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Ky. Coach: I Knew Nada of Sex Parties for Recruits

Pitino pleads ignorance on ex-escort's claims of staffer-paid stripper, sex parties

(Newser) - Five former players and recruits for the University of Louisville's men's basketball team say they went to campus dorm parties that included strippers and sex and were paid for by the Cardinals' ex-player and staffer Andre McGee, ESPN reports. Their admissions lend credibility to ex-escort Katina Powell, who... More »

California: 'Measles Parties' Are Downright Dangerous

Health officials say intentionally exposing kids to disease is unwise

(Newser) - Are "measles parties"—where parents purposely expose unvaccinated kids to infected ones to build up immunity—a good idea? Some parents say yes, but California public health officials say absolutely not, the Los Angeles Times reports. According to a KQED blog post , Marin County mom Julie Schiffman received... More »

Cops Sound Alarm on Project X Parties

Teens inspired by film taking over homes for parties

(Newser) - Police are warning homeowners and parents of teenagers to ward off wild parties inspired by the destructive blowout featured in the movie Project X. Teens have taken over at least three vacant California mansions recently. Police found a DJ, drugs and booze when some 400 teens commandeered an empty $5... More »

7 Smart Things to Say at Your Oscar Party

Before Billy Crystal even comes on, you can impress your friends

(Newser) - Heading to an Oscar bash tonight where you fear you'll be a mere novice among Academy Award freaks? Time rounds up a few talking points that can make you look smart:
  1. While opening credits roll: “I want to see how the heck Billy Crystal works Extremely Loud &
... More »

10 Classy and Classic New Year's Eve Party Ideas

Champagne glass towers and punch, please!

(Newser) - Want to usher in 2011 in a memorable fashion? Look to, oh, 1921 for inspiration. Lesley M M Blume reminds us that "there are still plenty of sublime, old-fashioned, glamorous amusements that we can import from bygone eras" to help us ring in the new year. She looks back,... More »

New Hangover Remedies

Gatorade just not cutting it? Try one of these.

(Newser) - If you drank too much eggnog at the office holiday party, never fear: The Frisky has six hangover cures you might not have tried yet. A sampling:
  • Sprayology: With the tagline, “Spray it in your mouth!” how can you go wrong? Plus, this $20 “party relief formula”
... More »

Kabul Embassy Fires 8 Guards Over Nude Parties

(Newser) - The US Embassy in Afghanistan says it has fired eight security guards following allegations of lewd behavior and sexual misconduct at their living quarters. The management team of the private contractor that provides the guards is also "being replaced immediately," officials at the Kabul embassy said today. The... More »

Cannes: From Class to Crass

Festival has more alcohol, drugs, sex than films

(Newser) - The name “Cannes” once conjured up images of Hollywood glamor and French sophistication, but no more. The film festival has turned into a marathon of binge drinking and sleazy sex, attended by high-heeled, fake-tanned partiers who are “not interested in the films, only the party scene,” one... More »

Playboy Names Miami Top Party School

Runners-up: Texas, San Diego State, Florida

(Newser) - Promising to make the ranking an annual tradition, Playboy today named its top 10 US party schools, using an algorithm weighing hot temperatures, guy-girl ratio, empty rooms available for sex, and even GPA. “Think of this as a BCS rating, but unlike the BCS we welcome your input,”... More »

Obama Shrewdly Opens Up White House, Boogies Down

(Newser) - When Barack Obama invited Stevie Wonder and 150 music lovers to the White House for a concert, it wasn’t just an excuse to hang out with a favorite musician. It was part of a carefully crafted political strategy to open up the White House, the New York Times reports.... More »

Party's About to Start for Obamas' Social Secretary

Desirée Rogers brings tradition and inclusiveness to the party

(Newser) - As White House social secretary, Desirée Rogers will not only organize all social events and ceremonies, she'll help people imagine what Barack Obama’s presidency represents. Catching up with the “the most eligible woman in Washington" for Vogue, William Norwich finds the former Chicago businesswoman and Obama... More »

Getting Drunk Stumbles Out of Style

In New York, fashion may "trump addiction"

(Newser) - Once upon a time, a New York party showcased plenty of drunken antics; now, in the city that produced Zelda Fitzgerald, people just don't get sloshed anymore because it’s not stylish, Susan Cheever posits in the New York Times. “If alcoholism is an addiction—which it is—how... More »

Caviar Out, Meatloaf In for Holiday Parties

Grinch strikes everyone from companies to 'sensitive' socialites

(Newser) - The bleak economic outlook is making for a lean holiday party season in New York, the New York Times reports. Big companies are cutting or drastically scaling back their normally lavish annual bashes. Socialites—especially those close to the finance industry—are throwing lower-key parties, forgoing cut flowers, and serving... More »

Forget Tupperware, Gold Parties Are In

Cash-strapped consumers flock to parties featuring wine, nibbles, and cash for gold

(Newser) - Gold parties are taking off nationwide as Americans squeezed by the economy seek extra cash, Marketwatch reports. Partygoers bring along any unwanted gold jewelry they have lying around the house, sip wine and chat while it is appraised by experts, and leave with money in hand. Many go home with... More »

College Uses Facebook to Police Student Parties

Seattle U cites warns students who break the rules

(Newser) - A Seattle school is tracking student parties through Facebook and threatening students who break the rules, the Seattle Times reports. Seattle University recently scrapped a party where men were to wear flipped-up collars, and women Victoria's Secret or Abercrombie and Fitch. "You will be held responsible" for hosting a... More »

Kate, Lance Light It Up at Cannes

New couple makes a splash at Dolce & Gabbana party

(Newser) - Among the glitterati packing it in at Cannes was "so cute" couple Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong—liplocked at Dolce & Gabbana's annual bash, People reports. "They were beaming at each other," a source said. The pair hit up the dance floor, rocking to '80s classics, and... More »

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