Top 10 Bush Gaffes on YouTube

Presidential bloopers including inadvertently insulting a queen
By Rebecca Smith Hurd,  Newser User
Posted Jan 16, 2009 5:20 PM CST

(Newser) – During his 8 years in office, George W. Bush created the biggest presidential blooper reel in history. Time narrows the field of YouTube gems to a top 10:

  • Shoe toss in Iraq. Bush has no idea why a Iraqi might hurl footware at him, but the episode spawned scads of parodies.
  • Locked-in in China. A jet-lagged prez tries to escape the media through a locked door after abruptly telling a reporter that he was "off his game." Clearly.
  • African boogie at the White House. Bush steals the show from a tribal dance troupe commemorating Malaria Awareness Day.

  • Tap-dancing for the Press. While waiting for Sen. John McCain, who sought his endorsement, Bush does a little dance to fill time.
  • Massaging Merkel in Germany. The chancellor is looking a litte tense, so the "Groper in Chief," as bloggers called him, gives her a neck massage.
  • Praising the Holy Dude. Dubya tells Pope Benedict XVI that his speech was, like, "awesome."
  • Cursing Hezbollah. Bush curses to Tony Blair during a G8 summit in this oddly long, not very shocking CNN clip.
  • Taking a swing at terrorism. As seen in Fahrenheit 9/11, Bush swears he'll do whatever it takes to stop terrorists ... right after his golf round.
  • Insulting the Queen. The prez welcomes Elizabeth II to the White House ... by pointing out how ancient she is.
  • Butt-slapping an Olympian. Misty May-Treanor assumes the position, and the president obliges.