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I Can Has $30M? Cheezburger Raises Big Bucks

Ben Huh plans to 'hire, hire, hire'

(Newser) - Never underestimate the power of a funny cat: Cheezburger, the publisher of esteemed sites like LOLcats and FAIL Blog, has just raised $30 million in its first round of institutional funding. The money will allow Cheezburger to "hire, hire, hire," says founder Ben Huh, who plans to bulk... More »

Help! We're Being Killed by Cuteness

This is what happened to Japan after WWII, and it's terrible

(Newser) - There is an epidemic of cuteness in the country, Jim Windolf writes, symptomatic of our national desire to be loved and taken care of after 8 years of George W. Bush and a much-diminished standing in the world. The signs are everywhere: giggling babies, LOLcats, cupcakes, “cutegasms,” the... More »

Why Sharks Trump Cats

There's evidence well beyond just Cats , the musical

(Newser) - For the few torn between the two as a favorite animal, the Shark Guys sink their teeth into why sharks are better than cats. Some highlights:
  • When’s the last time you got a LOLSharks pic?
  • James Bond was never dropped into a cat-filled aquarium.
  • “Sharks taste good in
... More »

2 Much Kittehs on teh Interwebs; 1-Day Ban Planned

Can "9.9.09 — A Day Without Cats on the Internet" possibly fly?

(Newser) - Let’s face it: Cats own the Internet. But it’s getting a little much, and that’s why the Urlesque blog is organizing “9.9.09A Day Without Cats on the Internet.” The master plan calls for cats not to be mentioned, emailed, viewed, nor blogged... More »

What's In and Out for 2009

A new year, a new inane list of trends that are sure to look dumb by December

(Newser) - The New Year is here, and that means it’s time to clean out the cultural wardrobe. Hank Stuever of the Washington Post offers his annual take on things that are so last year, and others sure to be cool in the next 12 months:
  • Out: LOLcats
  • In: “Garfield
... More »

Why Tragik Lolcats Tug on Human Hartz

(Newser) - Lolcats are as funny as their fans believe, but it's the sadness of this kitty sub-genre that makes them special, Jay Dixit writes in Salon. On, which attracts millions of hits a month, lolcats yearn and comfort each other, inspiring a teary eye in us human visitors. There... More »


British paper turns Bush into laughing-out-loud stock

(Newser) - By now you’ve probably encountered “LOLcats,” the photos of cats with superimposed text designed to make people “laugh out loud,” as the kids say. Now, the fine folks at the Guardian have turned some highlights from President Bush’s visit to Beijing into “LOLBushes”... More »

They're In UR Computer, Fuelin a Trend

Animals + semiliterate captions = unstoppable online phenomenon

(Newser) - From humble origins—a photo of a hungry feline—the website "I Can Haz Cheezburger" has grown into a hot destination, seeding the Web with "LOLcats" and appalling grammar and spelling. The Journal tracks down founder Eric Nakagawa, who was out of work when inspiration struck and says... More »

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