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Delta Adds WiFi to Whole Fleet

Become first major airline to wirelessly enable its entire fleet by 2009

(Newser) - Unholster your Blackberry and sharpen your stylus; Delta will become the first major airline to offer Internet access across its entire 330-plane fleet by next summer, the Wall Street Journal reports, driven by the proliferation of handheld wireless devices and a desire among business passengers to keep working. Delta surveyed... More »

Vacation Too Pricey? Try the Staycation

Strapped would-be travelers get creative in turning home into exotic destination

(Newser) - Some Americans aren’t letting high fuel prices and a weak dollar get in the way of travel plans, the Wall Street Journal finds. Wannabe wayfarers are taking the “staycation”—a holiday spent at home—to new heights of creativity, with one Bronx woman swapping a trip to... More »

Today's Hitchhikers Fly by Cushy Private Jet

High society fliers take rides with friendly billionaires

(Newser) - Today’s brand of hitchhiker isn't on a street corner thumbing rides, but at airports that serve cushy private planes, the New York Times reports. Seeking the prestige and elation of flying in a $40 million jet, these riders reserve seats with friendly billionaires. “There are a lot of... More »

Laos Tops List of 53 Hot Spots

The 53 must-see tourist destinations of 2008

(Newser) - The New York Times has anointed the top 53 tourist destinations for 2008, and some are a walk on the wild side.
  1. Laos: Because Vietnam is so over
  2. Lisbon: It's Europe, but affordable, and up-and-coming on the cultural map
  3. Tunisia: The next North African watering hole for luxury travelers
  4. Mauritius:
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World Gets Wise to Jetsetters

Hotels, airports, work to please mobile businessmen

(Newser) - With laptops roughly as common as toaster ovens, business people are ready to work anywhere. Now, hotels and airports are scrambling to make sure anywhere is ready for them, the Times reports. Studying jetsetter habits, hotels are putting outlets in easy reach, attaching desks to beds and chairs, and most... More »

Swanky Hotels Kiss Gideons Goodbye

Upscale facilities doing away with nightstand Bibles

(Newser) - While you'll still find that copy of the New Testament waiting in lower-tier hotel and motel rooms, the Bible is slowly checking out of luxury hotels and resorts, ABC News reports.  The number of upscale hotels putting the Gospels by the bedside has dropped 18 percent since 2001. "... More »

8 Girls-Only Retreats

Forget trips for two— grab a group of gal pals for these fun getaways

(Newser) - More and more women are traveling alone or with their gal pals, industry figures show. MSNBC suggests these getaways that cater specifically to women:
  1. Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, Mexico
  2. Northwest Women's Surf Camp, Seaside, Ore.
  3. River's Edge Kayak & Canoe Trips, Healdsburg, Calif.
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7 Stories