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Ivanka Eats With Chinese Prez, Gets Chinese Trademarks

Critics worry Ivanka Trump is mixing business and politics

(Newser) - On the same day Ivanka Trump sat down for dinner with the Chinese president at Mar-a-Lago, her company got approval from the Chinese government for trademarks to sell jewelry, spa services, and bags, the AP reports. That same week, 3.4 tons of her company's bags, wallets, and blouses... More »

Judge: Cancel Trademark Registrations for Redskins

Says NFL team name is offensive to Native Americans

(Newser) - Matthew McConaughey doesn't think there's anything wrong with the Washington Redskins' name or logo, but many others, including a federal judge, disagree. Judge Gerald Bruce Lee put out a 70-page ruling today that orders the US Patent and Trademark Office to cancel all registrations for the NFL team'... More »

New Object of Chick-fil-A's Ire: Kale T-Shirts

Trademark Office not buying Vermont guy's bid to patent 'Eat More Kale'

(Newser) - First, Chick-fil-A flapped its way into the gay marriage debate , and now the fast-food giant is again throwing down—this time with a Vermont artist who makes "Eat More Kale" T-shirts. Chick-fil-A contends that the slogan, though spelled correctly, is too close to its own “Eat Mor Chikin”... More »

Lin Seeks to Trademark 'Linsanity'

Meanwhile, the Knicks' streak finally ends

(Newser) - "Linsanity," the exciting play of unlikely basketball hero Jeremy Lin, may belong to the world, but "Linsanity" the word, that belongs to Jeremy Lin—or so says Lin. The newest New York Knick star has applied for a trademark on the term with the US Patent and... More »

Charlie Sheen Seeks to Trademark Catchphrases

'Duh, Winning' and more could be on cellphones, pet foods, slot machines

(Newser) - Get ready for pens, pet food, and drinks emblazoned with your favorite Charlie Sheen phrases—from “duh, winning!” to “Adonis DNA” to “rock star from Mars.” A firm associated with the actor has applied for trademarks on no less than 22 of the phrases made... More »

9 Worst Attempts to Create Company Trademarks

Sometimes, trademarking a phrase or image isn't a great idea

(Newser) - Protecting one's brand is a cardinal rule of business, but sometimes attempts to trademark phrases and the like seem off the mark. 24/7WallSt rounds up nine of what it sees as the most absurd:
  • Nintendo, "It's On Like Donkey Kong:" The video game company wants to own rights
... More »

D'Oh!: 17 Sounds You Know

Trademarks, can you hear them now?

(Newser) - Harley-Davidson's attempt to trademark its “Hog Call” V-twin engine sound stalled, but about 300 sounds have made the cut. Mental Floss sounds off on the 17 best-known:
  1. The first trademarked sound: NBC’s chimes, the notes G, E, C
  2. MGM’s lion’s roar
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M&M's Maker Countersues Naked Cowboy

NYC tourist fave can't own topless look, company says

(Newser) - The maker of M&M's isn’t sitting still while the Naked Cowboy tries to serenade his way into its corporate pocketbook, the New York Post reports. Yesterday Mars Inc. fired a copyright-infringement suit at the musical cowpoke, a fixture at Times Square who had sued Mars, saying the company... More »

Tiffany Presses eBay to Police Forgeries

Showdown may force online auctioneer to monitor—at a big cost

(Newser) - A legal battle between Tiffany & Co and eBay could change the face of online auctioneering forever, the Wall Street Journal reports. The jeweler says eBay should be responsible for checking its millions of listings for counterfeit goods, while eBay maintains that it's up to the trademark holder to flag... More »

Chinese Translation Ours, Company Tells Google

Beijing outfit wants search engine to pick new Far East moniker, pay damages

(Newser) - A Beijing company has sued Google over the search engine’s Chinese name, insisting it registered “Guge” first—and that the Californians should pick a new Far East handle. Beijing Guge Sci-Tech says it claimed the name in April 2006, while its nominal American competition didn’t make its... More »

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