Newser) – A person close to Jordan Linn Graham—the newlywed accused of pushing her husband of eight days off a cliff and to his death in July—says Graham was vocal about not really wanting to get married. And friends of the groom now say they were vocal, too. A member of Cody Lee Johnson's wedding party says he warned Johnson not to marry Graham, as did others. Cameron Fredrickson says the two-year relationship "didn't seem like a happy, loving" one, and describes Graham as unfriendly; he notes she didn't look at her husband-to-be as she said her vows, reports the Missoulian.

Fredrickson, however, acknowledges that Johnson never expressed any misgivings to him. Graham, for her part, will find out where she will remain pending trial by noon today. At an appearance in US District Court in Missoula yesterday, attorneys for the 22-year-old asked that she be allowed to stay with her mother and stepfather; the prosecution wants her behind bars. Other revelations from court: FBI Special Agent Steven Liss testified that Graham told her maid of honor, via emails sent before Johnson's death, that she didn't want to wake up, reports the Missoulian. And CNN reports that prosecutors asserted that a fake email account created soon after Johnson's death was part of an attempted cover-up.

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Sep 12, 2013 11:59 PM CDT
Take that to heart kids, listen to your family and friends. Its very relative and mostly accurate. Take a buddy of mine. We all told him not to marry this girl. First significant sign is a camping trip she did with a girl friend. Someone else saw them spooning on the beach at a lake. Wasn't sure it was her so he shot a photo, emailed it to him, he concurs its his wife and the other lady. So, love being a blinder he marries her. Things do not go well afterwards. First is the sheriff raids the home of the inlaws. Seems like the inlaws wrote hot checks on closed accounts for dress, rental hall, cake, brides maids dresses, caterer, etc. It came to $15,000 so the sheriff's warrant squad served a no-knock warrant on his wife's parents. They pleaded innocent, posted cash bail from borrowing money, and then left for New England never to be seen by anybody for 10 years where they had changed their names and opened up a shop called, "Kringle City." Next came allegations. He found her in bed with the other girl. Now, honestly, I'm not sure how I would react to that. I guess I could, oh crap, he did not like it and that's the issue here. So he serves her with divorce. So, they had bought a HUD home with their joint mortgage. But my state being backwards, it gave him the mortgage and her the home. But his attorney was able to get an order splitting the mortgage until his appeal was heard, about a year later. But she would get the home only a couple weeks later. It was worse since the other girl was a police officer. She had killed his dog when they broke in to try to steal items he had already removed. The officer also went to the local FOP lodge and told every jurisdiction to start harassing him. He then found some cocaine in his car one night after work and he disposed of it but later that night, he got pulled over by a neighboring jurisdiction. He told that officer that the cocaine the FOP had stashed was destroyed and the FBI was involved and internal affairs of several departments were all involved in the matter. The officer said, "Dude, all I know is that my major said you were a major drug dealer and to pull you over tonight." So another officer pulled him over from the girl's own jurisdiction. He told that officer the same thing and that the FBI had the cocaine his department planted and he needed to check with them if he wanted his planted evidence back. He then said, "This crap is not worth it, I'm not loosing my pension over this." Later, that officer killed himself in another corruption investigation. So it was the night he had to get out of the house. He borrowed an agency radio from me and I told the dispatcher he had the radio as his ex wife and the police woman planned to cut the phone line and possibly set him up with either an ex-con to burn down the house or do a robbery and murder. But the police woman had already been contacted by her own internal affairs and she was starting to pull back as she realized how deep into a criminal investigation she was for just killing his dog. So he survived to 12PM midnight because he needed to get on video tape he left the house in good condition. A week later, the bank called him to say the home had been destroyed, completely destroyed on the inside. He told the bank what happened but they said they were going to go ahead and serve foreclosure papers. He then had no other choice except to file bankruptcy. Needless to say, simply marrying this horrible piece of trash put him into a deep depression but he pulled through it. So, always, and I mean ALWAYS follow your friend's advice.
Sep 12, 2013 12:57 PM CDT
She is waaay too hot for him. And she knows it. He should have clued in. Of course, she shouldn't have pushed him off a cliff, regardless of the disparity. Some lucky lady's gonna have a gorgeous new piece to rent out for cigarettes.
Sep 12, 2013 10:30 AM CDT
It's called love guys. The guy was insanely in love with her that he didn't see the warning signs. Some people get it before hand, to some people might take years to realize that.