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Judge to Loughlin in Bribery Case: You Can Go

The Hollywood actor is released on $1M bond

(Newser) - A federal judge says Full House actress Lori Loughlin can be released after posting $1 million bond in a case in which she and her husband are accused of paying bribes to get their daughters into college, the AP reports. Loughlin stood with her lawyer in the Los Angeles courtroom... More »

Prosecutor Says Cruz's Brother Has 'All the Same Flags'

Cops are trying to block him from possessing a gun

(Newser) - A Florida state law passed in the wake of the Parkland school shooting could be used to keep the suspected shooter's brother from getting his hands on a gun. Zachary Cruz, the 18-year-old brother of Nikolas Cruz, was arrested on trespassing charges Monday after he was seen skateboarding at... More »

Suspect in Virginia Murder Denied Bond

Jeff Sessions calls the fatal car attack in Charlottesville 'domestic terrorism'

(Newser) - A judge in Charlottesville, Va., has denied bond for an Ohio man accused of plowing his car into a crowd at a white nationalist rally, reports the AP . Judge Robert Downer said during a bond hearing Monday he would appoint a lawyer for James Alex Fields Jr. The 20-year-old is... More »

Judge Set This Man's Bail at $4B to Make a Point

Claudia Brown says our approach to bail has gotten ridiculous

(Newser) - Antonio Willis is likely to be in jail a while after a Texas justice of the peace set what might be the largest bond in US history. The $4 billion bond is certainly the highest ever in Bell County, where Willis, 25, is accused of killing Donte Samuels. However, the... More »

Applause as $1M Bond Set for Cop Charged With Murder

Judge admonishes courtroom to settle down during Ray Tensing arraignment

(Newser) - A plea of "not guilty" in Ohio's Hamilton County Courthouse went routinely this morning for ex-University of Cincinnati officer Ray Tensing, charged in the shooting death of motorist Samuel DuBose , reports. But when Judge Megan Shanahan set Tensing's bond at $1 million, the courtroom burst... More »

Zimmerman Ordered Bulletproof Vest Last Year

And infrared home-security gear, all while on bond

(Newser) - Police records released yesterday are painting a picture of George Zimmerman's period on bond, and they contain some interesting details. The neighborhood watchman ordered a bulletproof vest and an infrared home security system, the AP reports. A police supply sales representative told officials about the order; Zimmerman told them... More »

Judge: Freed Defendant Must Write Book Reports

He is required to read for an hour a day

(Newser) - A northern California man has been released on bond—provided he's willing to keep up his reading. Otis Mobley, 23, was indicted after allegedly offering to sell a grenade launcher to an undercover official; authorities say Mobley and two others planned to rob the agent. The judge says the... More »

Rising at Last, Ground Zero Tower Faces New Hurdle

Investors take issue with bond sale; could delay building once again

(Newser) - After seemingly interminable delays, a new World Trade Center tower is finally rising—but now it’s encountering new financial problems. An institutional investor group is holding up the $1.3 billion bond sale that would finance the construction of Tower 4 for fear it could hurt the value of... More »

Nicolas Cage Gets Bailed Out By...

Dog the Bounty Hunter, who doesn't think he'll have to hunt down actor

(Newser) - In a case of reality not imitating "art," Dog the notorious bounty hunter bailed actor Nicolas Cage out of jail. Reality star Duane "Dog" Chapman posted Cage's $11,000 bond after he was charged with domestic abuse and disturbing the peace over the weekend in New... More »

Fed Extends Bond Program

Shrugs off good economic news, says employment still in trouble

(Newser) - The Federal Reserve unanimously agreed to extend its $600 billion Treasury bond-purchase program today, saying the economy isn't growing fast enough to lower unemployment. The decision came from a new lineup of voting members that includes two officials who have criticized the bond purchases. They have said the purchases could... More »

Warren Sapp Charged With Domestic Battery

Former NFL great loses Super Bowl announcing gig after arrest

(Newser) - Warren Sapp has made bail but won't be analyzing the Super Bowl for the NFL Network after being arrested and charged with domestic battery in the alleged choking of his girlfriend in a Miami Beach hotel. Sapp, a defensive lineman who starred at the University of Miami before playing 13... More »

Rip Torn Freed on Bail, Bound for Rehab

After alleged bank break-in, actor due back in court Feb. 17

(Newser) - Rip Torn appeared in court in Connecticut today to face charges related to an alleged bank break-in Friday evening and was released on $100,000 bond. The 78-year-old actor will enter alcohol rehab as soon as possible, his lawyer said. The numerous charges against him include burglary, trespassing, and carrying... More »

Judge Revokes Stanford Bond

(Newser) - A US district judge today revoked bond for Texas financier R. Allen Stanford, who's charged with swindling investors out of $7 billion. David Hittner approved a request by prosecutors to overturn a magistrate judge's decision to allow Stanford freed on $500,000 bond pending his trial. Prosecutors argued that Stanford's... More »

Fed Moves Street; Dow Up 91

Plan to buy Treasuries, mortgage-backed securities stirs stocks

(Newser) - Stocks slumped today until the announcement of the Federal Reserve’s plans to buy billions in Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities, which caused a minor rally in equities, the Wall Street Journal reports. Treasury prices surged and yields plummeted. The Dow gained 90.88 to close at 7,486.58. The... More »

Next Bubble May Be in Treasuries

But the rest of the bond market is attractively priced

(Newser) - As the credit and stock markets collapsed, investors rushed to Treasuries as the safest possible bet. But the rush to safety could be fueling a bubble, writes Andrew Bary for Barrons. Yields have been plummeting, with 10-year notes at 2.4% and three-month bills selling last week for 0.05%.... More »

Cash-Squeezed States Warn of Collapsing Infrastructure

Fed stimulus eyed as municipal bonds wither

(Newser) - Thousands of infrastructure projects across the country are on hold as states wrestle with budget crises, the New York Times reports. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger warned yesterday that California was “on a track toward disaster" as school, bridge, and road construction projects ceased, the victims of the credit squeeze and... More »

Judge Says Detroit Mayor Can See Sis

Kilpatrick ducks another night in jail as court rejects violation

(Newser) - Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick dodged another visit to jail this morning when a judge ruled that his weekend contact with his sister was not a violation of the terms of his bond, even though she was present at the incident that got him into trouble in the first place. The... More »

$10M Bond Allows Guru to Leave US

'Swami Ji' follower puts up cash after sex charges in Texas

(Newser) - A Hindu guru charged with groping two underage girls will be permitted to leave the country, despite 20 counts of indecency, after a follower put up $10 million to guarantee his return. Given how much money's involved, the arrangement to allow Prakashanand Saraswati—known as Swami Ji—passage to India... More »

Investors Urge Reluctant Fed to Buy Mortgage Debt

Critics say plan would put too much risk on taxpayers

(Newser) - The best way for the Fed to help reverse the sagging economy is for it to buy some of the $6 trillion in outstanding mortgage-backed securities that have Wall Street so nervous, investors say. The move would ease the credit crunch but put taxpayers at risk. It’s an option... More »

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