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T-Mobile May Beat Verizon to iPhone

Verizon's alliance with Google an obstacle for Apple

(Newser) - Competition from Google's Droid platform may stall the Verizon-Apple marriage, meaning the iPhone will wind up branching out to T-Mobile first. With AT&T's exclusive deal near an end, furious speculation about which provider will be the next to offer Apple's signature device has focused on Verizon. But two industry... More »

Have Some Malware With That Smartphone App

Malware sneaks in to smartphone software stores

(Newser) - The millions of apps available online have greatly expanded smartphones' capabilities—but at the price of security, cybercrime experts say. Google, Research in Motion, and Apple have all had to pull malicious or deceptive applications from their stores, but not before some had already been downloaded by scores of users,... More »

Google Scraps China Phone Launch

And Chinese fire back in dispute over censorship

(Newser) - Google has canceled tomorrow's launch of its mobile phone in China, a casualty of the company's standoff with the government over Internet censorship and hacking. A Google spokeswoman wouldn’t comment on the postponement, but it comes the same day the Chinese government made its first comment on Google’s... More »

Users Already Grousing About Google Phones

Lack of support helpline irks Nexus One users

(Newser) - The honeymoon for Google's Nexus One smartphone lasted under a week for many users. Support forums are already filled with critics complaining about various problems, especially connectivity issues. The biggest problem, though, appears to be that many users aren't clear on which company is supposed to answer their questions and... More »

Google Unveils Nexus One

It will cost $529, or $179 if you sign up with T-Mobile

(Newser) - Google lifted the veil on its much anticipated smartphone today. Consumers will be able to buy the Nexus One for $179 if they commit to a two-year service contract with T-Mobile at $80 a month. For those who want to pick their own wireless network, the so-called "unlocked" version... More »

Google Poised to Unveil Nexus One

Smartphone launch expected at 'event' today

(Newser) - The eyes of the tech world swing over to Google HQ today, where the search engine is expected to roll out its much-anticipated Nexus One "superphone." Google has stayed tight-lipped about the phone—confirming only that handsets have been handed out to employees for testing—leaving the industry... More »

Unlocked Google Phone Will Set You Back $530: Leak

Gadget $180 on 2-year T-Mobile contract

(Newser) - Google’s upcoming phone will cost users $530 unlocked and unsubsidized—or $180 with a 2-year T-Mobile contract, Gizmodo reports from leaked documents. The tech firm will sell its new gadget itself, and sources tell TMO News that it will go on sale January 5 at 9am, There’s just... More »

Google Phone's Hardware Rules

Nexus' CPU will be twice as fast as the Droid's

(Newser) - Google’s secretive, much-hyped Nexus One is going to have some real horsepower under its hood. The fine hackers over at TheseAreTheDroids have pored over a leaked ROM of the new phone’s software to figure out what hardware will be in it, and the news is all good. The... More »

Why Google Phone Won't Be a Game Changer

Platform-exclusive features just aren't in the company's DNA

(Newser) - The Google phone, Nexus One, “is a real looker” and probably runs a great version of Android, Farhad Manjoo writes, but all the breathless predictions about its revolutionary impact on the market ignore the core principles of the company that makes it. First off, “Google doesn’t care... More »

Secret Google Phone Is Real—Really

It's rumored to be a VoIP-only device made by Samsung or LG

(Newser) - The “Google Phone” is real—no matter what Google has said—it’s coming next year, and it may be VoIP only. Or at least, that’s the rumor. Michael Arrington of TechCrunch says he’s “absolutely confirmed” the phone’s existence. Google will be have another company... More »

iPhone Competitors Close In on Apple

(Newser) - Until recently, the iPhone ruled the smartphone roost, but a new crop of competitors could threaten Apple’s bottom line, Jon Fortt writes for Fortune. AT&T, the sole iPhone carrier, pays Apple $300 for every new customer. Until now, paying for the privilege made sense, because AT&T monopolized... More »

Big Dreams for Android Aren't Just Google's

Operating system looks to potential well beyond phones: Malik

(Newser) - Google’s release of the code for its Android operating system today—a day before the G1 phone hits stores—paves the path for transformation of the cell-phone industry and beyond, Om Malik writes on GigaOm. As coders enhance Android and develop add-ons, either for existing devices or new ones,... More »

Google G1: Nice Try, But No iPhone

Gadget impresses but won't keep Apple up nights

(Newser) - Google's upcoming G1 is the first real rival to the iPhone, but the different gadgets "are likely to attract different types of users," Walt Mossberg writes in the Wall Street Journal. Making phone calls was a lot easier on the G1, which worked great with Google services, Mossberg... More »

Google's Debut 'Not Just Another iPhone Clone'

Android-based Dream will include physical, other features missing from Apple hit

(Newser) - The long-anticipated Google phone debuts today, and it’s “not just another iPhone clone,” Anita Hamilton writes in Time. The $179 HTC Dream from T-Mobile is the first handheld to run Android, Google’s mobile platform offering 3G connectivity and a similar application-driven interface. But the Dream offers... More »

Google Will Unveil Android Phone Next Week

First glance at iPhone competitor

(Newser) - Google’s hyped Android phone will make its debut next week in New York, the Los Angeles Times reports. Google and T-Mobile—the gadget's first carrier—plan a press conference  to show off the handset, a new rival for the iPhone and Blackberry. The "G1” won’t go on... More »

Google's Smartphone Slated for This Fall

The search-giant's Android operating system to rival Apple's

(Newser) - Google’s long-rumored Android-powered smartphone could have customers surfing the Web and chatting by as early as October, the New York Times reports. The gadget, the product of a partnership between T-Mobile and HTC, is expected to challenge Apple’s iPhone and other smartphones that offer PC-like functions as well... More »

Google Phones Running Behind Schedule

Issues with Android software will delay launch to 4th quarter

(Newser) - It turns out revolutionizing the mobile-phone industry isn’t as easy as Google thought it would be. The first phones to bear the search giant’s much-anticipated Android platform won’t ship until the fourth quarter, the Wall Street Journal reports, because carriers are having trouble customizing the software. Many... More »

Google Phone Rumors Swirl

ARM to show prototype at Mobile World Congress: source

(Newser) - The public will finally get to see Google’s Android cellphone platform in action at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, a source told Reuters. British chip maker ARM will show the prototype, the source said, though ARM and Google declined comment. The first phones and services based on... More »

Android Bugs Developers

Google's mobile phone software is proving to be tough to work with

(Newser) - Google may have millions of answers, but software developers say the company’s ballyhooed mobile phone software, Android, misses the mark. “It’s clearly not ready for primetime,” says one Seattle-based designer who’s struggled for weeks with bugs and poor documentation, reports the Wall Street Journal. He’... More »

Google's Grand Plan for National Cell Phone Network

Eyes major airwaves grab for phone system

(Newser) - Internet giant Google wants to reshape the wireless world, and its plans reach far beyond the cell phone software the company introduced last week. At a Federal Communications Commission auction in January, the company may make a $4.6 billion solo bid to buy airwaves to run its own national... More »

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