Dem Won't Apologize for 'Die Quickly' Gag
Comments about 'Republican health care plan' light up YouTube
By Newser Editors and Wire Services
Posted Sep 30, 2009 11:20 AM CDT
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(Newser) – Florida Rep. Alan Grayson is refusing to apologize for his snarky statement on the House floor that Republicans want Americans to “die quickly.” Last night, Grayson took the floor and declared that he had, after much probing, determined that Republicans had a two part plan: Don’t get sick, and if you do, die quickly. “That’s right,” he repeated, “the Republicans want you to die quickly.”

Republicans swung into action. Eric Cantor put the statement on YouTube, and it swiftly went viral. Rep. Marsha Blackburn asked for an apology, and the Republican Congressional Committee sent the press six stories on the incident over the next 12 hours, comparing it to Joe Wilson’s “You Lie” incident. One rep called it “about the most mean-spirited partisan statement that I've ever heard made on this floor.” But Grayson, so far, remains unrepentant.

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Oct 1, 2009 2:28 AM CDT
Ok dude, what great nation are you from that can compare to all the good this nation has done? We have are problems I will grant you that but there isnt another place in the universe I would rather live than these great Unitied States. We have our whackos and guns and misguided politicans and selfish upperclass and greedy corporate structure and yet we still are the greatest nation in the world. I do not need to point out who the world comes to when the rest of the world needs held do I? I do not need to point out who supplied the Brits and the Ruskies with war material when that Nazi freakjob ( no, not Glenn Beck) but Hitler was on the verge of creating one big Germany do I? Tell us what great nation you are from and tell Americans all the good your nation as done. If you got nothing then shut your big fat stupid yapper!
Oct 1, 2009 1:02 AM CDT
So, let me see if I understand...Republicans make an interpretation out of a passage in the Haelthcare bill that translates into a chant of Death Panels for the elderly, a Senator breaks with tradition in Congress yelling out during a speech, and now the GOP are yelling foul over a comment adn demanding an apology?
Sep 30, 2009 10:31 AM CDT
This crumbling nation put men on the moon and will soon enough have a crew on Mars. What has your nation done to top that? If you can't stand how messy democracy is, then please change the channel. Kiss my red white and blue ass!