Sotomayor Cartoon Sparks Outcry
By Kevin Spak,  Newser Staff
Posted Jun 4, 2009 7:05 AM CDT
A controversial cartoon from the Oklahoman.

(Newser) – An editorial cartoon depicting Sonia Sotomayor strung up as a piñata has sparked a minor outcry, the Huffington Post reports. Published in the right-leaning Oklahoman yesterday, it shows Obama in a sombrero inviting the GOP to take a whack at the Supreme Court nom. “She’s of Puerto Rican descent—ergo the piñata image—right? wink, wink,” wrote the chair of the Oklahoma Women’s Coalition. “Not funny; actually, stupid and damaging.”

“That cartoon sends a message to women of all ages,” she continued, “‘Back off. Know your place. Or we'll take a stick to you and teach you a lesson.’” A Daily Kos blogger also pointed out that it looks a lot like Sotomayor’s being lynched. “There is a vigorous racist block of voters in Oklahoma,” he wrote, “that I believe this cartoon is catering to.”