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Four Contenders in the Quest for the 'Female Viagra'

Not in the mood? Maybe one of these new drugs will help

(Newser) - Good news for women with lagging libidos: The market for drugs and devices that stoke a woman’s desire is set to explode in the coming years. Vogue looks at some of the pills, shots, and jolts in development:
  • Orgasmatron: The decidedly unsexy combination of electrodes in your lower spine
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Chinese Raze Sex Theme Park

Officials rip 'vulgar' park

(Newser) - China's revolutionary sex theme park has been crushed before it could even get off the ground, reports the BBC. Just as the world press was touting "Love Land" and its giant plastic genitalia and sexual technique workshops, outraged Chinese officials were demolishing the park that had been slated to... More »

French Demand for Sex Toys Fizzles

Worried consumers cutting kinky goods from their budgets at exotic fair

(Newser) - The economic downturn has thrown cold water on France's usually robust demand for sex toys, lingerie, and other naughty goods, Reuters reports. Organizers of the world's largest erotic fair, which opened near Paris last week, say that while attendance is still healthy, sales of kinky products are down around a... More »

Lover's Heart Pierced in Rough Sex

He survives, carving girlfriend dodges prison

(Newser) - A Canadian man nearly lost his life when his drunken lover accidentally pierced his heart as she carved a design into his chest during rough sex, reports the Winnepeg Sun. The female university student dodged a prison sentence last week when she and her beau, who has fully recovered, insisted... More »

Sex Guide Gets a Modern Makeover

New edition will add Viagra and cyber sex to 1972 classic

(Newser) - The hirsute lover on the cover is coming back, but other updates to The Joy of Sex are still under wraps, the Telegraph reports. The original author’s son and a relationships psychologist have paired to modernize the 1972 classic that sold more than eight million copies. The September edition... More »

Sex Aids' Shelf Space, Sales Grow

Wal-Mart, other major chains aren't hiding lubricants and the like

(Newser) - Be careful letting your kids wander in Wal-Mart—the retail giant and other mainstream stores are devoting more shelf space to sex aids, Newsweek reports, and they aren’t hiding it. Lubricants, oils and even vibrators are increasingly appearing next to contraceptives and pregnancy tests. “Even the more conservative... More »

'Herbal' Sex Aids Were Viagra

Vigor-25 maker scammed $24 million

(Newser) - Federal officials yesterday arrested the maker of an "herbal," non-prescription sex supplement, Vigor-25, for lacing the pills with the active ingredient in Viagra, reports Newsday. More than 4 million of the surprisingly effective pills have been sold on the internet and at health food stores, with a label... More »

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