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Tight Times Force Sentimental Sell-Offs

But many make far less than they'd hoped from collectibles

(Newser) - With money tight, many are seeking to part with collectibles they’d hoped to hold onto—and reaping smaller rewards than they’d expected, the Chicago Tribune reports. “I wanted my daughter to have some sort of family heirloom. It can’t be that way right now,” said... More »

Olympic Collectors Go for Gold

Medals, torches, and sweaty uniforms fetch top dollar

(Newser) - The 2008 Olympics have barely begun and collectors are already jockeying for possession of Beijing memorabilia. But serious shoppers are bypassing the hundreds of official knickknacks, hoping instead to score big-ticket items such as medals and sweaty uniforms, Portfolio reports. It's serious business: A gold medal from the 1904 Games... More »

All-Star Memento Today, Nest Egg Tomorrow

Memorabilia auctions offer old-timers chance to cash in

(Newser) - When it comes to souvenirs, some athletes are as memorabilia-hungry as fans. Albert Pujols has great success stockpiling mementos—for his son, or so he says—but even megastars experience slumps: Tiger Woods won’t sign for Roger Federer. “It is more important for me to talk to them... More »

Yankee Fever Expected to Sell Seats—Literally

From $200 urinals to $50K for A-Rod's locker, closing ballpark full of souvenirs

(Newser) - Though Yankee Stadium, renovated in the 1970s, contains few long-lost relics, its current contents could nevertheless bring in $50 million when they're auctioned at season's end, New York magazine reports. From seats (figure $1,000), to urinals ($200), to trash bins ($100), everything is expected to find buyers stricken with... More »

DEA Bust Yields Trove of Rare Baseball Cards

Agency now holds $280K worth of vintage Ty Cobbs, others

(Newser) - Long accustomed to confiscating snazzy cars and jewelry from those who run afoul of the law, the DEA found itself in possession of something a little more unusual when it nabbed a Tennessee doctor who was dispensing fraudulent prescriptions—an impressive collection of baseball cards worth $280,000. The doc... More »

OJ Must Fork Over Rolex

He also has to forfeit sports memorabilia to pay wrongful deaths settlement

(Newser) - OJ Simpson must hand over his Rolex and sports memorabilia to help pay the millions he owes in the wrongful death settlement of his ex-wife, Nicole, and Ron Goldman, the Associated Press reported. A judge in California told Simpson today to pony up the watch, valued at up to $22,... More »

Bail for Simpson Set at $125K

Ex-football star set to leave Vegas after kidnap-robbery charges

(Newser) - A Las Vegas judge set bail at $125,000 for OJ Simpson today on 11 counts issuing from his hotel altercation with sports collectors. The former football star entered no plea at today's hearing and was ordered to surrender his passport, the Los Angeles Times reports. His lawyer said Simpson... More »

Friend Says Simpson Was Set Up

OJ really believed he was retrieving stolen property: co-defendant

(Newser) - The audiotape that surfaced yesterday of OJ Simpson’s alleged burglary was recorded by the same man who tipped Simpson off about his stolen property’s whereabouts, which has one Simpson friend and co-defendant crying foul. “It seemed like a setup to me,” Walter Alexander told "Good... More »

OJ Held Without Bail in Felony Heist

Fallen football star scoffs at armed robbery charges

(Newser) - OJ Simpson has been jailed without bail on six felony charges after a sports memorabilia collector told police that the scandal-prone football star participated in an armed robbery in his Vegas hotel room. If convicted, Simpson could face up to 30 years in prison on each of several counts of... More »

OJ Admits He Did It (Took Sports Collectibles, That Is)

Ex-football star says he was reclaiming items stolen from him

(Newser) - OJ Simpson says he was just conducting a “sting operation” to retrieve items he says were stolen from him, but now Las Vegas authorities have named him a suspect in a hotel break-in. The ex-football star told the AP an auctioneer tipped him off to a secret sale of... More »

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