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$50-a-Cup Coffee Made From Poop

Black Ivory Coffee is processed inside elephant stomachs

(Newser) - In the lush hills of northern Thailand, a herd of 20 elephants is excreting some of the world's most expensive coffee. Trumpeted as earthy in flavor and smooth on the palate, the exotic new brew is made from beans eaten by Thai elephants and plucked a day later from... More »

Starbucks Now Selling $7 Cup of Coffee

Customers want 'rare and exquisite' coffee, it says

(Newser) - Tired of paying $3 for a cup of coffee? You're in luck: Starbucks is now offering a $7 version—its most expensive blend ever. That's the price for a 16oz cup; a 12oz "tall" of Costa Rica Finca Palmilera will run you $6, while a half-pound bag... More »

New Java Gold: Home-Roasted Beans

Devotees swear by freshness of their coffee beans

(Newser) - For the serious coffee drinker, the new pot of java gold isn't found at the corner coffee shop: It's right in their own home, made from coffee beans they roasted themselves. The Wall Street Journal takes a look at the rise in those willing to endure the misfires... More »

Starbucks Rolls Out Single-Serve Espresso Maker

It's a gamble in a drip-coffee world

(Newser) - Desperate for a Starbucks latte? Now you won't have to make that arduous 15-foot journey to your nearest location. That's because the company has rolled out its single-serve espresso machine on its website; it'll hit Williams-Sonoma and other stores in early October and come to Starbucks' own... More »

Starbucks Plans Single-Serve Home Espresso Machines

Get ready for homemade lattes

(Newser) - Starbucks is expanding its venture into your home. First it offered instant coffee, then it launched K-cups of brewed coffee that work with Green Mountain Coffee's single-serving Keurig machines. Now the coffee chain is taking it up a notch: It's readying a single-serve espresso machine, enabling the chain'... More »

Good, Cheap Coffee Going Bye-Bye

Climate change to blame for rising prices

(Newser) - Sure climate change is scary, but now it's also making coffee more rare and expensive: "This is terrifying news," writes Alex Knapp in Forbes . "Coffee is my lifeblood." He started feeling withdrawal the moment he read "The End of Cheap Coffee" in Good Magazine... More »

NYC Cafe Introduces $12 Coffee

This cup o' joe is quite fancy

(Newser) - Attention coffee snobs: You have a new mecca. Starting today Café Grumpy in (where else?) New York will offer a $12 cup of coffee. That’s just coffee—not a cappuccino or a latte—so why the high price tag? “There are flavors you would expect in a really... More »

Keep That Designer Coffee Away From Me

Some people prefer the cheap stuff

(Newser) - Sadie Stein tried very hard to become a member of the coffee elite. First she went to the new "coffee meccas" in New York City, where she "drank cup after ceremoniously-prepared amber cup, even though I hated it." Then she attended a seminar on different roasts, hoping... More »

No 'Excellent' Coffee Blends: Consumer Reports

Testers blame pinched arabica supply for low-quality joe

(Newser) - No coffee blend available in the United States ranked “excellent” or even "very good" in this year's Consumer Reports testing. Thanks to limited supply of high-quality arabica beans from Colombia, the top ranking in the testing results out today is just “good.” Try Starbucks House Blend... More »

Coffee's 'Third Wave' Brews Some Fine Joe

This sure ain't Starbucks, so don't go in blind

(Newser) - Americans love their coffee, and if you’re among those who are way beyond Folgers and are starting to tire of chains like Starbucks and Peet’s, perhaps you’re ready for the so-called “third wave.” Cafés of this genre offer high-quality coffees—drip and espresso—often... More »

Recession? McDonald's Is Loving It

(Newser) - Now that the recession’s supposed to be just about over, it’s time to survey the battlefield and pick out winners, and nobody was a bigger winner than the Golden Arches, writes Daniel Gross for Slate. McDonald’s sales grew more in 2008 than in 2006 or 2007, and... More »

Economy Brews Change for Coffee Drinkers

Americans splurge on Starbucks less often, make joe at home

(Newser) - Still hitting Starbucks every day on your way to work? You’re in the minority. A recent survey found 60% of Americans buying less gourmet coffee as the economy has soured, reports Advertising Age. Starbucks’ loss has been Dunkin’ Donuts’ gain, allowing the company to expand into new markets as... More »

San Francisco Coffee Scene Heats Up

Next-gen roasters brew plans to tap premium market

(Newser) - Plans for tapping the premium coffee market are percolating in the Bay Area, the San Francisco Chronicle reports in an in-depth look at the new generation of roasters. Emphasizing freshness and preparation, next-gen roasters are building Northwest-inspired businesses that offer patrons ground-to-order $8 cups, or $9-$11 pots prepared by a... More »

Small-Town Coffee Purveyor Goes Grande

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is climbing, financially and socially

(Newser) - A success story is brewing in tiny-town Vermont, where a coffee roaster is supplying beans to 600 McDonald's restaurants across 50 states and 25 countries. The creator of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Bob Stiller, never imagined such a feat—nor the $121 million in sales last quarter—when he started... More »

Civet-Digested Beans Yield $99 Espresso

Rarest cup of coffee blends Jamaican, Indonesian products

(Newser) - You might look for a $99 espresso shot in a crowded Italian café before the second floor of a London department store. Yet it's the latter where you'll find the cup brewed from two of the world’s rarest coffee beans, one of which is sniffed out and,... More »

Starbucks to Pour Freebies

Execs hope new 'everyday' blend will boost soft sales

(Newser) - Starbucks will pour a new blend for free tomorrow (Tuesday) in an effort to rekindle customer love, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. The company is keeping the blend's ingredients—“subtle, rich flavors of cocoa and toasted nuts"—under wraps, and hopes it will boost sales as Starbucks faces fresh... More »

Starbucks Rolls Out Customer-Focused Changes

Loyalty card, new machines headline plans to jolt coffee giant

(Newser) - A customer-loyalty card, a new website and upgraded brewing machines highlighted changes in store at Starbucks, the Wall Street Journal reports, with CEO Howard Schultz using today's annual meeting to re-focus the firm on quality of customer experience. The card will offer rewards for regulars at the coffee giant, which... More »

Why Fork Over $11,000 for a Coffee Machine?

'Clover addict' thinks it could change how we think about our joe

(Newser) - A cup of coffee brewed with 16 ounces of water at 203 degrees for 44 seconds? Coming right up. The brouhaha over the $11,000 Clover 1s—the ultra-high-tech machine that brews one cup at a time—makes sense, Paul Adams writes in Slate. After two hours test-driving the built-to-order... More »

Starbucks Testing $2.50 Cup of Brew

Slumping company looks to both high-end and low-end products

(Newser) - Struggling with its first major sales slump, Starbucks hopes to lure back customers with a $2.50 cup of luxury coffee. The company hopes to find a high-end niche among serious coffee aficionados with the new brew, made in an $11,000 gizmo similar to a French press, Bloomberg reports.... More »

New McD's Menu Muscles In on Starbucks

Fast-food giant adds baristas, fancy coffee, $1B in sales

(Newser) - You’ll be able to get cappuccinos, lattes, and frappes from a certified barista beneath the Golden Arches this fall, reports the Wall Street Journal, as McDonald's takes on Starbucks. It’s the fast-food behemoth's biggest menu addition in 30 years, and the company expects it to bring in $1... More »

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