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'My Dad Made an Awesome Deal for Your Dad, Bro'

'And you can't spot me 400 shekels?' Netanyahu son asks tycoon's son

(Newser) - "Bro, you got to spot me. My dad made an awesome deal for your dad, bro," the son of Israel's prime minister says to the son of a gas tycoon in a recording that has caused an uproar in Israel. In the 2015 recording, made outside a... More »

For Sale: Long-Lost JFK Assassination Tapes

$500K recording contains unheard material from Air Force One

(Newser) - Got $500,000 to spare? You could be the proud owner of a newly discovered piece of American history. A Philadelphia dealer in historic documents has purchased a reel-to-reel recording from Air Force One following the death of John F. Kennedy, and it’s got 30 minutes of never-before-heard conversations... More »

Plan Could Divine Missing Watergate Minutes, CSI-Style

Archivist pushes plan to uncover lost pages' imprints

(Newser) - A Watergate hobbyist has a plan to discover what was discussed during the 18½ minutes erased from a taped conversation between President Nixon and his chief of staff after the break-in. Phil Mellinger doesn’t want to examine the tape itself; that's been done without success. He says the answer... More »

Cops Release Gates Arrest Tapes

Officer calls for more cars; 911 caller unsure on men's race

(Newser) - In audio from the arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr, released today by Cambridge police, the arresting officer tells the dispatcher to “keep the cars coming” as he faces an “uncooperative” suspect, the Boston Herald reports. An earlier tape reveals the 911 call in the case, in which... More »

Pinning Burris for Perjury Difficult: Experts

Senator says he was just placating Blago brother in taped calls

(Newser) - Controversy surrounding Roland Burris' appointment to the Senate has heated up after the release of his conversations with Rod Blagojevich’s brother, taped by the FBI, but a criminal case against him is still iffy, Politico reports. The possibility of perjury charges over inconsistencies in Burris’ statements is slim, experts... More »

911 Tape Captures Last Pleas of Drowning Woman

Tries to direct rescuers to her car in 10-minute call

(Newser) - A 911 tape released yesterday reveals the last moments of a woman desperately trying to direct rescuers to her car as it submerged in floodwaters, the AP reports. The 49-year-old Oklahoma woman told operators she had her nose against the car’s roof. “Please hurry, because I'm running out... More »

Arab Prince Linked to Taped Beatings of 25 Others

New blow to UAE's relationship with US

(Newser) - The United Arab Emirates prince whose torture video has shaken relations with the US has been accused of 25 other attacks on people that have been videotaped, the Guardian reports. The American who smuggled out the first tape has more than two hours of video footage showing attacks involving Sheikh... More »

Lawyer Blows Off Alleged Ashley Biden Coke Video

Says not involved after shopping tape to press

(Newser) - The DC lawyer hawking a video that purportedly showed Joe Biden’s daughter snorting coke has suddenly dropped the client—a supposed friend of Ashley Biden—who provided the tape, the New York Daily News reports. Thomas Dunlap refused to identify the provider of the film, which was being shopped... More »

John's Drunk Tape Fetches $30K

Recording is 'fun,' says auction house

(Newser) - A 1973 tape of a boozy John Lennon slurring his way through Lloyd Price's Just Because fetched $30,000 at auction in Los Angeles yesterday, CNN reports. Because of Lennon's intoxication and raunchy, ad-libbed lyrics, “it's actually a fun song to listen to,” said a spokeswoman for the... More »

Boozy 'Lost' Lennon Tape Hits Block

Raunchy recording likely to draw up to $40K

(Newser) - A tape never released to the public showcasing a boozed-up, raunchy John Lennon is set for auction in Los Angeles today, and will likely fetch up to $40,000, the New York Post reports. Belting an intoxicated rewrite of the Lloyd Price song Just Because, Lennon advises listeners that “... More »

Blagojevich Sought Cabinet Post for Obama's Senate Seat

FBI tapes reveal wish for health secretary post

(Newser) - Rod Blagojevich had said he wanted “something real good” in exchange for his choice of a replacement for the president-elect in the Senate, Politico reports. Otherwise, he said in FBI tapes the day before the election, “I’ll just send myself.” A Senate seat is a "... More »

Jurors: Secret Tapes Sank OJ

Recordings helped prosecution overcome unreliable witnesses, they say

(Newser) - It was OJ Simpson’s own words—caught on secret recording—that sealed his fate, jurors told the media yesterday. The defense succeeded in discrediting the prosecution’s witnesses, they said, but the tapes, on which Simpson can be heard planning and carrying out the robbery, were key in their... More »

Liberate Palestine, Bin Laden Demands on New Tape

Second message blasts Arabs for 'sacrificing' Palestinians

(Newser) - A new audio message apparently from Osama bin Laden blames Arab leaders for “sacrificing” Palestinians and calls for followers to "liberate Palestine," CNN reports. “Each one of us is responsible for the death of our people in Gaza,” the tape says. The message, posted on... More »

'Bin Laden' Tape Urges Ongoing Fight With Israel

Recording marks country's 60th anniversary

(Newser) - Just in time for Israel’s 60th anniversary, a speaker claiming to be Osama bin Laden has released a new audio recording calling for Muslims fighting Israel not to “give up a single inch of Palestine,” the BBC reports. The tape, posted on a website frequented by al-Qaeda,... More »

OJ Robbery Caught on Tape

(Newser) - TMZ has obtained a tape apparently documenting OJ Simpson's attempt to rob a sports memorabilia dealer with several gun-toting confederates. in the six-minute recording OJ spews profanity and repeatedly impugns the rights of the owners to sell memorabilia with his autograph. "You think you can steal my s*** and... More »

Tapes May Play at First 9/11 Damages Trial

Lawyer calls them the best evidence for blaming United Airlines

(Newser) - The dramatic last minutes recorded on Flight 93 may be heard at a wrongful death case filed by a victim’s wife, Reuters reports. In the first 9/11 damages case to reach trial, the black box recordings would play sounds of passengers breaking into the cockpit and retaking the airplane... More »

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