British Airways Sorry for 'Discover Indian Ocean' Ad
Ad was planned months ago, airline says
By Rob Quinn, Newser Staff
Posted Mar 28, 2014 3:01 AM CDT
This ad startled commuters at London's Euston Station.   (alz/reddit)

(Newser) – Oops: British Airways has apologized for an ad in which Londoners were urged to "Escape the commute and discover the Indian Ocean." The ad, shown on a video screen at a busy train station, appeared against an ocean-blue background. The airline says the ad was created long before Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared. "We are very sorry for any offense caused," a spokeswoman tells ABC News. "This campaign was planned some months ago and we recognize that its appearance at this time is inappropriate."

"I just thought it was a really strange time to have the ad running," Reddit user Alan Milford, who photographed the ad, tells the New York Daily News. But he works in advertising himself, and says he "understands these things are planned weeks or months in advance, so it’s not BA’s fault." After his photo went viral and got hundreds of thousands of views, Milford decided to use the exposure to promote a charity close to his heart and seek donations for (More advertising news: Four Loko this week agreed to not use Santa in its ads.)

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Ezekiel 25:17
Apr 21, 2014 6:40 PM CDT
So travel to the Indian Ocean is now wrong? Now if they had advertised trips to Cambodia, Thailand, or Laos, that's a different matter. That's because the Chinese Uighur terrorists who took over the plane are now sitting in an old Air America base with 370 and laughing at all the missteps. If you remember, the Inmarsat's interoplation of the engine ping was a wide arch that could be north or south of Indonesia. The easy assumption is to go with the south arch due to thinking that nobody would try to evade radar of Vietnam. But Vietnam has not been honest with their assistance.
Tom Maker
Apr 21, 2014 11:16 AM CDT
Ban car adds...there were some deaths on the highway last weekend. Ban all adds for HI and Australia travel - there were some deaths by shark. And ban all adds for tourism everywhere as there were crimes committed.....sheesh!
Apr 6, 2014 3:14 AM CDT
What a stupid uproar! If everyone around the globe had to consider anyone elses hurt feelings before doing anything the earth would come to a standstill. What next, blame nature for being so insensitive by making earthquakes happen?? Sh*t happens people...grow a thicker skin and stop whining about your hurt feelings! The people that berate British Airways for the Indian Ocean ads just happen to puposely hurt my feelings by complaining. I just can't stand anymore complaining! You hurt my unfortunate feelings. Now I feel bad! How's that for being insensitve to MY feelings? sheesh! btw what are the "relatives of unfortunate missing people" doing looking at travel ads. I would think that flying anywhere, even Jamaica or Brasil would be the last thing on their agendas. After all, they are supposed to be in mourning, crying and wringing their hands, not planning how they will use the free travel vouchers they will be receiving as compensation for their grief.