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Scientists May Have Found Migraine Trigger —in Our Mouths

Oral bacteria could be the key

(Newser) - Certain foods like chocolate, wine, and processed meats have long been linked to migraines, and while nitrates in those foods are often seen as the culprit, it's not entirely clear why some people are more susceptible to ensuing headaches than others, reports Quartz . Now scientists are reporting in the... More »

Baby Boy Born Unable to Open His Mouth

And doctors have no fix for Wyatt Scott's rare disorder

(Newser) - Nine months ago, a Canadian baby was born normal in every way but one: Wyatt Scott has a disorder that keeps him from opening his jaw, the CBC reports. The condition, called congenital trismus, is so rare that his Ottawa doctors still aren't sure how to help him. "... More »

6 Ways to Avoid Yellow Teeth

Keep your smile form scaring small children by avoiding these six dental mishaps

(Newser) - Nothing ruins a smile more then a set of filmy yellow teeth. Newsweek says you can keep your set sparkling by avoiding these habits:
  1. Constant coffee or tea sipping—stains teeth.
  2. Frequent snacking on sweets—increases the decay-causing bacteria in your mouth.
  3. Not drinking water after a meal—water washes
... More »

iPod Users Can Grin and Hear It

Hands-free controls for mp3 players give listeners' jaws a workout

(Newser) - New computerized headgear developed in Japan will allow commuters and other users who have their hands full to control their iPods by clenching their teeth. The infrared sensors are sensitive enough to distinguish gum-chewing and speech from the second-long clenches intended to skip a track or pause a song, AFP... More »

4 Stories