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Harvard Loses Top Spot in College Rankings

But US schools clean up

(Newser) - Hang your head in shame, Crimson alums: After eight years on top, Harvard sank to a lowly second on the Times Higher Education ’s list of the world’s top 400 universities. Harvard was displaced by the California Institute of Technology (aka Caltech), thanks to its “consistent results... More »

College Team Breaks 26-Year Losing Streak

CalTech's basketball squad finally wins a conference game

(Newser) - California Institute of Technology's sports teams are no strangers to losing. The baseball team has lost more than 400 consecutive conference games, and the women’s volleyball team hasn’t earned a single conference win since its inception in 2000, notes FailureMag . But yesterday, CalTech’s men’s basketball team... More »

Colleges That Pay Off

These schools offer a good return on investment

(Newser) - Which colleges pay off? PayScale crunched the numbers to compute the best returns on investment—by comparing the cost of a degree against what its students earn upon graduation—and Huffington Post rounds up the best of the bunch:
  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: annual ROI: 12.6%; 30-year ROI: $1.
... More »

2 Killed as Earthquake Rattles Baja, SoCal

Quake centered near Mexicali, Baja

(Newser) - Two people were killed and at least 100 injured when a 7.2 earthquake struck Mexico and rocked southern California. The quake occurred before dawn and toppled buildings in the border town of Mexicali, in Baja some, 220 miles southeast of Los Angeles. It was the largest temblor on the... More »

West Point Tops Best Colleges List

(Newser) - The US Military Academy tops the new Forbes list of top colleges, leapfrogging five places to bump Princeton out of the top spot. In the second annual ranking, another service academy, the Air Force's, lands in seventh place on a list that places schools according to "the quality of... More »

Computers Goofed by 6,000 Miles on Quake

Russian quake mistaken for California tremor

(Newser) - A huge earthquake under the ocean in one of the most remote parts of the planet was erroneously detected by US computers yesterday as tremors in California and Idaho, reports the Los Angeles Times. The US Geological Survey's National Earthquake Information Center corrected the error within minutes, but the goof-up... More »

New 'Lucky' System Takes Clearest-Ever Space Pics

Images are twice as sharp as Hubble's

(Newser) - A ground-based optics system has been developed that can take pictures of space twice as sharp as those from the Hubble Telescope. The system uses advanced light detection chips and calculates when the atmosphere is least distorting, the BBC reports. The system gathers together the clear pictures and eliminates distortions... More »

7 Stories