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One Salmon Now Costs More Than a Barrel of Oil

Weird times we're living in

(Newser) - It's seemingly simple supply and demand that has led us to this point: We now live in a world where a 10-pound salmon is worth more than a barrel of crude oil, a Norwegian seafood-industry site reports, via Bloomberg . This "collapse" in the cost of crude, as Bloomberg... More »

War on Terror Nears $1 Trillion

And that doesn't count long-term costs

(Newser) - Washington's war on terror is about to cost $1 trillion, and even that is just the beginning, Mark Thompson writes in Time. Three recent government reports racked up the bills, showing that long-term costs like veterans health care and interest on loans are yet to come in. The trillion-dollar figure... More »

Top 10 Priciest Cars to Own

Mercedes takes top four spots on Forbes list

(Newser) - Gas prices may be sinking, but the owners of luxury and high-performance vehicles wouldn't know it. Factoring in $4-plus premium gas, depreciation, insurance, fees, and sales tax, some top cars cost double over a 5-year stretch what owners first paid. Forbes wheels out the priciest (including 5-year pricetag): More »

Long Journey Home From Iraq

A soldier's remains touches many

(Newser) - One soldier's death reveals more of America's pain more starkly than Iraqi war statistics ever could. So one reporter discovered as he followed the remains of Indiana native son Sgt. Robert Joe Montgomery from a pass near the Tigris to a funeral in Scottsburg, meeting all who suffered along the... More »

1st-Class Stamp Price to Rise 1¢

Postal service hikes cost more easily under new system

(Newser) - First-class snail mail will cost a penny more starting May 12, the US Postal Service announced today. Stamps are going up to 42¢, as is the Forever stamp, which was billed as a hedge against future first-class rate increases when it was introduced last year. The 41¢ Forevers will still... More »

How Much Does It Cost to Tie the Knot?

Stats mislead on average price of US weddings

(Newser) - The notion that Americans are blowing vast sums of money on weddings is debunked by the Numbers Guy at the Wall Street Journal. The figure is often touted that the average US wedding costs $30,000; in fact, it's closer to half that price. Carl Bialik says the surveys, distributed... More »

6 Stories