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Next for Katie Couric: Pay Cut or New Job?

Her contract up next year, Couric is sure to face a pay cut or worse

(Newser) - With reports of a 150-person layoff at her network on Monday and just about a year left on her contract, Katie Couric's future is uncertain. Her bosses at CBS have given no indication whether they plan to keep her, but even if they do, "I would be flabbergasted if... More »

Diane Sawyer Slips Quietly Into Evening News Slot

As ABC tries to avoid another Katie Couric

(Newser) - Diane Sawyer is taking a page from Katie Couric—on how not to debut as an evening news anchor. After Katie's much ballyhooed launch on CBS—and almost immediate crash in the ratings—ABC is using the opposite strategy, moving Sawyer in with no fanfare during one of the quietest... More »

Couric in Iraq: Lousy Ratings, Good Journalism

Despite anchor's road trip, 'Evening News' ties record ratings low

(Newser) - Katie Couric's trip to Iraq and Syria was a failure as a ratings gimmick but pretty good journalism, say critics. The "CBS Evening News" tied a record low of 5.5 million viewers last week, which the network blames on US Open coverage. And Harvard journalism prof Marvin Kalb... More »

3 Stories