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Time Slows on Easter Island

Ancient culture thrives despite tourism surge

(Newser) - Tourists have left no stone unturned on Easter Island, flocking at rates of 50,000 a year to arguably the world’s most remote habitation. Five hours of flying over uninterrupted Pacific Ocean lands you on this mostly undeveloped volcanic rock with its haunting stone figures (moai), but today it... More »

Frolic Guilt-Free in Costa Rica

Flight, hotel promise to offset vacation's carbon footprint

(Newser) - If carbon-footprint guilt is keeping you from taking a vacation, one company has your sun-soaked answer, TreeHugger reports. From the domestic flight to the hotel stay—and even airport transfers in biodiesel vans—NatureVacations' eco-friendly package to Costa Rica promises to offset every ounce of carbon you produce on your... More »

Traveling Green? US Cities Getting Better

More US hotels meet green standards

(Newser) - Traveling green still ain't easy States-side. US hotels lag behind Europe in water waste, car rentals, and chemical-free eateries. Quick fixes don't help either—recycling programs and low-flow showers may just be "greenwashing." Real green starts with original design. But some US lodges are stepping up to impress... More »

World's Best Green Hotels

Leave a footprint as small as your carry-on at a luxurious eco-hotel

(Newser) - Solar-heated pools, energy-conserving lights, composted food scraps . . . hotels aren't all bastions of consumption and waste. Travel+Leisure teamed up with Conservation International to assemble a list of 20 eco-friendly hotels:
  1. Spice Island Beach Resort, Grenada
  2. Soneva Fushi Resort & Six Senses Spa, Maldives
  3. Heritance Kandalama, Sri Lanka
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Try Camping—Sans Roughing It

(Newser) - If "four seasons" makes you think of a hotel chain, glamping ("glam" and "camping") may be as close to Mother Nature as you want to get while not surrendering your hairdryer, writes the Los Angeles Times. At Paws Up in Montana, for example, "rough it"... More »

5 Stories