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Trump Tweeted Pfizer Should Be 'Ashamed.' Pfizer Responds

After meeting between Trump and Pfizer CEO Ian Read, company says it will defer price hikes

(Newser) - Last week, Pfizer jacked up the price for several dozen prescription drugs; this week it received a dressing down from President Trump. Now, per the Wall Street Journal , the pharmaceuticals giant has responded to his criticism with a postponement on those price hikes after the company said CEO Ian Read... More »

ObamaCare Premiums Rise Sharply for 2nd Year in a Row

Most popular plans up by an average of 34%

(Newser) - Premiums for the most popular ObamaCare plans are going up an average of 34%, according to a study released Wednesday that confirms dire predictions about the impact of political turmoil on consumers. Window-shopping on went live Wednesday, so across the country consumers going online can see the consequences... More »

Netflix Announces Latest Price Increases

Most popular plan will cost 10% more

(Newser) - Netflix is raising the price for its most popular US video streaming plan by 10%— a move that could boost its profits but slow the subscriber growth that drives its stock price, the AP reports. The change announced Thursday affects most of Netflix's 53 million US subscribers. Netflix will... More »

Pharma Firms Buy Drugs, Immediately Hike Prices

One health care expert calls it 'highway robbery'

(Newser) - If you've noticed the cost of your prescription meds creeping up, it might be because their original manufacturer sold them to another company, which then went ahead and hiked up the price. It's a pharmaceutical industry tactic being used more often to increase sales and bring more money... More »

'12 Days of Christmas' Gifts Will Set You Back $107K

Hey, swans-a-swimming aren't cheap

(Newser) - The perfect gift for that person who seems to have everything? How about 12 drummers drumming, 11 pipers piping, 10 lords a-leaping, and, well, you get the idea. This year, if you tried to buy all 364 items from the "12 Days of Christmas" song, including that partridge in... More »

Glenn Beck's Advice: Sell Your Stuff!

Prices are rising, and you should be prepared, he warns

(Newser) - Now that Glenn Beck has convinced you to buy gold , he has a new directive: Sell all your stuff. Prices are going up, he said last night, and a study shows that the average American has $25,000 worth of things they're not using, Mediaite reports. So sell it, and... More »

Beer Prices Going Up

(Newser) - The nation’s largest brewers plan to raise beer prices in the fall, the Wall Street Journal reports. Anheuser-Busch InBev—maker of Budweiser—and MillerCoors will further test the notion that beer is generally recession-proof. “The environment is very favorable, we think,” says an Anheuser exec. Both companies... More »

Stamps Go Up 2 Cents in May

(Newser) - The price of a first-class stamp will rise 2 cents to 44 cents on May 11, the Postal Service said today. That leaves plenty of time to stock up on Forever Stamps, which will continue to sell at the current 42-cent rate until the increase occurs. They will remain valid... More »

Red Sox Freeze Ticket Prices

Team concedes fans may have trouble paying Fenway premium

(Newser) - Times are tough, and the Boston Red Sox know it—in a nod to fans, the team froze ticket prices at Fenway yesterday for the first time in 14 years, the Globe reports. At an average $48.80, tickets are still some of baseball's most expensive, but "We do... More »

Airlines Trim Holiday Flights, Cut Off-Peak Bargains

US Airways will fly 40% fewer flights this Thanksgiving

(Newser) - As airlines struggle to stay competitive, scheduling changes mean that consumers will see fewer planes and higher fares, the Wall Street Journal reports. In the coming Thanksgiving season, US Airways is flying 40% fewer flights than a year ago. Delta and United have both reduced Thanksgiving flights by more than... More »

99 Cents Only Hikes Prices, But Only by 0.99 Cent

Discount chain follows 2 bum quarters with extra 99% of a penny

(Newser) - The store where nothing costs more than 99¢ has become the store where nothing costs more than 99.99¢, reports the LA Times. The top price at 99 Cents Only will go up by 99/100 of a penny this month, say executives at the discount chain, who blame inflationary pressures.... More »

Hershey Boosts Prices by 10% as Costs Rise

(Newser) - Chocolate maker Hershey said today it is raising prices by about 10% to offset the new costs of ingredients, Reuters reports. Commodities like cocoa and peanuts are up between 20% and 45%, it said, yet one analyst called the price hike a "real surprise." The candy giant also... More »

Stamp Price to Hit 42 Cents on Monday

First hike under a new law makes USPS more 'business-like'

(Newser) - There’s a run on the post office today as Americans snap up first class stamps before they cost a penny more on Monday, the Los Angeles Times reports. If the 42-cent price seems insignificant, just think of Netflix, which sends and receives nearly 2 million parcels a day, and... More »

Prices Jump for Top Drugs

Drug giants collect now against expected future losses

(Newser) - Drug companies have slapped a series of huge price hikes on some prescription drugs ahead of drug patent expirations, the Wall Street Journal reports. GlaxoSmithKline has raised the price of antidepressant Wellbutrin 44.5%, while Sanofi-Aventis hiked Ambien's price 70%. Wholesale prices for the top 50 drugs increased an average... More »

1st-Class Stamp Price to Rise 1¢

Postal service hikes cost more easily under new system

(Newser) - First-class snail mail will cost a penny more starting May 12, the US Postal Service announced today. Stamps are going up to 42¢, as is the Forever stamp, which was billed as a hedge against future first-class rate increases when it was introduced last year. The 41¢ Forevers will still... More »

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