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Viral Anti-Terrorism Ad: 'Bomb Delusion With Truth'

Telecom firm in Kuwait planned music video to launch at start of Ramadan

(Newser) - As the Muslim holy month of Ramadan kicked off over the weekend, so, too, did an ad by a telecom company in Kuwait tackling terrorism. CNN reports on Zaid's three-minute music video , which has so far amassed more than 3.6 million views, showing a suicide bomber being confronted... More »

Tillerson Breaks With Tradition on Ramadan

Secretary of state declines to host event

(Newser) - Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has done things a bit differently from the start, and Reuters reports on his latest break from tradition: Though Tillerson issued a statement Friday to mark the start of Islam's holy month of Ramadan, officials tell Reuters he declined a request from the State... More »

ISIS Boasts About Killings, Braces for Collapse

Group vows to fight on even if every scrap of territory is lost

(Newser) - ISIS, which measures success in the number of people its followers kill in bloody atrocities around the world, says it had a very successful Ramadan. In the latest issue of its al-Naba magazine, the group boasts that it killed or injured 5,200 people in 14 "military operations" during... More »

Stampede for Free Clothes Leaves at Least 23 Dead

Dozens injured after clothing giveaway at Bangladesh factory

(Newser) - What should have been a generous charity event turned deadly today when hundreds of people stormed a free clothing giveaway, leaving at least 23 dead and dozens injured in Bangladesh, the AP reports. A senior police official says that toll could rise, since "some people had taken the bodies... More »

Your Christmas Lights Are Visible From Space

US cities grow up to 50% brighter around the holidays

(Newser) - You're helping make the world a brighter place just by switching on your Christmas lights. New data shows many US cities brighten by 20% to 50% between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, and it's all visible from space, Wired reports. A research team used a NASA-NOAA satellite... More »

Gitmo Detainees Sue, Cite Hobby Lobby

Hunger striking detainees want to participate in Ramadan prayers

(Newser) - Just how slippery a slope did the Supreme Court lay out in its controversial Hobby Lobby decision? Lawyers for two Guantanamo Bay detainees aim to find out. In a legal motion last week, they demanded that courts step in and order the detention facility to allow their clients to pray... More »

How Do Soccer Players Survive Ramadan Fasting?

Better than you think they might

(Newser) - Some players find it impossible to get through 90 minutes of World Cup soccer without having a little on-field snack , but what about those who are fasting from sun-up til sundown? Soccer's biggest tourney intersects with Ramadan for the first time since 1986, and Vox takes a look... More »

Gitmo Hunger Strikers Have Eaten: Officials

But that doesn't mean the strike is over: Lawyers

(Newser) - The Guantanamo hunger strike may be coming to an end, with 99 of the 102 hunger strikers reportedly eating on Friday, according to military officials, the Washington Post reports. But were they really ending their strike or just pausing for Ramadan? Gitmo spokesman Captain Robert Durand says most of the... More »

Mos Def Attempts Force-Feeding in Gitmo Protest

He's unable to complete the process

(Newser) - As force-feeding of 44 detainees continues at Guantanamo, Islamic leaders are calling on the US to halt the process during Ramadan, which begins today. (The prison has said it will perform the force-feeding at night during the holy month.) To underscore the point, actor and rapper Yasiin Bey, also... More »

Ramadan Fasting Fueling Afghan Attacks on Troops

Coalition commander suggests it could be raising stress

(Newser) - First Hamid Karzai suggested the attacks by Afghan forces on US troops and other allies were really occurring at the hands of " foreign spies ." Now American and Afghan officials are suggesting a surprising alternative: Ramadan. Officials say it isn't the main cause; however, they believe that the... More »

Pizza Hut Riles Pakistan, Scraps All-You-Can-Eat Ramadan Deal

It wants to curb 'gluttony'

(Newser) - A weird case of colliding cultures: Pizza Hut has apparently angered Pakistanis by the thousands after pulling an all-you-can-eat deal during Ramadan, reports the Telegraph . In previous years, families would flock to the chain's restaurants for their evening meal after a day of fasting, often scarfing down multiple pizzas... More »

56 Killed in Blasts Across Iraq

Dozens wounded; explosions end weeks of relative peace

(Newser) - Bombs struck more than a dozen Iraqi cities this morning, killing 56 and wounding dozens more. The coordinated explosions mark the first major violence in a comparatively peaceful month of Ramadan, the AP notes; the violence comes as as officials debate whether to maintain a US presence in the country... More »

Whole Foods Dishes Up Ramadan Tempest

Company embraces Muslim customers ... at first

(Newser) - Whole Foods has ended up with egg on its face after first touting Ramadan then running scared. The company decided to promote some of its halal foods for the Muslim holy month—then backed off when it was ripped by anti-Muslim bloggers. "Ramadan is fast approaching, and I'm... More »

Somali Militants Launch Ramadan Offensive

Despite deadly famine, al-Shabab forces attack Mogadishu

(Newser) - For the fifth straight year, Islamic militant group al-Shabab used the start of Ramadan to launch attacks in Somalia, reports CNN . Despite one of the worst famines in 60 years , al-Shabab fighters attacked African Union forces in northeastern Mogadishu yesterday with suicide bombers, guns, and mortars. "In the midst... More »

Amid Clashes, Egypt Troops Clear Tahrir Square

Soldiers clean out last remaining activists

(Newser) - Swarms of Egyptian soldiers, riot police, and armored vehicles rolled into Cairo today to clear the last remaining protesters from Tahrir Square. Troops fired shots into the air and reportedly used clubs and electrified batons on activists demanding justice for the 850 protesters killed during the uprising in February, reports... More »

Woman Spares Man Who Blinded Her With Acid

Ameneh Bahrami halts 'eye for eye' punishment

(Newser) - As Ramadan begins in the Islamic world this week, a remarkable story of forgiveness out of Iran: Ameneh Bahrami halted the "eye for an eye" blinding of Majid Movahedi, who blinded and disfigured her seven years ago when he dumped a bucket of acid on her. Movahedi was minutes... More »

Limbaugh: Obama Wants Deal in Time for Ramadan

Though even he can't keep a straight face about it

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh couldn’t resist pushing the envelope a bit today with a crack implying that Barack Obama is Muslim. In a segment on the debt ceiling spotted by Mediaite , Rush said, “So Obama’s out there pushing this magic Aug. 2 deadline to get this thing done. That’... More »

Paper: Sorry for Photo of Muslims Praying on 9/11

Many deride peaceful portrayal of religion on anniversary of attacks

(Newser) - The Portland Press Herald has apologized for having the temerity to show Muslims praying peacefully on September 11th. The upbeat frontpage story followed local Muslims as they celebrated the end of Ramadan, which this year fell near the anniversary of the terror attacks (for details, click here ). These worshipers,... More »

Muslims Fear Backlash Over Ramadan Feast on 9/11

They worry some will believe they're celebrating the attacks

(Newser) - Ramadan’s final celebratory feast just happens to fall on or around September 11 this year, and American Muslims are a bit worried people will get the wrong idea. It’s entirely a coincidence—thanks to Islam’s lunar calendar, the holiday, called Eid al-Fitr, occurs about 10 days earlier... More »

Huge Kandahar Blast Kills 43, but Taliban Deny Role

(Newser) - A Taliban spokesman today denied that the group was behind a huge explosion that killed at least 43 and injured 65 more in Kandahar last night. Roughly 40 shops were destroyed in the blast, which went off outside a wedding hall just as people were breaking their Ramadan fast. Rescue... More »

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