Obama Offers Docs Backing on Malpractice Suit Limits
President may buck Dems to win over AMA
By Jason Farago, Newser Staff
Posted Jun 15, 2009 7:18 AM CDT
President Barack Obama arrives on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Thursday, June 11, 2009, after a day trip to Green Bay, Wis.   (AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari)

(Newser) – President Obama is taking his case for overhauling health care to a tough audience today: The American Medical Association, which is holding its annual meeting in Chicago, came out last week against Obama's plan to offer federal insurance to compete with private insurers. But the president privately with AMA officials about limiting malpractice lawsuits, which the organization has long fought for, the New York Times reports, in an effort to keep the AMA at the negotiating table for larger reform.

Obama is suggesting that limiting malpractice suits—something other Democrats have resisted—could drive down costs and be part of a broader reform effort. One Republican said the president was ready to buck House and Senate Democrats to get malpractice reforms in the final bill, but only if he was sure of GOP support.

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Jun 25, 2009 4:47 AM CDT
The story is wrong. This was a misleading trial balloon sent up the day before the AMA speech, where he specifically denied it.
Jun 16, 2009 4:00 AM CDT
Adding this a another example of who is righting what, who WILL get protected, and who will lose in the end. """Although the A.M.A.’s highest legislative priority is capping jury awards, highly unlikely under the Obama administration, it does favor legislation like that proposed by Senators Obama and Clinton. Dr. Rohack said the group’s legislative experts were also working over the weekend to draft a bill that would set out a way to protect doctors who are sued if they have followed professional practice guidelines.""" So, you have it, if the doctor follows their guidelines, screws up, and then says "I'm sorry"; he or she is protected. And now that person is either dead or can no longer provide for him/herself or family. Now they are living on SSD and we are footing the bill for that. Screw that!! What will protect Us from Doctors who can just sorry and keep working? Because last time I checked, the State's Medical Licensing Board are totally useless when it comes to keeping people save from crack pop Doctors
Jun 16, 2009 3:48 AM CDT
I don't think it is clear enough, what was the speech he gave up today that states he does not agree with limits? From this article, he is willing to trade people's health for a set of guidelines that aren't worth the paper they were typed on. IF they were then there wouldn't be a need for reform would there?...... What disturbs me the most in this whole story is where Wyden from OR states: "“the common sense message that if doctors act in line with their own professional guidelines, that ought to create a certain presumption that they have acted reasonably.” Really now, who is going to make that presumption: The courts, lawyers, the Government, AMA, or a Jury? So, if a doctor was acting " reasonably" while treating you and screws up. Then it is reason his action justifiabe for the lost of a love one or you walking out of the hospital with your life, and you get crap because he followed "the guidelines". My support for Obama is getting less and less every day now.