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Why Ill. Hairdressers May Stare More Closely at Scalps

New law requires training so hairdressers can recognize signs of domestic abuse

(Newser) - The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence estimates that an incident in which one partner abuses another occurs once every 20 minutes in the US, which translates to more than 10 million incidents a year—and Illinois is hoping its hairdressers can now help those in peril, Yahoo Beauty reports. A... More »

Lawsuit: Salon Shampooing Caused Woman's Stroke

'It's shocking to think such a benign activity can kill you'

(Newser) - A California woman got a 10-minute shampoo at a beauty salon in 2013; two weeks later, she had a "massive" stroke, KGTV reports. Experts are blaming Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome. Sound far-fetched? It's apparently not. [It's] "definitely something that all neurologists know about," one doctor... More »

Salon Shooter's Wife Said He'd Threatened Her

Scott Dekraai suffered from PTSD following a boating accident

(Newser) - Michelle Marie Fournier was scared of her ex-husband, telling friends that he had abused her, threatened to kill her, and once held a gun to her head. “She told me, ‘I can’t believe I got involved in this. He is not right … He’s going to... More »

Suspected Salon Shooter in Bitter Custody Dispute

Witnesses say Scott Dekraai apparently targeted ex-wife

(Newser) - Tragic details are emerging from the shooting that left eight people dead and one critically wounded yesterday at a Seal Beach salon. Police have identified the alleged shooter as Scott Dekraai, 42, who they say was wearing body armor when they apprehended him a half-mile from the scene. Dekraai was... More »

8 Dead in Shooting at California Hair Salon

Another person wounded by gunman

(Newser) - Eight people were killed and another critically wounded today when a gunman opened fire in a busy hair salon, leaving victims' bodies scattered throughout the business in a normally sedate Southern California beach community. The gunman got into a car and drove away from Salon Meritage in Seal Beach. He... More »

NJ Scrubs Plan to Ban Brazilian Bikini Waxes

State smoothes out dispute over painful procedure

(Newser) - New Jersey has ripped up a plan to forbid the state's salons from offering Brazilian waxes, reports the Chicago Tribune. A state panel was moving towards banning the procedure—which involves the full removal of hair “down there”—after reports of injuries, but the state's consumer affairs chief... More »

Salon Changes Name From Ossama's to Obama's

(Newser) - A Chicago salon named Ossama’s Hair Design has seen a marked uptick in business after changing its name to Obama’s, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. “This is going to work for me for sure,” said Mike Elsheikh, the shop’s owner. “The name is absolutely making... More »

Gen X to Boomers: We Get It Now

With Obam's election, Gen X sees the political light

(Newser) - Sorry, boomers, for taking so long to drop the cynicism and eye-rolling, writes Heather Havrilesky in Salon. But to those who "became rational adults at the exact moment a reckless frat boy boomer became president," your generation's idealism and tales of '60s radicalism fell flat, she spills. Barack... More »

Advertisers Go for the Nose

It's not just perfume in magazines anymore

(Newser) - If you think scented advertising begins and ends with old-school scratch-and-sniff ads, brace yourself, and your nose, for a coming assault. It's sort of a double-whammy in the advertising world, Salon reports: Marketers are learning more every day about how smells hold sway over our emotions, and chemists can synthesize... More »

Pakistani Salon Hires Fire, Acid Attack Victims

Women 'stand on own two feet' after assaults by crazed men

(Newser) - Pakistani women disfigured by acid and fire attacks have found a second life—as beauticians, the AP reports. The head of a well-known Pakistani salon chain discovered 5 years ago how commonly women are maimed by crazed or spurned lovers. With the aid of an Italian surgical nonprofit, she has... More »

Shops Closed in Iran for Giving 'Un-Islamic' Do's

Part of crackdown that includes tattoos and scanty clothing

(Newser) - Western or unconventional styles are officially out in Iran, where police shuttered over a dozen barbershops in the past 2 weeks for giving “un-Islamic” haircuts. Such practices are forbidden thanks to an edict issued in April through the barber’s union. Eleven salons for women were also closed for... More »

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