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Man Seems Unfazed to Be Hit by Double- Decker Bus

Simon Smith somehow escapes serious injury, strolls into pub

(Newser) - The British media is marveling at the resiliency of 53-year-old Simon Smith, and no wonder: CCTV video shows him being smashed by an out-of-control bus in the street, only to get up calmly and walk into a pub. Despite being thrown about 20 feet, Smith somehow suffered only bruises and... More »

Pub Irritates 'Entire Country' With 'Sacrilegious' Beer Pour

You just don't do that to a Guinness, Vancouver's Railtown Cafe has discovered

(Newser) - There are plenty of online resources for those looking to pour a perfect pint of Guinness this St. Patrick's Day, but it doesn't appear anyone behind the bar at Vancouver's Railtown Cafe did their due diligence. Per the CBC , the Canadian pub decided to advertise its celebrations... More »

Developer May Have to Rebuild Old Pub It Razed

London officials preparing unprecedented order after destruction

(Newser) - Those who rail against developers for valuing the almighty dollar over character can raise a glass to this story out of London: Local officials will try to force developers to rebuild an old pub they tore down without permission, reports the Evening Standard . It seems that Tel Aviv developer CLTX... More »

Pub Owner Hides Body to Keep Police Away

Jason Chidgey couldn't afford to lose weekend business, court hears

(Newser) - What if you're a pub owner who finds a dead body in the men's bathroom on a Friday? In South Wales, Jason Chidgey's answer was to allegedly hide the body in the upstairs bedroom until Tuesday—so police wouldn't shut him down for the weekend and... More »

Cameron Leaves 8-Year-Old at Pub

Bar staff takes care of Nancy

(Newser) - Shortly after leaving a pub yesterday afternoon, David Cameron realized he'd left something behind: his daughter. The British prime minister thought Nancy, 8, was with wife Samantha; Samantha thought the girl was in the car her husband was traveling in. In fact, she was in the bathroom, the Sun... More »

Ireland's Pubs Becoming Endangered Species

Rural bars closing by the dozen as recession bites

(Newser) - Irish-themed pubs are attracting drinkers from Anchorage to Abu Dhabi, but the real thing is in rapid decline in its homeland. The pub trade, particularly in the countryside, has been declining for years, due in part to a smoking ban and stricter drunk driving laws. Now, with high unemployment and... More »

US Lacks Good Local Pubs

If they exist, they're usually crowded and noisy

(Newser) - A trip to London has Ryan Avent lamenting the lack of good neighborhood pubs in the US. "That’s largely because it’s very difficult to open new bars," the Economist editor writes at his blog . "And the result is a pernicious feedback loop." Two few... More »

Pub Revelers Snowed In for 2 Days

'It was fun,' says tipsy student

(Newser) - A group of 47 revelers and storm refugees were finally rescued yesterday after spending two days snowed in at the highest elevation pub in England. Workers plowed through to some 30 students and teachers from nearby Leeds University and 17 stranded motorists holed up in Tan Hill on the Yorkshire-Durham... More »

Celtic Tiger Hangover Pounds Dublin Bars

Busted Celtic Tiger forces dozens of restaurants, nightclubs out of business

(Newser) - Once the poor man of Europe, Ireland rode a breathtaking economic boom that transformed Dublin into one of the region's swankiest capitals. But now that the Celtic Tiger has gone bust, the ambitious restaurants and exclusive lounges of the new Dublin are closing their doors. Cash and credit have dried... More »

As Biz Fizzles, UK Pubs Hit Last Call

Cash-strapped Brits hit up supermarkets for cheaper booze

(Newser) - A proud British tradition is going down the drain as debt squeezes the two chains that own one-third of UK pubs, the Wall Street Journal reports. Instead of heading to their local establishments, many British drinkers pick up booze with their groceries for about half the price they'd pay at... More »

So These Kids Walk Into a Bar (and Barflies Start Griping)

UK drinkers say brats put them off their pints

(Newser) - A smoking ban and an increasing trend of serving food have made Britain's pubs more family-friendly, but many drinkers are far from thrilled about sharing their watering hole with rowdy kids, the Times of London reports. The editors of the Good Pub Guide say complaints have soared about "baby... More »

Brits May Ban Free Drinks to Slow Staggering Booze Problem

Health warnings may replace ladies' night

(Newser) - The British government is considering banning the bar tradition of free drinks for women and other measures to combat the overwhelming problem of public drunkenness, the Guardian reports. Explicit alcohol health warnings in pubs and a ban on drinking games may also be enacted. Drinks should not be promoted as... More »

Preachy Bar Managers Stir Brewhaha

London bar flies revolt against lofty ideals of Christian couple

(Newser) - Praise the Lord and pass the beer—or at least that's the vision a devout Christian couple may have had for the London pub they were hired to manage. But patrons found the couple's preachy exhortations to prayer, Bible quizzes, and ban on cursing and gambling downright annoying. More »

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